6/1/043:50 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of peace.There are two types of peace; the peace that the world seeks and spiritual peace.

Spiritual peace will bring about the peace that the world seeks.When there is spiritual peace in the hearts of men, then My healing power can quickly renew the earth.My peace will bring about the end of violence.One man will not attack another to gain power over him or to take anything away which belongs to another.When this violence stops, harmony will also be restored in nature.To men in this moment in time, this does not seem possible.Sin has clouded the minds and hearts of My children.

People say God can do all things, but they do not really believe it.Your struggle of these last few days has been Satanís all-out effort to make you believe that there is no way out of your present circumstances.You have remained firm even though you cannot see how things could ever be the same between you and those involved.Be at peace, you will see My Glory revealed upon this holy mountain.

I bless you.


6/3/047:35 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of peace once again.

Child, your heart has opened through these trials and you have learned compassion.Your response yesterday pleased My Heart.You understood what you and little one have.You counted your blessings and pondered what others lacked.You understood that your world might be rocked from time to time, but I have blessed you in all aspects in your life, and what you have is planted on a firm foundation.

Today you and little one go out into the world to gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.There is no greater privilege than this.

I ask you and little one to bring peace to those suffering.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, hope, and love to My children.

I bless you.



6/6/044:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of fidelity.

Yesterday you were given a great gift.You were given the gift of understanding that God is responsible for affirming His work.No one else can affirm My work.

Today the adversary has tried to shake you by filling your mind with all kinds of scenarios of how hard it will be to continue this work.You understood that I can affirm it in an instant.What you cannot understand is how, out of all of this chaos, I can put back together what has been broken.It is true that it is hard to mend what is broken, but, for Me, I can renew even what has been shattered.You have faithfully held on to all that I have taught you.You have used obedience as a safety net.You have used charity as a weapon against the adversary.You have used your sufferings, joys, and prayers as a net to gather and hold together those I have placed in your life.All has seemed to be for naught.You remain at peace knowing that this is My work.You have been faithful in little things and in great things.I now tell you that you have not begun to see My Power on this mountain.You have understood that I am King and Lord of this mountain.Now I will bring all things together so that My Glory may shine before all men and draw them to Me.

I bless every effort made to help those on the mountain to understand what you have learned.

I bless you.


6/11/046:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of courage.

It takes courage to look at oneís self and to see oneís self as you truly are.You have used this day to ponder many things.You had the courage to ask Me to show you where Satan had deceived you.You asked Me to show you your sins.You accepted correction but not with subservience, but with the attitude to really understand what was your fault and what the circumstances around this fault that had caused such chaos in your life were.

Child, you grow through each trial.There once was a time when you would have accepted correction without asking Me to explain.You even said to Me that I had set up the circumstances that led to this mess.You asked if all were being corrected or only one in the beginning. I said all.You could not understand how it had all fallen on your head and the others seemed oblivious to what has happened.I told you that Satan had entered in when all sinned.I have protected you all because each of you try to obey, seeking counsel from your spiritual directors.Because of this obedience, Satanís plan was foiled, but damage has been done and not all of it is the fault of the sisters.You will live for a time with the repercussions, but in the end unity will be stronger among all on the holy mountain.

Child, you still wonder how the work can proceed for several reasons.The most immediate problem, the reconciliation of the sisters, has begun.The other problem close to your heart will be dealt with in good time.You have learned that lesson well.I will provide the help you seek before you need to act.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, joy, and trust in Me to all involved.

I bless you.


6/14/046:40 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of love.

This day has been given over to meditating about tomorrow.(Lord, do you mean tomorrow - Tuesday Ė or tomorrow Ė the future?)Both.You have pondered the love of God for His children.You have pondered the cost, physically, spiritually, emotionally, of doing the Lordís work.You anticipate what will be decided tomorrow.(Tomorrow, as in Tuesday?)Yes.You hope in the Lord, but you are prepared, you believe, for whatever may transpire.You have decided to allow Me to affirm you and the work.You are prepared to accept whatever I do.I thank you for your peace and your trust.You have learned much through the trials of these last few weeks.I ask you to take this peace and your confidence in Me to the gathering tomorrow.(Tuesday?)Yes.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, joy, and trust in Me to the children of God.

I bless you.



6/16/043:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of generosity.

The last few weeks you have learned, both of you, to open your hearts as well as your home to those I bring to you.You have had family problems to deal with; you have had financial problems to deal with, and you have had the struggles on the holy mountain to deal with.Through all of this, your hearts have remained open to others.You have set aside your problems and worries to try to help others.This is generosity.Most people believe generosity has to do with giving to others to meet their physical needs.They can even understand being generous with their time and talent to help others, but most cannot understand that to truly help others, your heart must be open to them.It is the only way to truly understand their needs, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.The problems of the world will only be solved when hearts are open in unconditional love.

I bless every effort made to bring true peace, joy, and trust to the children of God.

I bless you.



6/18/046:10 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of healing.

Healing is a gift, but it takes time to heal souls.People pray for physical healings, but so few pray for the healing of their souls.Most people do not believe that their souls need healing.There is such great spiritual blindness among the children of God.Most believe that man is flawed and nothing will change this.They believe as long as they do nothing truly terrible in the eyes of the world that they are alright and will go to Heaven when they die.They are worried about getting along in the world as long as they live.Few give thought about Me or their destination after this life until someone they know passes.Even then, within a few days they push aside all thoughts of their mortality and of Me.This life has been given to you as a gift so that, at the end of it, you may be with Me forever, but if you do not know Me or want Me, except at the moment of death, you may lose Me forever.

Child, I ask you and little one to teach others that I am not for the end of their life, but I am the One that they need today.How will they live with LOVE if they never learn to love Me here?I will teach them to love Me, to know Me, and to serve Me if they will approach Me.

I bless every opportunity taken to help others come to Me.

I bless you.



6/21/046:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of perseverance.

Today has been an eye-opener for you both.Little one has had to persevere through a very difficult day.What looked to be a simple job has turned into a very difficult one.Tomorrow will be a better day.There is always a way to fix a difficult problem if you persevere in finding the solution.The solution may not be exactly what you wanted, or what others wanted, but there is a way, and adapting is a part of life.

Today you, child, have persevered in drawing together the lessons of the last few years.You have seen My work in you and the fulfillment of many prophesies; again, not as you believed often, but they are fulfilled by adapting to time and circumstances which you could not have foreseen.

Everything in your life is a lesson, which can bring you closer to Me if you persevere in trusting Me.I ask you both to remember the lessons and use them as examples to help others to persevere.

I bless every opportunity taken to encourage and help others in their walk with Me.

I bless you.


6/22/046:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and speak of perseverance.

Today you explained that perseverance is the key to reaching spiritual maturity.You spoke in simple terms.You told the truth: that I do not abandon a soul; I never turn away; that I guide each soul and all they need do is persevere in hanging on to Me.You were given the words to speak as you asked Me in prayer before you tried to explain where this soul is at in her spiritual journey.

Child, I promised you and little one that I would help you as you witnessed to what I have been teaching you.Thank you for trusting Me and asking Me for help.Encourage all those I send to you to persevere in love and in trust in Me.

I bless every opportunity taken to bring peace to the hearts of My children.

I bless you.



6/26/042:55 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of appreciation.

Today I come to thank you for your desiring My Presence.So many of My children take Me for granted.They come to Me only when they are in need.They expect Me to help them at their convenience.

I am a God Who desires intimacy with My children.I want to be a part of your daily life.I am always with you; please remember Me in the moments of your life.Allow Me to share your joys as well as your sorrows.Take Me with you when you go about your work.Make everything a prayer by including Me.

I bless you both for including Me in all you do, for looking forward to My Presence as I teach you.

I bless you.


6/27/048:30 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of pride.

During the night you were suffering from your allergies.At one point you thought you would choke.You asked Me to heal you.I told you that this would last a little while longer.You replied you didnít think you could go on.You got up and began to read.As you read you realized that even considering that I would not do what is best is pride, even if the best is death.You realized how subtle pride can be.I am Omnipotent and I always know what is best.Being all Good, I can do only what is best.

Child, you grow in learning and in trust.I promise you will survive your allergies and I promise I will go on teaching you to love and to serve Me.

I ask you and little one to share these lessons when it is appropriate.

I bless every opportunity taken to share Wisdom and love with those I bring into your day.

I bless you.


6/28/046:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for persevering in unconditional love.You took steps today to once again bridge a relationship that has been strained.I asked you to do this and you promptly did as asked.

Child, you are teaching others what unconditional love is.

I ask you and little one to always offer unconditional love to those I bring to you.

I bless every opportunity taken to teach, by example, others to love unconditionally.

I bless you.


6/29/047:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of values.

Today has been an eye-opener for you both.In the spiritual life there are so many shades to each virtue and to every fault.

Little one is learning quickly and growing according to My Heartís desire.I do not seek perfection; I seek love.If you permit Me, I will help you grow day by day.

Child, you have seen the strain that has descended among the sisters.When faults are not addressed, but complacency takes over, a restlessness develops.The Holy Spirit creates this feeling in order to prompt the soul to look closely at itself.When souls love Me, they will respond and My light will make known all defects.This is a gift.All present today seemed in a lethargy.All the usual connections seemed to be absent.You mourned this fact.I will restore balance and openness once again.

This has been a learning lesson and much will be gained by those open to correction.

I bless every opportunity taken to bring peace and unity among the sisters.

I bless you.