6/1/055:55 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of suffering.

Today, child, you asked Me if you understood correctly the three reasons that there is suffering.I will respond to this now.

It is as you understood it.There is suffering because of the effects of original sin.The body and mind wear out as you age.Everyone who lives to be old experiences this in one form or another.

The second cause of suffering is that which you bring upon yourselves and others.You choose a path that physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, causes ruin.It can be the result of abuse of body, mind and soul.This can be to yourself or others.It is your choice and you live with the effects of these choices.

The third cause of suffering is from Satan and the demons.Satan and his demons can cause physical and emotional harm.It is permitted only if good can come out of it.Through the trials and suffering the soul is purified and strengthened, so, in a sense, Satan defeats himself.When the soul perseveres in loving and trusting Me, when the soul is patient, spiritual growth happens.Many saints experienced this.Padre Pio and many others suffered bodily attacks from Satan and his demons.Their health was often affected, but they grew through these challenges.

Part of My ministry was releasing the ill from Satanís attacks.The world looks at illness as something that they will be able to eventually cure, or at least control, but that will not be because youíll always have to deal with the effects of original sin, with the consequences of wrong choices, and with Satan.This will be until the last Day.

I bless every opportunity taken to share knowledge and to give hope to those I bring to you.

I bless you.


(After this teaching little one asked what category of suffering does that suffering experienced by victim souls fall into.Jesus replied.)The last.



6/5/052:20 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of future events.

Child, this weekend was a pivotal turning point in the work that the Father has assigned to you and to little one.

First, the work done here on Yahweh Shalom was for the retreat work that has opened.More was accomplished than just working on the prayer trail.I opened, unbeknownst to you, several doors that will not be closed.At this time I ask that you walk out what will happen without foreknowledge so that all may be of Me.

Secondly, this weekend a door was opened when the sisters and brothers gathered for Fr. Danís anniversary.For the first time the world witnessed the interaction, faith, and love of those who are the core of the holy mountain.The praise you initiated through song so pleased the Father that He set in motion a pattern that will be followed by many.The openness and rightness of giving praise and glory to your God in the middle of what is usually a secular event touched not only the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but touched the hearts, minds and souls of those present.I will guide you and the others when you are present at future events to initiate this.Others will follow suit in their own gatherings.This will dispel any hold Satan may have on gatherings.It will break the back of his power.

Thirdly, your response to the invitation of your sister, Sherrel, to speak at the gathering in August set forth a series of events that the Father has desired to commence for more than a year.Your total lack of pride and selfishness made you ready to step out in the full light of Day.Your only defense against being overwhelmed by being looked upon as a celebrity is total humility and self-effacement.

This year has been one long trial.What seemed like attacks from those you loved and trusted were trials permitted so that you could grow in loving unconditionally and surrendering all things into My Hands.By doing so, pride was overcome, strength grew within you, trust grew within you, and you learned to live in Me, with Me, and through Me.Little one grew through these trials, too.He learned to be patient with those who offended you.He listened to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and often helped you see more clearly what was happening.You both grew closer to each other and to Me.

The fourth thing that has opened is the sisterís eyes to how the work will proceed.This weekend was a retreat weekend, but not like any of the others.You and Sherrel, more than the others right now, move with the Spirit.You allow things to unfold without pushing or organizing.I drew the sisters together for My Glory when and where I wanted.You two* recognized this and you both went about the work I set before you each day in peace.

You worked on Yahweh Shalom as did little one, and you and little one took care of Monsignor and Fr. Dan.Your days flowed without stress, moving from one thing to another as I guided you.This is how it will be in the future.You will be able to do the work here at Yahweh Shalom with the people.You will be able to take the teachings each day, and you will be able to work outside Yahweh Shalom as I choose.All this you will do, as this weekend, in peace, joy, and trust.All things will flow together and all will be manageable.

I bless every effort made by the two of you to help the others to begin to move with the Holy Spirit.

I bless you.


* Sherrel and I.



6/6/056:20 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you both for your work, for your love, and for your perseverance.Today has been long for you both for different reasons.Little one has been out working in the heat and humidity, and it takes a physical toll.Child has worked at home preparing for those who will come this week.There is much physical work needed to be done, and alongside this, she has ministered and worked on spiritual matters.All has been for My Glory and I thank you both.

I ask that you both pace yourselves this night and tomorrow.Those coming, both tomorrow and Wednesday, need you to be rested and focused.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.



6/8/053:40 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and celebrate with you the work on Yahweh Shalom.Today the pilgrims are here drawing near to Me and receiving many graces.This work will open more and more, and Heaven rejoices for the good that will be done here.Today I say to you, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.



6/10/055:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of love.

Child, today you prayed, worked, and rejoiced in My Goodness.Little one worked according to My Will, prayed when possible, and went about his day in peace.The way you two move in Me and with Me is love.

Today has been a blessed day for you.Each day you consider a blessed day because I am with you.This gladdens My Heart, and relieves the sorrow I feel because of the neglect of some of My children.Your love compensates for the love not given by others.

I bless you both for your generous hearts and your perseverance.

I bless you.



6/12/053:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and encourage you.

This has been a long week of trials and suffering.Yesterday you took a long needed rest from the work.You rejoiced in the time together, and in the freedom from toil.

Child, the road before you and little one is strewn with offerings and this is necessary for the gathering of souls for the Kingdom.It has been many years since you have been free from suffering in one form or another.You do not complain.You do not dwell upon this.Little one, too, has offered the pain in his back for years.All these offerings have been gathered like roses and placed before the throne of the Father.

Each day the offerings of all My children are gathered and placed before Him Who is Good.These offerings have stayed His Hand from punishing the wickedness that rises like a stench from the earth.

You both, along with many others, do more good than you can know through humility, peace, and obedience.Continue, little children, to walk this road of suffering.Your reward in Heaven will be great.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.



6/13/057:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your offering.

Child, you watched the movie about war.You understood that Satan is behind all wars.You understood the futility of war because one leads to another.The list of My children who are killed, maimed, and emotionally handicapped grows and grows.

War will not end until My children refuse to fight, and this will only happen when they understand, and accept, that Satan is behind it all, and he is leading the children of God to destruction.All the reasons that men go to war are only masks of this simple truth.

When I asked you how far you would go to end this vicious circle you said as far as I, Jesus, wanted you to go.You have comprehended that to end wars will cost heavily personally, for no one believes that man is not the primary instigator of war. It is easier to hate your brother than to admit that you are a pawn of Satan who uses your greed, your selfishness, your lack of love to destroy you and those around you.

The truth must be told in high places and low.Light must shine through the smoke that Satan has filled the world with.Those who believe that they can use war to their own advantage will be the most difficult to penetrate.Their hearts and minds are unyielding, but My Light will shatter their hardness and they, too, will see.

I bless every effort made to enlighten the children of God, to warn them of Satanís deception.

I bless you.



6/15/056:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your offerings and those of little one.

Today, child, your greatest offering was beginning your autobiography as I asked.I will help you to write down your life, and most especially, your spiritual growth.You can write, you have always had this gift, and, as you found this day, you were able to make progress as your recollections flowed freely and easily.I ask that you work on this in the afternoons after your rest on the days that it is feasible.This project will go quickly.Be at peace and trust in Me.

I ask little one to help with this project.Do it as you have time; all will fall into place.

I bless every effort made to share with others how merciful I have been to you.

I bless you.



6/17/056:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, your trust, and your joy.

Child, this has been a difficult day.You enjoyed shopping with the aid of your Holy Mother, but from that point on it has been a struggle.You forgave the person who stole from you.You trusted as I helped clarify events, and you trusted as you began to feel very ill this afternoon.You have begun to understand and accept how ill you are and how little it takes to rob you of your strength.You are at peace, but you also wonder how you can continue to lead the life you have been leading.It grows more difficult to do even the most simple things.You calculate how long you can be out away from the house before your strength fails.The things you enjoyed most, time out with friends, a little shopping, now must be weighed against the need for caring for your home and doing My work.You generously give up your desires for Mine and for the comfort of your husband.I promise you to be your strength.I promise you to be always with you, and together we will do what needs to be done.

I bless you and little one for your generous hearts because this affects not only you, but little one also.It is not just your offering, but his, too.

I bless every effort made to persevere on this path.

I bless you.



6/18/053:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your witness, your trust, your love.

Child, you and little one, by your open trust in Me, by your giving Me credit for all I do for you, is an example that touches the minds, the hearts, the souls of those I bring here.

Today I brought to you help to finish the trail.You saw how I arranged everything and how quickly, with the aid of the angels, you all were able to complete the work.I gave to those who responded with such generous hearts a token of My love and esteem by sending Little Therese with a message for them.

This is how I will work upon this land.You have given it to Me to make a refuge of peace and love for My children.I provided the means for you to acquire it, but you have never thought of it as yours.You have thought of it in terms of being custodians of what is Mine.In truth, all the world, all created things are Mine, and My children are the beneficiaries of My Love and Goodness.†† You teach by your example this truth and others begin to understand and live accordingly. This change of heart and attitude will grow and grow, and break the bonds of selfishness, self-centeredness, and greed which is destroying this world and My children.Continue on this path and gather with Me souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.



6/19/05 3:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of those who worship differently from you.

I have sent you, child, to different Denominations to pray in their assemblies.I have asked you to prophesy in one of these assemblies.You have gone where they gather in My Name, but do not have Me in the Eucharist.I have sent you where I am present in the Eucharist, but they are not yet under the authority of the Holy Father in Rome.In each place your heart was open to those gathered.You prayed with them, you sang My praises with them.You saw their love for Me, their striving toward Me, and your response was love and tolerance.This pleased Me greatly, for healing and unity will only come through love and every one seeking My Will.

I will send you out often to speak to your separated brothers and sisters.You will share with them your love for Me and for your Holy Mother.You will share with them your knowledge of My Heart and the Heart of the Most Immaculate Mary, Mother of God.Share with them My Ways, and share with them how much their Mother in Heaven loves them, prays for them, and is by their sides in the moments of their lives.

I bless every effort made to gather with Me My children who have separated themselves in My Name.Help them to see that unity is My Will.

I bless you.



6/20/056:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your opening your heart and your life as you write your autobiography.

Child, you and little one have traveled a long road to arrive in My Arms.You took many detours, but I persistently called to you and you responded.Your opening your spiritual journey for all to see will help them to grow in confidence in Me.They will see My Love for My children in you.They will see that if you desire Me there is nothing I will not do for you.

Many will criticize your walk.They will not believe that God would rush to the aid of His child and lift her to a place deep in His Heart.

As you thought this afternoon, your battle with evil has prepared you to understand how Satan works, and how he deceives My poor children.Because of your struggle with him you are aware of how his tentacles intertwine in the daily lives of My children. You see how blind they are to the evil all around them, and how accepting the majority have become in their rationalism and in their pride.

I bless every effort made to warn My children of the Evil who is in their midst.

I bless you.


NOTE: This was in response to my writing Chapter 3 of my autobiography.



6/21/057:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love, your fidelity, and your work. You both fulfilled My Will in peace, in joy, and through perseverance.Little one continued his painting and stopped when prompted by the Spirit.This has been a long and tedious job, but you paced yourself, and because you did we could have this session tonight.Child, too, paced herself doing what I asked, but watching that she did not become overtired or lift what she should not.

I asked child to prepare a quiet, prayerful place in the bedroom.She enjoyed My help in showing her how to arrange things in the best possible way.

Child, you have been curious as to why this was needed.It was needed for a two-fold purpose.First, because you need quiet and privacy to pray, and as I have said, more and more will come here.They will want your time and this gives you a place where you can separate yourself and rest in Me.The second reason is that you rest more as your energy wanes.You will be able not only to pray, but to draw comfort by having those religious items that you are most fond of.When people are here you and little one will have a quiet place to take My messages and teachings.

As you guessed, child, I am reorganizing the two rooms; your bedroom and what has been the prayer room.This summer your family will be here and also the retreatants.What was the prayer room will be needed as a bedroom, so I will help you, with little oneís permission, to organize it for those coming.

I bless every opportunity taken to help My children to be comfortable here.

I bless you.



6/24/055:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and speak to you of hope.

Child, you and little one bring hope to My children.You found yourself in an embarrassing situation this morning.Someone hugged and kissed you which of itself would have not bothered you, but it was the look in the personís eyes that embarrassed you.You saw in those eyes love, but also you saw that they hold you in esteem and you feel that you are not worthy of this.You wanted to just quickly get out of the situation, but you were kind and did not embarrass the person.I thank you for this.You said to yourself ĎIím going to wear a sign saying Thank God, not meí.(Jesus smiled at this.)

Child, you and little one are going to experience this more and more.There will be those who are Ďcelebrity chasersí, but for the most part they are My little ones who see Me in you.By touching you they feel they are touching Me.

Be patient, be kind and just move quickly on without hurting feelings.Allow My children to express their feelings and guide them gently to place their thanksgiving, love and trust in Me.

I bless every effort made to help My little ones grow in knowledge of Me.

I bless you.



6/26/053:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your goodness and charity to another soul.You both gave comfort to a lonely and suffering soul this day.This chosen Soul from her confinement does more than many of those in active ministry.Her peace in her trials and the many rosaries she says each day are helping to gather out of the darkness many souls.

Sunday is very special to you both and you tried to keep it for your family, but your generosity in sharing your time this day helped to bring joy to this soul.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, joy, and comfort to others.

I bless you.



6/27/056:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and speak of fidelity.

Today you finished the fifth chapter of your book.You have faithfully recounted an important time in your life.

It truly was a turning point, even more so than the previous visions of your Holy Mother.You did not see Her in Medjugorge, but you felt Her Presence.You recognized and understood your Holy Motherís purpose for coming.You accepted the possibilities that were being offered to the world.You internalized what was being offered, and, then, you wanted all to share in what you had been given.You and many others have been faithful to what your Holy Mother has asked of you.You and little one have lived not only what She asked of you, you have helped many others to step out and draw near to the Queen of Peace so that She might bring them to Me.

You and little one have made your home a haven of peace.You have opened your home to pilgrims, and you have helped them to learn to pray from the heart and to place their trust in Me.

I bless every effort made to continue to gather with Me and your Holy Mother souls for the Kingdom.

I bless you.