9/6/02  6:25 P M


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come to ask you both to pray for peace.

The world is heading down a path that will lead to war that will involve the whole world.  Today I ask for peace in hearts, in families, in nations.  You are all children of the Most High.  Your hearts are far from Him, for He is Peace. 

I ask all who read these messages to pray with sincere hearts for the conversion of the world.  Much prayer is needed.  Please continue with every effort to make peace with one another.  This brings about more good than you can imagine.

I bless you both.



9/7/02  7:55 A M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for persevering.  You have both struggled to bring forth this work.

Little one, please be at peace as you move into your new job.  This is not your work, but a means of providing for your family.  I will sustain you and protect you.

Be at peace, My child.  I will protect this work.

I ask you both to proceed through this day in joy, peace and trust.

I bless you.


9/8/02  9:25 A M


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank My little one for his support for his wife and for this work.  Many will come asking how to live a true life in God.  You will show them, little one, how to live in faith, in hope and in love.  Many will be asked to walk a path similar to yours as Jesus brings about the re-creation of the earth.  The world will be different after this era, but this victory will not be easily won.  It will take great humility and love from God’s children.  Show them the way.

Today is My birthday.  It is celebrated in the Church, but few honor this day in their hearts.  I thank you both for remembering Me, for wishing Me a Happy Birthday.  Let us rejoice together in the goodness of the Lord Who has blessed us all.

I bless you.



9/9/02   8:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for resting in My Heart.

You have learned to be at peace in the assaults of Satan and the world.  You trust, you wait, you test.  Continue to grow in trust.  Share with others how peace allows you to move forward with confidence.

Much was revealed to you today, but as you had no understanding, you set it aside.  Your peace was not disturbed.  You were not overly curious but decided to wait upon Me to give you understanding. 

This is what I ask of all My children.  Be at peace.  Wait until things are made clear.  I will open all things to you at the appointed time.

I bless you.



9/10/02  7:35 A M  (Scripture reading was Joshua 15:13-14)


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to comfort My little one.  He is ill and I ask him to offer the illness for souls despairing.  The illness is not serious, but I know you find it most inconvenient.  Be patient in trials.  Little one, there is time.  All will be accomplished that is My Will.

Child, today’s reading speaks of the defeat of three enemies.  They believed themselves strong, but I take the littlest one and bring down the strong.  This is a warning to those that believe they are invincible; be it a single person or a nation. 

Pray, pray, pray for wisdom among men and nations.  I alone am Lord.  I will not tolerate further nations or men subverting the free will or physical needs of others.  Charity demands that people and nations respect one another.

Child, I ask all who read these messages to pray and understand that peace and unity begin in the heart, not at the conference table.

I bless you both.



9/11/02  2:45 P M


It is I, your Mother. 

Child, you have been raised to defend God’s children against the world and  apostasy.

You have been given the knowledge of Holy Things.  You understand God’s Ways and His Heart.  Teach others.  Share all you have learned.

I bless you.


NOTE:  This was given in response to a question I asked.



9/11/02  7:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of poverty of the spirit.

You have been meditating on the events of the last few days and your spirit is surprised and a little confused. 

You are not worried about what you have been shown, but about where this is leading.

Child, how often you have walked this path in trust and have I not always guided you and protected you?  (Yes, Lord.)

Child, I will protect you and help you.  I know your spirit is overwhelmed but am I not a gentle Lord?  (Yes, my Jesus.)  Then rest in My Sacred Heart.

I bless you.



9/13/02  2:50 P M


It is I, your Mother.

Child, you test; you are patient; you try very hard to be obedient.  There is nothing in the message of September 8th that is not of God.*

Child, you question?  (Mother, You said the word ‘try’; where do I fail?)

Child, all My children have lapses, but you try very hard and so I protect as does our Jesus.

Child, you may rely on this message.  Thank you for testing and asking for clarification.*

Child, you laugh with joy.  (Yes, for You teach me, you help me to grow in understanding, hearing and seeing.  What joy You give, Mother of God, my Mother.)

Child, I bless you and tell you that you delight My Heart.

I bless you.


*  A personal message.

** I had asked our Mother if She meant this message, the message of September 8th or both.  She replied ‘Both’.



9/14/02  2:00 P M


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Child, you are growing.

Today you have arrived at total peace.

Child, please continue to grow by trusting in this Mother and our Jesus.

I bless you.



9/16/02  7:05 P M


It is I, your Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for extending your hand to your sister.

Often over these last few weeks your soul has been troubled.  Your heart has remained steadfast, but so much has been asked of you that often you have felt overwhelmed.

I have said to you that I am a gentle Lord.  These last few days have been days of rest.  When asked to leave this rest, you willingly offered to meet with your sisters for prayer.  This willingness to serve one another is what I ask of all My children.

Child, there will be few days of rest in the future.  I am glad you recognized this time and used it well.

I bless you.



9/17/02  (Private message.)


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to call each of you to a new level of prayer.

Each has been formed according to My Will.  Each has learned to love and trust in Me.  I will continue to form each of you according to My Will and the work given.

Teach your sisters.  Help them to learn to move in peace and in joy.

Today I ask each of you to abandon to Me and allow Me to form this Thursday Prayer Meeting into an apostolate of Hope.  People from all over will be called here to find comfort and truth.  I will shepherd My children and protect them in these days of tribulation.  I will bring both priest and laity to find solace and protection.  Be prepared to hold these little ones in your hearts.

I bless you.



9/18/02  2:45 P M


It is I, your Mother. Child, write.

Child, you have persevered with total trust.  You waited, tested and rejoiced in the goodness of your God.  How Heaven rejoices at your growth.*

Child, please give the message of August 9th.  (For Thursday Prayer Meeting.)

Child, you will teach on trust and joy.

Deliver this generation from the grip of despair and show them what a true life in God is like.

Help each one who comes for this day of prayer to see the joy, peace and love that awaits them.

I bless you.


*  There were many disruptions and distractions when our Blessed Mother began this message.



9/21/02  7:55 A M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for being patient.

The days of no readings has been long, but you have offered them.  You have trusted that when I desired to speak and to give you a reading, I would do so.  You said ‘He is infinite, almighty God.  Who are we to expect Him to do our bidding?’

This delighted My Heart.  There are few who believe that I am not at their beck and call.  Few have the humility to understand that I am Lord, a loving Lord, a gentle Lord; Yes, I am gentle, I am loving, but I am Lord.  Come to Me with a trusting heart, but also with a humble heart.

I bless you.



9/22/02  4:10 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the darkness in souls.

There is much distress among My children.  Their hearts are cold and no light penetrates their souls.  This is the time spoken of in Scripture.  Many souls will be lost if the light of God is not brought to them.  I am sending prophet after prophet to sound the alarm. 

I ask My sacerdotal souls to reach out to My children and teach them truth; to love them as I love them.

I ask the faithful to share their knowledge, their love and hope with others.  No longer can you live for yourselves.  Faith must be shared.  Only love will convert the world.  Each child of Mine is precious.  I will give to those who answer My call every grace and blessing needed to evangelize with love.

Be at peace My little one.  You evangelize more than you know.  I ask only that you share what is given you when possible.  The Holy Spirit will guide and teach you all that you need to know.  Soon, very soon, this place will be filled with My wounded children.

I ask priest and laity to open their hearts to those who will come.

I bless you both.



9/24/02  7:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the inheritance of the children of God. 

Heaven belongs to those that follow the commandments of their God, but the desire of the Father is not only obedience, but love.

Child, you hold your heart; you are filled with joy because of My Presence.  This is My desire from each of My children; that they rejoice that I am with them.  May their hearts be filled with gladness that they are Our (‘Trinity’) children. 

Seek Us in prayer.  Come to Us and worship on Sundays.  Lift your hearts and sing hymns of praise to you Triune God.  We hear; We respond with love.

Child, teach others to rejoice, to trust, to love.  Many seek Us but do not know how to find Us.  It is with simplicity and humility that you will find Us.

We (‘Trinity’) bless you.



9/26/02  7:35 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for serving Me with love, peace and generosity.

Child, many will come to the Thursday meeting.  They will be looking for their God through those I have formed to teach, to guide and to love. 

I thank My priest-sons for helping to give Me to others.  Their presence gives hope to those who feel abandoned. 

I ask that those present at these meetings open their hearts to receive all that I desire to give.

I bless you.



9/27/02  7:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for making peace.

You rejoice whenever healing occurs.  This is mercy.  I ask all to show mercy toward one another.  So much pain can be avoided if hearts are open toward one another.  Continue to be a peacemaker and peace will always be within you.

Rest in My Sacred Heart.

Child, you need to rest, spiritually and physically.  I ask both of you to rest and enjoy your family.

I bless you.



9/28/02  8:00 A M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to call each of you to be like St. Paul for your era.

He toiled to spread the news of My coming.  He shared the good news of the salvation of mankind.  He spoke to a world that was in great distress.

I ask each of you to share the good news that I am with you, that I have never left you.  I am your Savior.  I am your King, the One Who loves you, the One Who seeks your good.

Be attentive to those around you.  Share with them all that you have been given, spiritually, materially.

Draw them into My Sacred Heart.

I bless you.



9/29/02  4:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank My little one for his patience and love.

It is difficult when the body is tired to embrace all that I send to you.  You have spent this weekend giving example.  Man is made to work, but there are many kinds of work.  The work to feed one’s family is necessary and just.  It is also work to feed the spirit and the heart.  This, too, is necessary and just.  A just man balances both and draws his strength from Me, his Lord.

Often the world fails to see the good that is done by a loving husband and father.  That is why there is so little respect for husbands and fathers.  It is in the tediousness of work that man sanctifies his soul.  It is through patient perseverance that man enters into the kingdom.

Continue to be an example of a godly man.  Show others the way.

Be at peace, little one, and rest in My Sacred Heart.

I bless you.