9/1/04  5:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of fidelity.  Fidelity is a two-way street.  You are faithful to Me in little things and big things, and I, too, am faithful to you.  I have asked you to trust Me in all aspects of your life.  You have come to Me and I have shared with you guidance and support.  Today has been an unusual day for you both.  Some things you have not understood, but proceeded to follow what you were given.  I thank you.

This walk is difficult and has been stressful for you both.  Through it all you have persevered. 

I ask you to rest in My Heart.

I bless you.


9/4/04  4:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of joy. 

This past week has been difficult and I told you this morning that I cannot promise you happiness here; only with Me.  You both have always known that your lives are made up of good things and not-so-good things.  Illness, suffering, worry, and fatigue are a part of every man’s life.  Joys come.  Falling in love, having children, accomplishing goals, all these things bring joy.  Happiness is something that cannot be always sustained, but joy and peace can be part of your life day-to-day.  You both have more joy than most.  You are content with what you can procure through the work of your hands.  You find joy with being with one another.  You find joy in Me.  You have reached a place in your life where change is coming, but neither of you fret about it.  You take most things day by day, trusting in Me to take care of all your needs.  So few can live like this.  When you try to explain to others that you do not need to have all that the world considers as necessary to feel secure, they cannot understand it.

Child, you and little one hold on with both hands to Me and I will never abandon you or fail you in any way.  I will use you to help others through this time of change.

I ask that you both rest in Me.

I bless you both and ask you to be available and open as others come to you.

I bless you.


9/6/04  6:10 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for sharing your home and your heart.  You have been given the privilege of having your family come and share this holiday with you.

Child, you and little one have needed a relaxed day with people who love you and do not put pressure on you, and they need your laughter, your joy.  I have not heard you laugh so much as you have done this day for a very long time.  It was a gift to all to be together.

I bless you both for opening your hearts and sharing what I have given you; Faith, trust, and love.

I bless you.



9/10/04  5:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of love.

Child, you and little one have opened your hearts to My children.  You do not hesitate to bring them into your home.  You serve them as you would serve Me.  You listen to them and share what help you can.  Few can understand that when you serve others, you serve Me.  Since you have learned this and practice it, I will bring many to your door.  Your peace is healing, your joy contagious.  You feed them in soul and body.  I have promised that you will have all you need and more to serve My children because you will use it all for them. 

This day three souls left here in great joy and peace.  Tomorrow (in the future) thousands will come.  I know you find this hard to believe, but it is true.  And, yes, little one, in your lifetime.*

I bless every opportunity taken to open your hearts to all My children.

I bless you.


*Little one had jokingly said ‘Are we going to be here for all this?’



9/12/04  3:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your love.  Today I wish to speak of adoration.

My children seldom know what it means to adore Me, their God.  They believe if they go to church and say many prayers, they are adoring Me.  They do not understand that true adoration is living their lives as I have taught them; with love and perseverance.  All My children need to pray.  This opens their hearts and their minds to Me, but adoring Me, their God, is more than just a few words each day.

I ask all My children to remember Me in the moments of their day.  They do so by trying to live according to My Will.  This is adoration and prayer when they do so wanting to please Me, their God.

As you share your experiences with others, you help them to see that I am ever present, ever seeking their good, and am accessible to them at all times.

I bless every effort made to help My children to know how to love Me and adore Me.

I bless you.



9/13/04  6:20 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for serving Me by offering all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.

Child, this has been a difficult day.  Much spiritual warfare has been permitted and it wears you out.  Tomorrow I ask that you pray with the sisters, but because of the heat, I ask you to leave early.  (What time is early?)  I ask that you leave by 2:00. 

I ask that you and little one pace yourselves tomorrow.  When little one is finished he should come home.  (Finished with which project, Lord?)  Painting.

Child, there will be time for prayer and to accomplish a little around the house.

I bless you both for your love and your faithfulness.

I bless you.



9/14/04  5:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your obedience and for the sweetness of your disposition.  You see Me in everything and so you do not fret or take offence.  I told you earlier that graces flowed to all because of your response this morning.  Because you find good in everything, I called you My Pollyanna.  It is a great gift to be able to find peace and happiness in all that happens.  I have entrusted the work on this mountain to all seven sisters, but you, above the rest, have understood this work because you can see good in all that I do.  Even if you do not understand it, you look only for the good in others.

Child, it embarrasses you to be singled out, but your strength is in your ability to see above both minor and serious situations.

I ask that you and little one continue to help others to believe that I am good, I am always Good.

I bless you.



9/18/04  4:10 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of rejoicing.

Child, you have learned to rejoice in your heart in a constant offering before Me.  You have learned that offering joy is as important as offering sufferings.  You believe with all your heart that all things come from My Hand, or are permitted by Me, for your good, so all things have equal value since I am infinitely good and will only permit what is good, or can be good, for a soul.  You look with wonder at all I do and are grateful, even if you do not understand it.  Your heart is like an altar offering praise in all things.

Child, you laugh over what others would be upset about.  She is an animal, both of them*.  You learn patience in dealing with these animals.  You love them, but do not spoil them.  When they act as animals, doing what is their nature, you are not upset, but confine them.  This way they can do no damage and peace is maintained.

Child, returning to our original topic; you and little one both appreciate all that comes from My Hand.

Today you are happy over three rugs.  Little one was at peace when I asked that he not buy the new sprayer.  You would have been equally happy if things were reversed.

I ask that you and little one teach by example.  You have been doing so, please continue for this helps My children greatly.

I bless every opportunity taken to share all you have learned and received from Me.

I bless you.


*Buttons, our cat, had attempted to use the living room carpet for her litter box.  We stopped her in time and confined her to the area that her litter box was located.  After Jesus came, she commenced whining quite loudly and insistently to come out to where we were.  It seems she ‘senses’ the Lord’s presence when He comes and always wants to be with us at that time.  We were laughing because little one has wondered if Button’s actions were from the Lord’s Hand or if this was one of those things ‘permitted for own good’.  About this time Franny, our house dog, began to bark continuously at the cat.  It was somewhat of a zoo for a time.



9/20/04  6:30 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and speak of love. 

Today the sisters gathered in prayer in love and in trust.  You saw how far they have come from this Spring.  The trials of the past months have matured each sister spiritually.  You have learned to work together, respecting one another.

Child, you shared your knowledge while uplifting those around you.  You encouraged each with your gentleness and sensitivity.  I ask you to always uplift those who I send to you.

I ask both you and little one to be comfort and strength for My children.

I bless you.



9/21/04  6:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to rest in My Sacred Heart.  The struggles and trials of these last few years have been many.  In following Me, it has cost you everything that you held dear in the world.  It has cost you your family, or at least most of it, your friends, a home you loved, work that you found satisfying, your privacy, and most of your material possessions.  You and little one left all to follow Me and the only promise I gave you is that there would be trials, suffering, hard work, and Me at the end of your lives.

Child, I have said that those who look back are not worthy of the Kingdom.  Neither you nor little one have looked back, but you look only to Me.  The world is so blind.  It sees what it wants to see.  It calls saints sinners, and elevates sinners to deity.  It will not see the good that people do, but only the evil that is in their own hearts.  Saints are maligned and liars, thieves, and murderers are held in high esteem, but no more.  The day of Justice is at hand.  Pray for mercy for those who use Me as a weapon to commit foul deeds.  The bell tolls for those who thought themselves kings; who thought themselves above the law, My Law.  I say this day ‘Enough!’

I bless you both for your faith, your love, your trust.

I bless you.


NOTE:  Jesus asked for this footnote to be included.

‘This deals with Trinitas and those of My children who separate, divide, instead of unifying.’



9/22/04  6:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your faith and trust.  Today you have given Me glory by being at peace with all in your day and moving with confidence in all I have given you.

I bless you both for your love, your trust and your joy.

I bless you.



9/27/04  6:10 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to rest in My Sacred Heart.  I ask you to pace yourself this evening and rest as much as possible.  The weather is cool, but you are suffering from your allergies.  I ask you and little one to use this time of good weather to finish gathering wood and making repairs around the house.

I bless every effort made to walk at My pace and to find joy in each day.

I bless you.



9/29/04  5:50 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your trust.  This has been a trying day, but you have abandoned all to Me and believed in My Words.  I tell you I have seen few with so strong a faith. 

Child, all is as I have told you.  Be at peace.

Child, you and little one have carried a very heavy cross.  Few in your generation would abandon so totally.  All here on the mountain have had to abandon so much to Me and walk in faith and trust.

Child, I ask you and little one to share with others how intimately I walk with each of My children, and how I do not fail you.

I bless every effort made to help My children to have confidence in Me.

I bless you.