10/1/02  6:35 P M


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for abandoning your life, your heart, your will, into My care.  You have allowed Me to participate in each moment of your day.  You seek My counsel and try to obey all that is given to you.

Please continue to allow Me to guide you.  I will keep you in the Heart of our Jesus.

This night you will gather with friends to pray and to share what is dearest in your hearts.  (Heard the words ‘Thank you’.  It was Jesus speaking.)

Child, (Jesus is speaking.) you delight My Heart when you test and you delight My Heart when you abandon to your Holy Mother.  Continue to allow Her to teach you.

I bless you.



10/3/02  6:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.   Child, write.

Today I come to encourage My little one.

Often his days are monotonous and, it seems, without My guidance.  But I am with you, little one, even if you do not feel Me near.  I see the good you do as you patiently wait upon My Will.  It seems to you that you are never allowed to participate in the work as others do, but I tell you, your humility and patience brings forth grace for yourself, your family and your work.  There will be time to share in the ministry in a more direct way, but I ask you, little one, to offer for now what I am asking of you.

Bless you for your generous heart.  This work would not proceed if you did not support your wife as she goes about serving Me.

I ask all involved in this work to be supportive of one another, be it at Yahweh Shalom or one of the other places of ministry.

Child, you are being attacked.  Be at peace, I will protect.

I ask that you pray for one another; that you love one another.

I bless you.



10/4/02  7:00 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the immorality of My children.

This night you were disgusted with the program that was on.  You said they will end up in hell because of the sexual conduct of the players.  You understood that immorality is dragging My children to Hell as never before.  Your Mother has asked, in many places where She is appearing, for Her children to turn off their TV’s.  The scandalous content has broken down the moral fiber of your society.  Even the little ones are scandalized by what is shown.  Innocence is destroyed before their little souls are even able to know Me.

I ask all those who read these messages to protect their children, and themselves, from these programs. 

Read, talk, play games, give your attention to one another.

I bless every effort to raise the consciousness of My people to this evil that pervades your home and your nation.

I bless you.



10/5/02  7:50 A M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of My Mercy.

Child, you have been an instrument of My Mercy to many.  Many more will come seeking to know Me.  I am a gentle Lord, but I also am the mighty One Who created all things. 

Mercy and justice are the two sides of My sword which I wield for the good of My children.  Some presume on My Mercy, others desire justice on all who offend them.  I, the Lord, will punish when punishment is needed, but first I use mercy to draw My children to Me.  There is all eternity for punishment for those who do not want Me.

I ask everyone who reads these messages to pray for mercy upon all My children.  Show mercy to all who offend you.  Entrust them to My Sacred Heart.

I bless you.



10/6/02  11:45 A M    (Private message)


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come to ask that devotion to Me under the title Virgin Victorious be spread by all those who come. *

Please ask Monsignor to form a prayer to Me under this title.  I ask that this prayer be distributed so many souls can be healed.

I bless every effort made to spread this devotion.

I bless you.


*  To Yahweh Shalom.



10/8/02  7:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today you have served Me.  You have walked with trust.  You have shared all that has been given you with humility and generosity.  Often, child, you do so with little extraordinary help.  You proceed trusting in what you have been taught and trying to discern My Will.  You please Me greatly.

Child, keep this in the public messages.*  I know you desire not to be praised, but a servant is praised when the work is well done.  Should not a child of God be praised and encouraged when this child has worked out of love?

Continue to serve Me with all your heart.

I bless you.


*  I had just thought to ask this to be in the private messages.



10/13/02  4:25 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for all you gave this weekend.

You shared your home, your life and all I have given you.  I cannot ask more of you.

This weekend was of great importance.  The plan of the Father is unfolding upon the earth.  Those called here will play an important part in this work.  All who are called here will play a part in this that is unfolding.

Child, you test with perseverance.  This rejoices My Heart.  Now be at peace and trust yourself.

All that has unfolded this weekend was divinely ordained for the glory of God.  Many miracles will happen in this place.

I bless you.



10/14/02  6:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the miracle that occurred this weekend.

Satan was allowed to attack you.  The miracle occurred, and many more will occur here.  Satan harassed you trying to deceive you and make you doubt, but little one did not doubt.  He alone, of the two of you, did not doubt.  (I heard ‘Praise be!’ and asked if Jesus said this, and He replied:)  It was little one’s guardian angel rejoicing because of his faith and trust.

Child, I know it is a heavy burden I have placed on your shoulders, but be confident in yourself and in Me.  Help others to believe in miracles, for My Love transcends time and space.

I bless you.



10/15/02  3:30 P M         


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today you begin to see the work ahead.  There will be many seeking to understand what is happening here.  You may tell them that God is shepherding His people.

Your days of rest are over.  You have learned to conserve your strength, physically and spiritually.

Child, you will serve both Me and My children.

I have promised to provide for all you need, and I have done so and will do so.

Be at peace and rejoice for God is having mercy on His children.

I bless you.



10/18/02  6:55 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of patience; patience with one another, patience with one’s self.

You have spoken about patience several times and you have spoken correctly.  Without patience you cannot progress in the spiritual life. 

There are many trials along the path that leads to Me.  You help those brought here to grow in understanding My Ways.  You teach them to be patient as I work with them.  You practice what you preach.  It is not easy to be constantly on call for others.  I thank you for what you have given this day to each person.

I bless you.



10/19/02  8:20 A M                   (Scripture given was Col 3:18-21.)


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak to husbands and wives.

In your culture the union between man and wife is no longer understood.  This bond between husband and wife is sacred.  There is within this union a bond that is not to be broken.

A man must respect his wife allowing her to grow as a person.  He must respect her body, her mind and, most of all, her soul.  He must hold her as dear as his own life.

A woman, when she weds, unites her heart, her will and her body to her husband.  He is the Father’s representative in the family that is being formed.  She is to respect him and honor him.  She is to be faithful to the vows made at their wedding. 

Fidelity is more than not cheating with another man.  It is to humbly acknowledge his right to lead the family in the best way that he can; relying on him to provide not only physical support, but emotional and, most of all, religious support for the family.  He is answerable to God for his family, for the salvation of their souls, as long as his children remain under his roof.

A wife must support the decisions made by the husband as long as they are not sinful.

Be peaceful and peace will be in your homes.  Be loving and Love will abide in your homes.  Be faithful to each other and to your God and Heaven will be your eternal home.

I bless you.



10/21/02  7:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to speak of fidelity.

You are My bride and I ask of you fidelity. 

Child, you worked today.  You rested and proceeded with the work needed to be done.  You obeyed your Mother and paced yourself.  You have been faithful in great things and in little things.  This is what I ask of My children.  You must be faithful in the little things or you will not be faithful in the great things.  Virtue must be practiced moment by moment or it will never be acquired.  Teach this to this generation. 

There is little self-discipline among My children.  You must begin your spiritual walk with self-discipline in the little everyday things to progress in self-denial and abandonment of one’s will to My Will.

Child, you are being attacked.  Satan does not want this generation to learn the way into My Heart.  He depends on their seeking self-gratification at all times.

Be at peace.  I will protect both you and this work.  I am calling My children to Me through you.

I bless you.


10/23/02  7:05 P M

It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.
Today I come to speak of trust.
Child, from time to time you wrestled with this virtue.  Today you were asked to share with others the message and the Scripture for the group tomorrow.  This I desire.  I will protect this work and see to its needs.
I am pleased that you abandoned to Me the guilt you felt when you realized that some that wished to come were prevented from receiving the graces I had awaiting them.  You trusted in My Mercy and in My Heart.  I thank you and I will give to each of them the blessings and graces that they would have received.
Child, I will call many to this Thursday gathering.  Be always ready to serve with love and share all that is given to you.
(I heard ‘Praise be!’ And was told that it was from the angels.)
Child, all Heaven rejoices because of My Mercy and for the benefit that My children will receive from these gatherings.
I bless you.


10/25/02  6:15 P M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to confirm the way you taught yesterday.

It is not easy to guide souls.  You spoke the truth and, in the end, this saves the soul from much suffering and needless anxiety. 

Be always gentle, but do not be afraid to tell the truth.  My Way is not easy.  I will give you the guidance that is necessary when you teach.

Child, tonight you are not well and the adversary does not give you rest.  Offer all to My Heart for souls.

I bless you.



10/26/02  7:55 A M


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for lifting your heart to the Holy Spirit.

You embrace every grace given.  In your humility you do not believe this, but I say to you, you do not waste what is given.  You opened your heart to the Spirit of God and you learned to rejoice in the good times and in the difficult times.

I ask each of My children to embrace the Holy Spirit; to cherish Him and to be obedient to His inspirations.

I bless you.



10/28/02  6:45 P M


It is I, Jesus.   Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for your offering and your obedience.

Child, your offering is an offering of love.  Your obedience is an act of love.  So many of My children believe that obedience is subservience.  Little do they understand that obedience brings peace and security.  You proceed with your day confident of My love and support.  You seek only to please Me.  You seek guidance from your Holy Mother so as to please My Sacred Heart.  Thank you.

Child, continue along this path and Heaven is yours. 

Tell all My children that the surest way to My Heart is through the Heart of your Heavenly Mother.

I bless you.



10/30/02  3:00 P M  


It is I, Jesus.

Child, tomorrow you will teach.  You will teach each Thursday.

Tomorrow your sister* will share the lesson on Psalm 59.  Encourage her; allow her to stand on her own.

Child, the dream of this morning was of Me.  You were upset by it.  This dream signifies what will occur in the future.  The Church will undergo such chaos that many will leave.  Those who will respond to My Words through you will be the least likely.  You will learn to bring Me to them in the manner that will enable them to receive Me.

Child, you are at peace; why?  (Because this is what I promised You and desire for them: that you use me as pleases You to reach my brothers and sisters in need of You.  And Becky’s prayers have helped.)

Child, you rejoice My Heart.

(Lord, will my cover stay with me?  In the dream I didn’t see him after a while.)

Child, both your shield and your cover will be with you.

I bless you.