Daily Messages




11/1/025:05 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to share your sorrow over your pet.

I, too, had little pets as I grew up.

The good Father has provided for His children comfort from the little animals who give affection.

Child, today you are tired.You have been sick and still are recovering.Rest in My Sacred Heart.Be at peace and allow Me to guide you.

You may begin the project of the flooring.I will assist you as you prepare this place for those coming.

I bless you.


11/2/028:35 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the need of spiritual direction.It is important for every soul to have the guidance of Holy Mother Church.

I have given to My priests the ability and the right to guide souls.In humility souls must seek help on their path to Me.A spiritual director or a good confessor will save a soul from making many mistakes.

Please be attentive to My Words, both priest and laity.

So many graces are wasted because a soul does not recognize them, or, are afraid of them, not understanding how to use them.

I have taught you from the beginning to submit yourself to guidance from the priest that I have sent you to.You have understood the gift of having direction and you have not wasted the opportunity to grow under direction.I understand how difficult it can be in these days to find priests willing to guide, but I am gathering My priest-sons to help My children.

I encourage My priest-sons to also seek direction from brother priests.

Many will come to this area seeking guidance, seeking to know the best way to Me.I ask My priest-sons to guide these little ones.Encourage them, teach them about Me.

I bless you.



11/5/028:35 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to thank My little one for his faithfulness and his patience.

I will take care of your daily needs.

I ask that this day you take care of the things needed to be done on this place.*I have arranged this time so you may prepare for the Winter.I am speaking of both the season and the state that mankind is in.

Prepare!Prepare! for the time is short and My people are coming.

Be at peace, I am with you this day and always.

(Lord, will You and Mother come with us this day?)Yes, both your Holy Mother and I will be with you in all you do.

I bless you.


* Yahweh Shalom



11/8/024:50 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to teach about poverty.

Poverty is not just lack of money.There is poverty of spirit.

This virtue allows a man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.A man or a woman who places God above all things has poverty of spirit.This person knows how to use what is given for the glory of God and the good of their neighbor, be it money, possessions or spiritual gifts.

I have been training you to live by this virtue.There have been many times when you have not understood why things must be so difficult, but you have had faith and have trusted, so this day I tell you that you are truly a child of God.You seek first My Glory, never counting the cost.You share all that you have with those who come here.I cannot ask for more.

Little one, I love you with a fatherís heart, and I will take care of you and your family as only I can.

I bless you.



11/9/024:45 P M


It is I, your Mother.Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for helping your brother and sister.They came seeking to do the Will of God.

Many will come to serve the Lord.Be prepared to help them to make the adjustments necessary.

I ask you both to rest in My Immaculate Heart.

I bless you both.



11/12/027:00 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of your Holy Mother.

You have been given the privilege of being taught by Her.You have grown in love for Me through Her teaching and intercession.You have spoken to My children of your love for Me and your Holy Mother.This has pleased Me.

I ask that you continue to speak of Us, of your love for Us and Our love for you.

Today I desire that you go to Mass and give thanks for the many blessings that have come through your Holy Mother.

Child, I know the burden that is placed on you.I know your limitations.It pleases Me that you go to your Holy Mother (I see the word ĎMamaí) when you are tired, when you feel you have reached the limit of your endurance.Your Mother comforts you and intercedes for the grace you need to carry on.

Remember always, it is I that carry most of the weight of your cross.

I bless you.



11/13/028:00 A M


It is I, your Mother.

Child, today I desire that you rest spiritually.This has been a trying time for you and for little one.Godís peace is found in submitting to His Will.

Child, there will be many times that you will not understand what God is doing, but keep your trust in Him.Help others to remain at peace through the trials of their life.

I bless you.



11/13/026:40 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of the trials that go along with the work of Redemption.

The path we take together is bloodied and difficult.†† I promised you strength.I have promised to walk this path with you.There will be many obstacles.There will be those who will think themselves wise and set themselves in opposition to this work.So it was in My day and so it will be in yours.Let us go about gathering souls for the kingdom.

I bless you.



11/17/0212:15 P M


It is I, your Mother.Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for persevering under great difficulties.In your humility you confessed your confusion.

Child, many give up their walk with the Lord when things become difficult and they do not understand what He is doing in their lives.You have persevered and held firm.Be aware that many trials will come because you have chosen to gather souls with Our Jesus.Your reward will not be in this world.You have known this and have accepted this.

There is peace when the soul understands the Way of the Cross.Teach others to value the cross and to value souls.

Child, rest.Spend this day with your spouse and rejoice in the Lord.You may ask for your reading tomorrow.

I bless you.



11/19/027:40 A M(From Mother)


Child, write.

Today I ask that you and little one go to Mass.Give thanks for Godís great mercy to you and to the world.

Be at peace.All will unfold according to Godís Will.You have placed your trust in Him.

I bless you.



11/21/026:30 P M


It is I, Jesus. Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for remaining at peace through this difficult day.You went about doing My Work as best you could.You put aside your problems to instruct and love My children.You thought of their welfare.I bless you and thank you.

Child, you are protected by many angels.You must be attentive, but you may trust that the evil one will not be allowed to destroy this work.

Today he tried to stop you from attending the meeting, but you remained at peace and went and did My Will.Be assured the offering you made to Me for souls was accepted.

I bless you.



11/23/028:10 A M


(From Mother)

Child, today I ask you to rest in My Immaculate Heart.

You and little one are precious.Be at peace. You may go about this day.

Jesus and I will be with you both.

I bless you.



11/24/024:10 P M(Feast of Christ the King)


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come as your King.

I reign in your heart and in your will.You have offered yourself for souls.This delights My Heart.You offered to endure a trial for the sake of My children.I have relieved you of this offering.There will be many days when I will ask you to carry the cross for My children, but today I ask you to rest in My Sacred Heart and celebrate this feast of Mine.

Tomorrow you gather in prayer with your sisters and brother.Pray for the intentions of My Heart and the intentions of your Holy Mother.

I bless you.




11/25/026:20 P M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to thank you for working for the kingdom.

You guide, you teach and you remain tender of heart.Thank you for sharing all that I teach you.Thank you for encouraging others to step into their roles.Much will be unfolding in the next weeks and months.Be prepared to help others to remain at peace.

Child, today Satan opened an all-out attack on you, but you remained firm.You offered to Me the attack for those who find it difficult to be at peace while under Satanís attacks.Continue to offer for My children.You are given great graces and you understand the adversaryís ways.Be open to the changes that are coming.

I bless you.



11/27/026:50 A M


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of those who use unjust methods to reach what they believe are good ends.

Wars are fought for what people believe are just causes, but wars are always fought by the many so that a few may prosper.No matter the battle cry, greed is the basis.

Be at peace.I have come to bring this generation out of despair caused by the greed of so many, be it monetary greed or spiritual greed.

Little one, you are in the world working for Me.Each day you see how My people grow farther and farther away from Me.They cannot tell their right hand from their left.Teach them through honest work and sincere words how to find Me.I am not far from them.They need only to open their hearts to find Me.

I bless you.



11/29/028:00 A M


It is I, your Mother.Child, write.

Today I come to speak of all the pain that My children are suffering.

You have experienced first hand how, when love is lacking, so many hurtful things happen.

Today I ask all My children to love; to love unselfishly.God has been good to you all.There is room in every heart for the lost, the lonely, the weak.Your Jesus does not count the cost of helping you.Please help others.

I bless every effort made to ease the suffering of others.

I bless you.