Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:  Order is in date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.)



11/15/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of the truth of these verses.

All gathered here are members of the Mystical Body.  I am the Head of this Body; the Spirit is the Heart.  The Holy Spirit grants at Baptism His Gifts.  All the Gifts are given, but one or more is given in abundance for the good of the whole Body.

Too many today either do not know about the Gifts of the Spirit, or do not use them for one reason or another.  People are not taught as they should be about each Gift of the Spirit, and few meditate to see what Gifts they have been granted and to pray on how to use them according to God’s Will.  Most sit back and allow others to do all the work.  These are Christians in name only.  Some are like putrid flesh, just hanging on to a living Body.  Their complacency causes disease and a weakening of the whole Body.  Some are like atrophied muscles who, because they are not worked, are of no use to the Body and a hindrance to the functioning of the whole Body.

Each member of My Mystical Body must be alive and healthy, which means in the state of grace and functioning in the manner to which they are called.  No one Gift is greater than another, for all are vital and dependent on one another.

There is such mediocrity, if not loss of Faith, because the Baptized think of themselves as a member of an organization in which they can choose to participate, or not, if they only pay their dues.  I do not want your money; I want your hearts, your wills and your perseverance in seeking to live whole and holy lives.

This Mystical Body of which I am the Head spans time and eternity, so you must be spiritually, physically and emotionally involved.  I need alive and holy members to bring the reign of peace upon this earth and to crush Satan and demolish the evil that has claimed the hearts and minds of many of the children of God.

Awake and heal!  Awake and arise!  Awake and join the battle for the hearts and minds of God’s children.

I, Jesus, bless you.



1/24/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, and all those who read these messages, I come this day to give you strength and courage.

My children, the days that are approaching will be devastating to many and a trial to all others.  So many in power, be it governmental or Church, do not want to see what is before them.  They ridicule and try to silence everyone who tries to sound the warning and prepare others for what is to come.  They call those who try to make you see reality doomsayers.  They say do not listen, do not act for your own good and the good of others, but believe that greed, uncharitableness and loss of faith in God can go on forever, and there will be no consequences.

My children gathered here, I have been warning for over a hundred years, in every nation of the world, that repentance and change must come to avoid great suffering.  Satan has convinced you all that this does not pertain to you; that somehow you may be exempt from suffering and trial, or that it may happen to others, but not to anyone you know; or his biggest lie – that God has not been sending warnings, but these are just religious fanatics, diseased and sick human beings seeking attention.  I tell you this because when the trials fall upon you and the prophesies are fulfilled because no one listened, or so very few did, I want you to know that God has not abandoned you and He will be there to assist you and guide you.

Just as Satan wanted you to believe that God was not sending messages with words and pleas to help you avoid what is coming, he will now tell you that God has abandoned you and you must rely on yourselves, and, finally, he will try to convince you that there is no hope.  He is the Father of Lies; do not listen.

Remember the words of Scripture: ‘No trial has come to you but what is human.  God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength, but with the trial He will also provide a way out so that you may be able to bear it.’

I, Jesus, bless you.