2/10/09Blessed Stephen Bellesini*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of the need to educate your children, not only is Science and Mathematics, but, most importantly, about God.All other knowledge is important only if it leads to knowing and serving God.But how can you use this knowledge to advantage if you do not know God and His Law?

Everyone now wants the best education for their children so they can live better and freer lives.Most parents see education as a key to making money and acquiring power and so give their children a more comfortable life.Most parents save and do without themselves so their children can go to college, yet they will not take the time, or make the effort, to see to their religious education.This comes last on their list of priorities after secular education and sports.Not even in the home are the basics taught, much less practiced.Prayer is not a family practice each day and the Catechism is not opened, but there is time for TV and video games.

Parents, you are responsible for the souls of your children.By example you teach them.If your Faith is not important to you, it will not be important to your children.If you leave them ignorant about God and His love for each of us, and each personís responsibility toward God, you are pushing your children toward Hell.Think about this!Change now your priorities and give your children everlasting happiness and wealth.

I, Stephen, bless you.


*(1774-1840)He joined the Hermits of St. Augustine.His Feast is February 3rd.