From time to time the Lord will ask Child to give a teaching on a particular topic.  As these are transcribed and reviewed by her Spiritual Director, they will be posted here for all to read.  Thank you



Child’s Teaching on the Occult

Given to the pilgrims on July 20, 2006, at Yahweh Shalom, Climax Springs, MO



“Mother’s message gives the core of the problem.*  The core of the problem that we’re having in our generation is that we do not understand who we are.  We’ve fallen into this fallacy that we are flesh and blood, we have to deal with the world as it is; this is reality.  This is not Reality.  The Reality comes with a capital R, and the true Reality is God Himself.  We were created for Him, for our benefit, for His glory.  We were put upon a beautiful earth.  There is nothing the matter with planet earth.  It is a beautiful place that He gave us, and what’s happening to it and on it is strictly our fault.


In our generation there has come this spiritual blindness, and it comes in two parts,  One is everything is so complicated and so complex that we’re responsible for nothing, and the other thing is that we have become so prideful that we believe that we can, and must, explain everything.  Everything belongs to us to do what we want to do with it and we’re extremely selfish, and this has all been a steady ‘led down the lane’ by Satan over a period of time.


It began with the Age of Enlightenment (1700s).  Man began to move away from God and began to believe that God and everything to do with God was superstition; that if we studied enough, researched enough, explored enough, we would find a reason for our purpose on earth.  We would be able to do extraordinary things!  But, as the Lord has said, actually we are going backwards.  We have lost the knowledge of the only true science – which is God.  All things are possible with God – Nothing is possible without Him.  People look around and say, ‘Look at our great machines!  But those great machines that we’re so proud of destroy family life.  Those great machines, instead of working from sun up to sun down, now we work 24 hours a day!  Aren’t we good!  We think that we are advancing in age, but, in actuality, people generally are not living as long or as well as they used to.  There was a time when great majorities of people lived in their 90s, 100s, and beyond.  Those numbers in the Bible are not fictitious.  The Lord said people lived that way, but they lived simply.  There was a high child mortality rate, and if you could get out of childhood, you probably were going to live a long life, but this isn’t our case.  We’re killing ourselves with all kinds of diseases that were never on the earth before; plague after plague because we’re fooling around with things we do not understand.  We never ask if we have the right to do something – we just want to know can we do it, and if we can do it, let’s do it!  We don’t look for the consequences of what’s going to happen.


Mother talked about the wars between the angels and the Archangels, but she also talked about the war that is going on among the demons.  You have to understand, the demons follow Satan, but they are fallen spirits.  Anger, greed, hostility in all forms – this is what they deal in.  They don’t get along with one another either, but they are uniting in one sole purpose, and that is to strike at God.  He loves us, and because He calls us His children, Satan can strike at Him through us.  Does he (Satan) lead us to Hell because he thinks we’re worth anything?  Don’t kid yourself.  We’re nothing to him.  The only value we have is that he can hit God through us.  So those who are out there worshiping Satan and think that they can make deals with him, they are more than foolish.  In the end, Satan will lead every soul who works with him to Hell.  You cannot win a bargain.  Remember, he is, as the Lord says, out of the class of Seraphim.  He was the bright angel.  He was the beautiful one, but he was also the proud one, and he’s taught us well how to be proud, how to make us think that we’re so accomplished that we can do so much on our own, and it filters down.  Original sin, as the Lord said, began with the act of pride and then comes disobedience, and then comes the fall; it’s when we believe that we have rights which God says ‘No’ to, and He only says ‘No’ because it’s going to lead to our destruction.


I knew a priest who has passed away to the Lord now, but he was an exorcist.  He dealt with trying to help people who were possessed and obsessed.  Well, anybody who has ever seen the movie The Exorcist knows what possessed is.  You understand what that is?  Is there anybody here who does not understand what that is?  A person who is possessed no longer has their Free Will.  Satan has totally taken them over.  They just do what he says.  Obsession is something that our generation does not want to look at.  With obsession you are not totally possessed, you have your Free Will, but there are demons that go with you.  Alcoholism is a form of obsession, drug addiction is another form of obsession, deviant sexual behavior, they can either be possessed or obsessed, but most of them are obsessed.  These demons come or attach because you invite them for the most part.  There is such a thing as ‘generational’ obsession.  You may know of a family where generation after generation there has been alcoholism, and you think, ‘Hey, they should learn!’  Right?  Now not everybody in that family will follow that path.  Some may truly commit themselves heart and soul to God and really fight the obsession – they’re not alcoholic – and you think, ‘Well, if this brother isn’t or that sister isn’t why is that one?’  Well, if you let the demon in, it will stay with the family line.  That has to be broken, and there are prayers in the Church that do just that.  The following is a very good prayer, and I use this whenever I feel great attacks from Satan or fall into that pity pattern – nothing’s going right.  I read this prayer.


Prayer of Protection


In the name of Jesus, I take authority and I bind all powers and

forces in the air, in the ground, in the underground, in the nether world, in nature, and in fire.


You are Lord over the entire universe and I give You the glory for Your creation.  In Your name I bind all demonic forces that have come against me and my family and I seal all of us in the protection of Your Precious Blood that was shed for us on the cross.


Mary, our Mother, I seek Your protection and intercession with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for me and my family.  Surround us with Your mantle of love to discourage the enemy.


St. Michael and our guardian angels come defend us and our families in battle against all the evil ones that roam the earth.


In the name of Jesus, I bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from me, my home, my family, and our lands.  We thank you Lord Jesus for You are a faithful and compassionate God.  Amen.



And the prayer sums it up.  The demons are all around us.  We all think of our Guardian Angel and are terrifically happy that we have our Guardian Angel, but we forget that just as there are good angels there are bad angels, and they’re around us everywhere, and if we give them so much as a crack, they are there.  So, each day we should pray the St. Michael Prayer.  Another good prayer of defense is the Memorare, but the Prayer of Protection is a wonderful prayer, especially when you are in a very bad time when you know that there are Powers and Principalities coming against you and your family.  It’s a good prayer to have.


This is a real spiritual battle and we are part of it.  Mother says you choose Heaven or Hell, and it’s true.  Each day you choose whether to go with God or go against Him, and so many times when we end up in trouble we say, ‘What happened?  Why didn’t God defend me?  Why didn’t God help me with this?’  You’d better go back and look and see what you did that left the door open, how you pushed God away and left the door open.  You have to know that you are not separate from this battle.  You’re not some kind of casualty that was an accident; you’re part of it because you’re a child of God.  You’re a child of God by Baptism, and when Mother speaks, remember She says, “I wish to speak to my children….  She isn’t talking to just baptized Christians, because when God creates each one of us, each person is given a soul, and He brings each person to Him in many different ways.  Some people never know of Jesus.  For some people the gift of Faith is not an automatic thing.  They must struggle and learn and persevere, and they may not receive that gift until almost their dying day.  So to say about one person, ‘Well, if they really had any Faith…’ like you’re somebody superior, remember the gift was given to you and it was a gift; you did not earn it, it was a gift.  When God gives this gift it is up to Him.  So, you pray.  That’s what Mother says, ‘Pray, pray, pray for the conversion of souls.’  Pray that grace is accepted when it is given, because how often does God give us grace and we walk away?  How many times have you prayed for the grace maybe to persevere in something, and the first time that an obstacle looks hard you go, ‘Well, God didn’t help me.’  Zoom, you’re off!  ‘It was God’s fault,’ but you didn’t persevere, you didn’t reach for the grace, you didn’t ask for the grace, you didn’t ask for more help.  We have to cooperate with grace.  We have to cooperate with God.


Now Satan in the 20th Century has brought the occult forward, and it’s been accepted.  It is everywhere.  It is in every area of our life.  You see it on television.  There are daytime shows where the hosts come and they bring psychics who are going to help people in the audience.  It’s in the newspapers.  You know, the Church has always forbid the reading of horoscopes.  There isn’t a paper around that does not carry horoscopes.  People read it and say, ‘Oh, I just read it for fun,’ but you’ve opened a crack in the door.  Certain things the Church has always forbidden, and one of them is to contact the dead.  First of all, why disturb someone at peace, why have that kind of pride, that kind of selfishness?  And that’s what it comes down to.  I had one person say, ‘But I just had to…I need to contact my husband…I just need to know he’s all right…I just have to know he’s safe.’  It wasn’t him that she was worried about, it’s all about her, and I told her, ‘You open that door and it’s you that’s going to pay the penalty for it.’


In every town, and Kansas City is famous for them, they have the occult shows (usually called Psychic Fairs).  They hold them at the big amphitheaters around, and they’ll have all kind of psychics that’ll come and they’ll read Tarot cards, crystal balls, they read your palm, and a lot of people will go in thinking it’s fun, but you get into a trap and slowly you begin to question your own Faith.  Because they talk about how in a previous life you were always the queen of somebody, you had money, you were beautiful, you come back and give them more money to find out about this, and you’re asked, ‘Why do you do this?’  You say, ‘Oh, it’s just fun.  I don’t really believe it,’ but then the next thing you know you’re reading books on Reincarnation.  You ask yourself, ‘Is it (Reincarnation) possible?’  And every time you open that door you are killing your Faith.  One lady told me, ‘There has to be Reincarnation because this life is so full of sorrow and some people have so much trouble and some people die so young.  Surely God gives us another life,’ and I looked at her and said, ‘Why would God be so cruel to you?  Just think about it!  Would you really want to go through this again?  Would you really want to run the risk of losing your soul?’  Of course, the answer to that was. ‘Well, if there is a hell, then at the end of the world everybody gets to get out anyway, because God’s all good and He’s going to make everything right.’  No.  We’re spiritual beings.  He gives us, through grace, through Baptism, through the Sacraments, by prayer, by instruction, everything we need to get to Him.  If we obey the Ten Commandments, if we live our Faith, then when we draw our last breath we are home free, we’re safe in the arms of the Lord.  Nobody should have to go through life twice, and when you put it to them that way, then it brings them up short.


Our children are being drawn into witchcraft at an early age.  The Harry Potter books are the best example.  In the Harry Potter books the young hero of the book uses spells and incantations to, supposedly in the end, do something that is good, but what he is doing is teaching our children to be amoral and to accept witchcraft as a means of seemingly to do good, and it draws them in.


In the Independence area, a friend of mine who is on the police force and who was head of the division that dealt with occult happenings in the community found that, as early as in primary school, the children were being introduced to witchcraft, to the covens.  It was very prevalent in Junior High where the children are at an age where they’re very susceptible, and those who are involved in the occult want to draw in or contact those that are not in the highest social standing, those who feel that they are excluded, who may be very shy, who may think that they’re not accepted as an equal.  These are the ones that they want to go after.  It’s a very serious problem.  There is a large occult group of adults that has been being investigated for a long time, because there even have been disappearances of small babies that they have been trying to track.  So, this is in our communities, and it’s becoming so that even the smallest children can be lured into it, and it all seems too good.


There are so many books that deal with witchcraft for children now, and in some schools in the United States, instead of the original Primer Readers that they used to use, they are now using the Harry Potter books as the beginner reading books.  You can’t have books about God, but you can have books about witchcraft, and people are not standing up!  A few try, but they are always silenced as being prudes, as being out of contact with reality, of not being accepting of all things – and it’s so destructive!  We have to stand strong together – all Christians, all who know that evil exists – and we have to protect our children.


Next to Christmas, the one holiday in which people spend the most money, celebrate, go to the farthest extreme, is Halloween, and our businesses know it!  They begin setting up for Halloween as soon as they can take down the summer displays.  Before the end of August you’ll begin to see all of the costumes coming in, and this is a very sad thing.  Our whole attitude is being changed or trying to be changed from what is Godly to accepting anything, and it’s making us into a very pagan country.  This ‘equality for all’ was never meant to become a Godless nation  We are only strong when we are strong in God, and we are going to pay the price, and are paying the price, for what is happening.


Even some of the groups, such as the wickens, which is a group of witches and warlocks, have been given status as a religion now, and they have the same rights for tax exemption and things that all other religions have; this is how far this has gone.


They can decorate the halls of the school with all the signs of witchcraft, but you can’t have a crucifix in there.  It’s just a very sad commentary to where we have allowed it to go, and most of it has, just simply because people don’t want to stand up!  It’s easier to say, ‘Oh, this will pass,’ or ‘There’s no real harm in this,’ but there is real harm in this; it makes Satan seem like he’s not real.  We pushed God out and we brought Satan forward.  What does this say about us as a people?  How far have we gone from God when we can’t tell good from evil anymore?  We have to do something about it.  Our children are the ones who are going to pay for this.


So, now is the time as Mother has said in Her message, ‘We have to stand up and witness to Truth.’  We do it by living our Faith, by not being afraid to say when something is wrong, and to begin in our own homes to change it and not condone things, and that’s basically what I think the Lord wanted me to bring forth in this Teaching.  We have got to take off the blinders we’ve had on and realize that there is no division between our spirituality and what we do in the everyday world.  It is so connected that so many souls can be lost, especially the souls of our children, because from a very early age they are not learning about God, they are not learning about their Faith, but they are certainly learning about Satan and his power.  That’s what I wanted to say in this Teaching.”


*The Blessed Mother’s message of July 20, 2006.