Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing a deeper study of Scripture. The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.



11/1/07 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of these verses in which your hope lies. Paul corresponds My Death and Resurrection with your death to sin and resurrection into Life through Baptism.

It is true: My Death put an end to the hold that sin had upon the world and upon each of you. My Resurrection was the proof that I had power over life and death; over both the material and spiritual world. Through your Baptism, I give to you the keys to eternal happiness and the fullness of life in this world. The bondage of Original Sin is broken through the giving of Supernatural Grace and Actual Grace is given to you to strengthen you, to keep Satan at bay by overcoming personal sin. These two Graces acting together act as a fortress around your soul. The door to your soul is marked with My Sign, and if you do not want evil, then evil, sin, cannot penetrate.

My children, in your hands is your destiny. You are given all that is needed, and more, to reach the home of your Heavenly Father. Over and over, Paul emphasizes that True Life is found in Me and through Me. Paul reminds you that I have already trod the path that you are taking and if you stay on that path, I will walk every step with you.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, it is up to you to choose God. You cannot have the world and its pleasures, meaning sin, and Heaven too.

There is no meeting ground between the two, but a great abyss that you will fall into if you try to live with one foot in the world and one on the path to Heaven. It is all or nothing.

Contemplate My Words and then choose. If you choose God, then be faithful to your choice and persevere to the end.

I, Jesus, bless you.