1/30/08David, King of Israel


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, the Lord Most High desires you to bring peace to the splintered children of God.

In my day, Samuel the Prophet came to me to tell me that I was called by God to be king over the Tribes of Israel.I was to gather them and make a strong nation of them.I was little more than a boy and I could not see how God would lead me to fulfill His Will, but I desired with all my heart to love and please my God, and so I accepted.My dream was not to be a conquering king, but a just king who would bring peace to this people.I prayed to be able to lead the people in a holy way and keep them faithful to God and His Laws.I knew this would ensure peace for us all.

Today you and all who come here, or who read these messages, are called by God for a holy purpose.You are called to witness to all people the love of God for His children.You are, also, called to bring peace to all peoples by your love, trust and living by the Commandments of God.

You, too, do not know how God will lead you to fulfill His Will, but you, too, love the Lord and desire to do His Will.He, therefore, will lead you as He led me and help you in all you do for His Glory.

Unite your hearts to those of all Godís children and bring true peace to the whole world.

I, David, bless you.