Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:  Order is by date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.)



8/23/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Children gathered here today, I have given these two verses to you so that you may learn and grow holy.  The world, and by this I mean all people, places and things that separate you from God, must be abolished from your lives.  There is no room for anything except God in your hearts and in your souls if you desire Heaven.

Today there is compromise everywhere.  People who profess to believe in God and love Him try to live with one foot on the path to Heaven and the other in the world.  They foolishly believe they can enjoy the pleasures of the world and seek out their own self-interests and still have Heaven.  Foolish man, God will have no rivals.  He wants all of your love and your total fidelity.

I said in Scripture ‘A house divided will fall’.  A person who lives a divided life will fall to his eternal detriment.

Now, today, choose.  If you want God, then live according to His Commandments.  If you want the world and do not care about Heaven, choose it.  The Father in Heaven is not deceived.  He sees all that is in your heart, so you cannot make Him believe that you have chosen Him and then act like a pagan.

I, Jesus, showed you by My Life and My Death how to conquer Heaven.  I told you that you must choose between the hard, narrow road with its trials, sufferings and renunciations, but leads to your glory and happiness, and the wide road which looks joyful, full of pleasure, but in the end leads to your eternal suffering and loss of all joy, especially the Eternal Joy, God Himself.  It is up to you to seek out and destroy the false gods in your life.  Remove love of money, power and unholy pleasures.

I, Jesus, will help you, if you truly wish to reach Heaven, but you must destroy yourselves all that keeps you bound to the world and Satan.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/30/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Children gathered here, your hearts beat with fear and you wonder what could this mean.  Surely the Lord does not want us to kill those who do not believe or act in a righteous way.

My children, I am Mercy, and with My coming, the severe understanding and practice of the Law was mitigated on the one hand, and yet, placed greater responsibility on you.  Love and mercy are to be shown to all.  Brother does not kill brother, and you are all brothers and sisters having one Father in Heaven, but with My coming I taught the world what was expected of a child of God.  I spoke plainly and, more importantly, witnessed with My Life and Death what it means to be obedient to God the Father.  He wants no god before Him, which means He wants your total love, obedience and respect.  No one has rights above God over you, not physically, not over your heart and your mind.  No law is above God’s Law.  No committee or assembly has the power to change one iota of God’s Law, nor does any person or assembly have the right to change the meaning of the Law as I have taught it to you.

Children of God, many are placing themselves above God by not only breaking the Commandments, but trying to do away with them through coercion and high-sounding platitudes that mean nothing before God.  Man is responsible for his actions and that which he holds in his heart.

When you stand before God, there will be no man-made laws that will mean anything, if you do not stand and be able to show that you followed God’s Commandments and were faithful to the meaning of them. 

I told you that the path leading to Heaven is a narrow one.  Love your neighbor as yourself, but do not love or condone sin - these are two very different things - and sin can never be acceptable.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/13/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, this verse, and succeeding verses, deals with the promise of My forgiveness for those who, seeing their error, repent and ask for forgiveness.

Moses is given this teaching because God knows that throughout all time, man will fail his God, and in order to have hope, this teaching was given.  Very often when your generation reads the Old Testament, you say to yourselves ‘how blind and stubborn they were.  Look at all the miracles given, all the signs and wonders, and how God swept before them their enemies.’  You say ‘how could they turn away from God and from their own good?’

My children, is it any different today?  God gave to you what He didn’t give to them – Me, the Incarnate God.  They did not have God walking among men, teaching by word and action Who God is and how to know, love and serve Him.  They did not have grace restored as you have, and yet, your generation is as blind and rebellious as your ancestors in Faith.

You have no excuse, but My Heart opens to you and extends mercy and forgiveness when you come humbly and repent.  There is no end to the greatness of My Mercy.  Only you can set limits on it by refusing to see your sins and ask for forgiveness and make a firm intention not to sin again.  There is no sin that I will not forgive if you truly repent.  It fills My Heart with great joy when forgiveness is asked for and you turn to good.  My Love and Mercy cover you and renew you.  I strengthen you for the future battles.  Just come to Me in sincerity and there is nothing I will not do for you.

Be not like the Israelites, hard of heart and stiff of neck, but come running with open arms to your Jesus, Who is your Savior.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/20/07  Scripture Teaching




My children gathered here, I, the Lord, speak to you plainly.  I have given to you every grace and blessing, I have sent prophet after prophet, and I have sent to you My Holy Mother to instruct you in My ways and warn you to return to God. 

This is the call of the prophet and the desire of the Holy Mother: to speak to you and guide you on the sure path of Peace and Joy, but, as in days of old, My prophets are hounded, dismissed and ridiculed.  Even the many apparitions of the Mother of God did not move hearts or open minds, and now you find yourself on the brink of destruction, spiritually and physically.  The greatest catastrophe is spiritual death, but most of you never think about this.  You live for the physical and material world, and even when you see the warning signs of impending destruction, you do not heed them.  You live for the moment, for what brings gratification in this second.

My children, even the best of you are not truly prepared for what is coming.  You cannot prepare by wisely investing, or storing food, or making powerful connections; the only way you can prepare is to truly know in your heart that only God is sufficient.  To acquire this knowledge and trust, you must pray, examine yourselves and repent, then begin living each day united to My Will.  Love Me above all things and all persons.  Use the things given as tools to do good, knowing that they do not belong to you, but are given to you for a greater good.  Love one another and you will show Me that you love Me, for I abide in your brothers and sisters.  Seek the good of every individual and stop trying to control and manipulate each other for your own benefit.

My children, there are not many days ahead for you to conform to My Will and learn the Law of Love.  You are not headed for the end of the world, but the world as you know it is about to be shaken and leveled so that My Path may be made straight.

Awake!  Awake!  Awake!  The time for slumber and personal self-interest is over.  Heed the warning and signs and save yourselves much suffering.  Heed the Words of Holy Mary and return to God.  Heed the words of the prophets and obey the Commandments and live the Law of Love.  Stop trying to silence them, for I tell you, one day the very stones will cry out that the Lord is God and all belongs to Him.

I, Jesus, bless you.



01/10/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, this passage has great meaning for you.  I have designated this place as a place of gathering for offering praise and glory to the Most Blessed Trinity.  I, Jesus, have formed you into a family that meets each week to celebrate with joy, peace and laughter, the goodness of your Triune God.

My children, in this place you have learned to set aside your prejudices and opinions.  You have learned not to judge one another, but to accept all who are called here as true brothers and sisters.  You see each other as all belonging to the Father with the same rights, the same needs, especially the need to be accepted and loved, as each of you are.  Because you have listened and acted upon the Teachings of your Holy Mother, peace not only fills you, but is flowing out into the world.

My children, I tell you this because often in your prayers you ask Me if you are doing enough to love Me and to love others.

My children, you are the Delight of My Heart.  So few listen and act upon My Words and the Words of your Holy Mother as they are being given throughout the world.  Many go to the apparition sites and are touched and they begin to pray, fast and frequent the Sacraments, but they do not hear and respond to the core of the messages, which is to love unconditionally and bring peace into every situation of your day.

My children, so many do not understand that prayer and fasting, and even going to the Sacraments, without love for God and neighbor is futile.  Love is what God asks for and loving marks you as His children.

I ask those gathered here today, and those who read these messages, to continue on the path of love, unconditional love, and you will have peace while you are here on earth and for all eternity in Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



1/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to dwell on this verse once again.  The sign that you are children of the Father, united to His Heart and Will, is a joyful spirit.

My children, I know that there are many circumstances in your lives that are less than joyful, but that does not mean that you should not be spiritually joyful.  To be spiritually joyful, you must have a firm knowledge that God is your Father Who protects you and sees to your needs with infinite love and mercy.  You must trust in Him, which means that in your heart of hearts you know that He is always faithful and will not leave your side for an instant, and you must love Him above all things, including yourself.  It is at this last point that you most often fail.  You can believe that He is your Father and you can trust that He will be with you, but the rub comes when He does not give you what you want when you want it.  When His Will is contrary to yours, you do not humbly, peacefully, joyfully acknowledge that He is perfect in all He does and you, who can do nothing on your own, must grasp His Will for your own good.

Today as never before the motto of so many of God’s children is ‘Me first’.  There is no humility, therefore, when you do not get what you want, you blame God and say your Father has failed you after all your believing and trusting in Him.

My children, you bring such grief upon yourself through your pride and self-centeredness.  Would not your cross be lighter if you were at peace and sure in the knowledge that a great good will be given to you at the proper time and in the proper manner?  This, also, is what it means to have the heart of a child.  Storms come and go, but a child truly believes and trusts his parents and loves them unconditionally – no strings attached.  It is only adults, in the worldly sense, who love only when it is convenient and only as much as they feel they are loved.

My children, I bring this before you for, if when you pray, you would bring a heart full of spiritual joy and peace, not only would your prayers be answered, but the Father would give you such graces that you could walk through life untouched by Satan and the world, and the victor over every obstacle in your life.

Meditate on this, live this, and the Father will open to you all the treasures of Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/5/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, you wonder what all this has to do with you.  This was given to the Israelites, and you are under a new covenant.

It is true in one respect that you are under a new covenant, but it is more correct to say that the old covenant was fulfilled through Me and in Me.  I took the old covenant and renewed the life of it.  I brought to fulfillment through the Eucharist the perfect offering.

At the Consecration, My Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, are offered at the altar to the Father; a Perfect Offering for the sins of all mankind, and at the Consecration I am given back to you under the guise of bread and wine to sanctify you, heal you and nourish you.

This is the new Covenant; that not only is God given the first-fruits, adoration, praise and thanksgiving, but the Father, through the Son, gives to you the gift of participating in the Triune Unity.  When you receive Me in Holy Communion, you are truly in holy communion with your God, Triune and Holy.  I am in you and you are in Me and where the Second Person is present, so is the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Israelites were given rules (proscriptions) on how to approach their God and how to most please Him when making their offerings and when they come before Him.

Today seldom are the people reminded that they, too, have rules that must be complied with when approaching their God.  At the Sacrifice of the Mass and when receiving God within them at Holy Communion, they, too, should approach the Sacred Mysteries with awe and reverence.  They should offer the best of the first-fruits, which is for you purified hearts and souls without serious blemish.  A contrite heart brings down God’s Mercy and cleanses you and makes you worthy to approach the altar of the Lord.  A soul that is free from serious sin is the only one who can approach and receive his God without it being a blasphemy.

These are strong words, but few teach your generation Truth.  Not to warn a person of serious danger and to leave them ignorant of what God expects is a great and serious offense against both God and the people.  The Sacred must be held with great reverence and it is up to both the priest and the people to give to God what is His due.  Approach God as worthily as possible and then trust in His Love and Mercy.

I tell you, if you do this, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will come to you and rejoice with you and dwell with you now and forever.

I, Jesus, bless you.