Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing Ė a deeper study of Scripture.The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:Order is by date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.)


9/27/07Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, you hear the words of the Apostle Paul.He is speaking to the Hebrews, but he is also speaking to all generations.He is sharing with them a truth; that when they accept Me, Jesus the Christ, they are accepting salvation.

Baptism marks your souls and you enter into Godís plan of Salvation.It is the first step of a long road that ends, for the faithful, in Heaven.You are signed with My Sign and grace is given to you, but it is up to you to continue on the road of grace and to become more and more like Me.You lay down your own ego and you strive to be My reflection in the world so as to live united to the Father and draw others to Me, your Savior and Redeemer.

The Christian does not live for himself, but for Godís Glory and to help Me, your Jesus, to gather souls for the Kingdom.You give Me glory when you imitate Me in loving the Father, and loving and serving your brothers and sisters, be they far or near.Your glory comes in being true sons and daughters of the Most Holy Father.As you persevere in grace and love, you move from glory to glory until you are transformed into a spiritual being capable of enduring all for the love and glory of God.The Triune Holiness will shine in you, and when you come to stand before Me in judgment, I will see Our Holiness reflected in you and I will say to you, ĎCome into Our Fatherís House; all He possesses is yours.í

This last is the promise made to you at Baptism, but it is up to you to embrace My Way and persevere to the end.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/4/07Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus(see also 09/04/08)


EPHESIANS 3:13-19 (see also 09/04/08)


My children gathered here, today We take the words of Paul, and I wish to give you understanding.

Paul is telling you that love makes you Mine.It is the recognizable sign that you belong to Me.It does not matter what words of wisdom, knowledge or comfort that is given to you by another, if that person does not love.He is no more than a parrot repeating words.He cannot give you substance; he cannot teach you the way to go to arrive in Me.You will know the one who loves by their patience, generosity, both spiritually and materially, by their joy and their perseverance in trials.This person can teach you to measure what is of value; that which is holy and coming from Me.

Paulís prayer reflects holiness and generosity, for his heart is filled with love for those he instructs and for all the children of God.

Today when you try to discern if this person, or that person, is truly speaking the words of God for Godís Glory and the good of Godís children, take a look at the person, how he lives his daily life.Is he, or she, generous with others, both spiritually and materially?Is Godís attributes reflected within them and within their actions?Do you see love towards all, mercy towards those who offend them?Is there forgiveness in their hearts and in their actions?If these are not present, then I am not present.

Generosity must be seen in My chosen souls.They give and do not ask to receive material gain.They sow peace into hearts and souls.They are humble with the gifts God has given them.They do not separate themselves and lord it over others, but follow My example and make all welcome and show mercy to those most in need.They do not judge others, for they humbly admit that they are sinners also.They put before people the Face of God and show them the Heart of God by their love of God and living according to His Will.This is what it means to measure the breadth, the length and depth of spiritual things.

My children, many wolves prowl now dressed in sheepís clothes, portraying a different Lord than the one I taught you.They say the words of Scripture and offer easy paths which supposedly lead to Heaven.Do not be fooled; the path to Heaven is one only, and it is narrow and hard, and all those truly on that path resemble their Lord, especially in the virtues of love, mercy, giving of self and justice toward all.Pray for those who are deceived into wandering onto other paths that will take them away from Me.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/11/07Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I come to speak to you on My Body, the Church.

Over the centuries, My Teaching has been diluted or purposely misunderstood.I taught you that I am the Head of the Church and you, who are its members, are the arms, legs, feet, heart and the voice.Each member has an important place in the Body and no one person is more important than another.I have given authority to some to minister the Sacraments and help to guide the Church, but that does not mean that they are more important than the youngest member.Because of this misunderstanding, some flaunt it over others, some try to silence others, and some are not active because they believe that they are of no importance. All are wrong.

Authority is given; it is not oneís by right, and all are guided by the Holy Spirit at one time or another, so all must be respectfully heard and all given equal consideration.

Those who believe that they are of no importance and need only show up for Services and to pay their tithes are also wrong, for every member is given gifts and all the gifts are needed if the whole Body is to be strong and functioning at its best.All must be considerate of everyone else and pull their own weight, and at the same time, allowing their brother and sister to fulfill their part with your help and prayers.My Church is a living organism which is still maturing as the Holy Spirit guides and teaches.

Rejoice, My children, that you are a part of so great a gift to mankind.From this living organism holiness is to grow in its individual members, and from them flow out covering the entire world, even to the Last Day.

My children, for this to happen, you must change your attitude and live for what is spiritual.You live on the earth, but your heart, will and mind should be united to Heaven.

I bless those with ears to hear and the courage to begin anew to make My Teachings relevant to all you meet.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/18/07 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here and all those who read these messages, I, the Lord, wish to instruct on the meaning of these verses.

Children of all ages, honor your father and your mother.For those who are still young and under the roof of their fatherís house, obey your parents and show respect at all times in your words and in your actions and in your thoughts.A parent may make a mistake, but it is not for you to correct them, disobey them, or think ill of them.The father of a family stands in Godís place and must be respected, for this is the Will of God.A family cannot run by consensus; someone must be responsible for the care, discipline and education of the children.This responsibility falls to the mother and father, but it is the father that is held most responsible by God, because he is the one who is given authority to act in Godís place as head of the family.Therefore, children owe the mother and father love, respect and obedience.

For those who are older and living in their own family units, you must continue to honor and respect your parents.That obligation never ends.In thought, word and action, you must be considerate, loving and patient.He who honors and respects, especially the elderly parents, is blessed by God and many sins will be forgiven for those who lovingly and patiently care for the elderly and honor them at all times.

Parents, you must respect your children and love each one unconditionally; they are a gift from God and you are accountable for their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.For a parent to abuse a son or daughter, be it physically or emotionally, is an abomination before God.

The Father has entrusted innocent souls into your care.Abuse distorts and hinders their growth, spiritually and emotionally.On the day of judgment, you will not be asked how many toys you gave your children, or what schools you sent them to, or how much money you gave them to enjoy themselves, you will be asked if you taught your children to love, respect and obey God and to use well the talents they were given.You will be asked ĎDid you love them and respect their individuality?íYou will be asked ĎDid you teach them to love their neighbor as themselves, and be generous to others?Did you teach them to walk in the ways of the Lord, and did you teach them to respect themselves by giving them the physical, emotional and spiritual support they needed?íYou can only give them this if you are patient, loving, generous with your time, and show them how important they are to you and to their Heavenly Father.

I created marriage and made it a Sacrament so that children could be raised in a stable, nurturing environment where love between parents and children would open hearts to be able to know and love God, and so all the family members would not only know love here, but would be together for all eternity, loving one another and their God.

My children reading these messages, you have allowed the world to distort marriage and it has brought about the destruction of the family.With this destruction has come the loss of many souls, because there is no respect between husbands and wives, and there is no commitment between them, in good and bad times, to stay together until one is called home by God.The children not raised in loving, stable families, founded on love for God, caused the children not only the loss of the love of both parents in a solid home life, but they suffer emotionally, sometimes physically, and most often they are given no training in the knowledge and love of God.Often they have low self-esteem, and so how can they love others if they have no respect for themselves?

This must change, and it will change.This transformation can happen by turning back to God and the Commandments, and elevating marriage to its rightful place, or, if you will not do it voluntarily, the Father can, and will, arrange it through circumstances so that once again family life will have its proper place in the natural and spiritual order.

Pray that God does not have to intervene.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/4/08Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 10/04/07)




My children gathered here today, Paul is speaking to the Ephesians about a great truth.It is through Me, your Jesus, that you have access to the Father.I am your Way, and because I am Head of the Church and have authorized you to go forth to evangelize in My Name, making Me known, you are able to speak out boldly, for you are called and sent.Because you are both called and sent, you may with confidence expect Godís help.

My children gathered here, every member of the Mystical Body is called and sent to witness to the Truth.You are to proclaim by word and deed the Fatherís Love for all mankind.You are called and sent to proclaim that Salvation has come through the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.You are called and sent to proclaim My Resurrection and the Life to come through Me, your Jesus.You are called and sent to witness to the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling within you.You are called and sent to proclaim that Satanís hold upon mankind has been broken, and you do this by living holy lives.By imitating Me through unconditional love for the Father and your neighbor, you make My Image visible to all around you.

Today, today, today stand up and be a light to guide all into the Arms of the Father.Count no sacrifice too great to bring God to others who are still caught in the nets of Satan, the illusions of the world and ignorance of God.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, I send you forth with My Blessing.Have courage and persevere.

I, Jesus, bless you.