Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing Ė a deeper study of Scripture.The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.



7/26/07Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Today I wish to speak to those gathered about treachery and honor.

The Book of Esther deals with the greed and treachery of a man who wants power.He hates the Jews because one stands in his way Ė Mordecai.He is willing and determined to destroy a nation in order to get what he wants.What eventually defeats him is the Faith and Trust in God of a woman.Esther is queen, but Haman, who does not know her background, does not worry about her.He is a man full of pride and ambition.Esther, in truth, does not have power, but she does have the love of her husband.Esther suffers greatly because the fate of her people and because of the jealousy of her husband who, for a time, believes a lie.Estherís courage in speaking up for her people is truly magnificent.Few men would have had the courage, under the circumstances, to speak to the great king and reveal to him the enemy who he has trusted.Esther, with only her Faith as a guide, her Trust as a shield, is able to change the outcome of a devious plot.

This Book of Esther is a part of Scripture to show the people that Faith and Trust in God is the most powerful weapon on the earth against evil.No man can stand against God and, often, God uses the littlest and weakest to bring down the powerful and the mighty.

Children gathered here today, it is the same today as in the time of Esther.Those who think themselves mighty, and that they think they can hide behind lies and deceptions, will find themselves defeated by the littlest and those they despised.Do not trust in the ways of the world, for that way leads to ashes.Have Faith and Trust in God.Use your Faith and Trust to change the course of mankind.Like Esther, bring hope to those suffering.Renew what has been laid waste, which is manís belief and trust in God.

Today I have chosen this lesson because My children are oppressed from all sides.You are the Esthers who will bring down Godís help, and all the people will be delivered and given peace.

My children, stand fast.Offer your prayers as Esther did and witness with courage, and I will do the rest.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/2/07 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Today I wish to speak to My children gathered about this section from the Book of Esther.

My children, My prophets of today have received many words and have been given many dreams about this time in the history of mankind.My prophets have stepped out bravely to speak My Words and to warn of the things to come.

First, and primarily, I have warned that the world has turned from God and has created many false gods, be it money, pleasure, greed of all kinds, especially the greed for power.These gods have taken possession of much of the hearts of mankind.

In Mordacaiís dream, one is raised to bring about change and correct the evil that threatens Godís people.In Mordacaiís day, it is Esther who God puts into position as queen to help her people and to bring about the end of those who do evil.

In this day, the Father Almighty has sent the Queen of Heaven, Mary Most Holy, to help Her children.She is sent to warn them of the terrible danger they are in.She comes to deliver them and defeat evil by teaching them how to return to God Who is their only hope.

As in the days of Mordacai and Queen Esther, today God again chose two lots.The one is His holy children who strive to persevere in loving Him and obeying Him.The other contains those who do evil to themselves and others for their own reasons.This time not just one nation is in danger, but all those throughout the world who have chosen Good over Evil.If God heard the pleas of the nation of Israel and the cry of Esther for help, will He not hear the intercession of Most Holy Mary for the children of God who follow the path of justice and righteousness?

Woe and three times woe to those who believe they need not fear God, and three times woe to those who attack, ridicule and try to destroy those who have chosen the path to God.Every word prophesied will be fulfilled; every dream given to the prophets will be fulfilled.

For those who have chosen God, be not afraid.God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.He will always protect His children who call to Him with righteous hearts.And for those who have chosen their own will, or those who have freely chosen Evil, I AM warns you; Turn away now from your evil deeds while there is still time.The Just One has counted the hairs upon the heads of those who live as His children.

Woe to you who do not hear My Words because you are hard of heart.You will live to rue the day you did not listen and turned away.*

My desire is for all My children to hear My Words and enter into a new Springtime filled with peace, joy and hope.

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/22/08Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ESTHER 4:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give to you these verses to meditate upon.

You were created to serve in these days, to help bring about the renewal. Whether you choose to fulfill your destiny, or not, the time of renewal will come.If you choose to obey the desires of your Father in Heaven, you will not perish in the sense that Eternal Life will belong to you and no one can take it from you.If you choose to hide from your responsibilities, to seek what seems most comfortable and safe, you will find that you will lose all you desire to keep in this life and you will lose your place in Heaven for all eternity.There is no middle course.There is no way to make a truce with Evil.You either stand firm for what is right and just, or you will lose everything.It has been so from the beginning, and it will be so until the Last Day.

Your generation, for the most part, has not taken a stand against Evil.It has tried to rationalize and minimize what Evil is doing because to stand against it, you must give up what is comfortable and sometimes stand alone.

I told you through child some time back that no longer can anyone sit on the fence and pretend that they are good, and doing good, while they let Evil have its way.You are either with Me, or you are against Me.It is that plain and that simple.There are no grey areas; there are no Ďbutsí or Ďmaybesí, it is either God and His Commandments, or the Devil and Perdition.I cannot make it plainer.If you choose the Devil while you live here on this earth, you will experience the effects of Hell.Is not war, hatred, division, despair what you experience in Hell?If you choose the Devil, you will experience this more and more until you cry out to God.And for those who will not cry out to God, they will have their master, Satan, now and for all eternity.Evil prospers when good people do nothing.But are you really good if you do nothing?The Good will stand with God.

My children, much is unfolding in this nation and upon the earth.The battle is engaged between Good and Evil.Choose your side.If you choose Good and listen and obey your Heavenly Father, Evil will be crushed quickly and so much suffering will be averted.If you, through complacency, choose Evil, Good will win, but the suffering that you and the whole planet will endure is beyond your imagining.

I AM has spoken.So be it.

I, Jesus, bless you.