Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:  Order is by date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.)


8/9/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:12-14


My children gathered here today, this passage from Scripture is as important to you as it was to the Israelites.  God will have no other gods before Him.

The Israelites could only leave Egypt and enslavement when God showed His Power in such a way that every Egyptian knew that One more powerful than their gods made of clay and stone was upon the earth, and would fulfill the promises made to those He had chosen as His own.

Children of God, today those who want to rule the world have created gods that they wish all to worship, and by so doing, make slaves out of the people of God so that those who believe that they are in control can grow fat on money and power.

I warned both My people and those who serve no god but themselves that there is a limit to what I will allow, for those who are faithful to Me are marked by My sign and you will recognize them by their love and faithfulness to the Commandments.  These I have promised to deliver from those who try to force them to abandon God.

Today I say; look around you.  Am I not again permitting plagues, floods, infestations of insects, drought to show My Power and to humble those who say they do not need Me?  Like the Egyptians of old, the hearts of those in power and those of the people will not heed My warnings and allow Me to free My people.  How far do I have to go?  How much do I have to permit before knees bend and heads bow?  This time I wish not only to deliver those who are faithful to Me, but I wish to deliver all My children from their hardness of heart and their enslavement to sin.

Just as before, in the days of Moses, I will win.  No one can stand against God Thrice Holy.  But what will it cost you if you hang on to your greed, pride and self-love?

My children, I, Jesus, came to earth a Man-God to reveal the Face of the Father; to help you to understand His love for each one of you.  I came to show you the way to Heaven, and I came to show you how to live your days upon the earth with justice, love, hope and joy.  Listen to My Words; listen to my warning.  You do not live for yourselves, you were created to live in union with God and only in God will you find peace, joy and fulfillment.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/16/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 13:12-16


My children gathered here today, you ask ‘What does this passage have to do with me?’ and I tell you that it has everything to do with you.

When I came upon the earth, I came to fulfill the law, not abolish it.  Instead of dedicating the first-born male, I instituted the Sacrament of Baptism, which dedicates and marks every child of God who receives it.  It is the responsibility of the parents to see that each child that is given to them is dedicated to the Lord, and it is through this Sacrament that you take upon yourselves the responsibility of giving to your Lord your entire life and all that you possess, for your life and all that you possess comes from God and belongs to Him.  You are signed with His Sign and it is through this signature that God recognizes and claims you as His own.  Every man born has God as his Father, but the sign given you at Baptism marks you as chosen.  It gives glory to God and gives you an inheritance and protection.  It is not yours by right, but a gift and you are responsible for using this gift well and passing it on to future generations.  The consequences of your Baptism should shine for others to see as if it were written on your hands and on your forehead, which means living faithfully in your thoughts and in your deeds what the Father asks of you.  And what He asks of you is to love as He loves, to be faithful to His Commandments and to live in peace and joy.

My children gathered, you live in the time of fullness of grace.  I, Jesus, came to restore grace to man.  Living in grace makes you not only a child of God, but a friend of God.  I ask you to dedicate your lives to fulfilling your Baptismal vows and to rejoice and live in peace knowing that you are following the path that will lead you safely home to Heaven.  Teach your children and your grandchildren how to know, love and serve God by your actions, your thoughts and your words.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/6/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:17-20


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you of this passage in Scripture.

Many say ‘what difference does it make if I belong to this denomination or another, as long as I am Christian?’  I have told you that I did not come to change one iota of the Law.  This command given to the Israelites was to be a perpetual institution, and so it is.  I am the Lamb of God, I am God, and so I was able to bring to perfection this command.  I was able, because I am God, to bring it to a fullness that was never dreamed of.

On Holy Thursday night, as a devout Son of the Law, I fulfilled the proscription of the Law, but as God, I was able to elevate it in both time and eternity.  I took the unleavened bread, which was to remind the People of God’s protection and His deliverance of them, and make of it My Own Body truly Present.  I took plain unleavened bread, Sanctified it and made a way that I could remain with you until the end of the world.  I am Present with you in every generation in the True Sense, a Living Food that nourishes you spiritually and physically.  Each true believer becomes a true tabernacle in which I dwell in fullness when you receive Me in Holy Communion.

Miracle of miracles; I gave you a Gift beyond all price which unites you intimately to Me and I to you, but so many, in their worldly wisdom, began to deny My True Presence, calling it only a commemoration.  Foolish man, how can you believe that I did not mean what I said when you swear by the very words of Scripture.

I, God, can do all things and I do not lie, so how can you say that I did not mean what I said at the Last Supper, or that it is not possible for Me to be Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament?  I have given you, through the Blessed Sacrament, a way to nourish your souls and to strengthen you in Me so that you may attain Heaven.

I ask all Christians to open their hearts to Truth and avail yourselves of My Mercy and love, and come nourish yourselves through the great Gift of the Holy Eucharist.  Come with humble and purified hearts; come to the One Who loves you; come to your Redeemer and Savior.

I, Jesus, bless you.



3/6/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 17:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give to you this reading for it is an important reminder for your time.  The Lord, you God, calls forth people in every generation to fight against evil.  Victory will come because the Lord brings about the victory.

Today I have called forth many prophets upon this earth to once again be the visible representatives of the Lord in the battle against Evil.  I call forth these people by the Will of the Father and I place around them people to help them.  The Lord is their strength, but everyone needs those around them who will help them when the burden becomes great and they are weary from the constant force of the battle.

Today, here, on this mountain, I have placed My banner and each week I have through this prophet led you in the battle against Satan and his minions who try to destroy your souls and the very planet itself.

I have raised others on this mountain and soon all will work as one for the glory of the Father.  I have called you here, and those who read these messages, to be support for the Voices who speak my Words.  Your prayers, offerings and conversion of heart and soul bring down graces and blessings upon those who Witness for Me, and upon all your brothers and sisters throughout the world.

I ask you to persevere and in faith continue to work for God’s Glory and for the good of all mankind.  Victory will come; joy and peace will be yours.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/12/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:7-10


My children gathered here today, the eating of the Passover Meal has been sacred since the time of Moses.  The spreading of the blood of the lamb ensured that the Angel of God would pass by and death would not enter.  The eating of the lamb and the herbs prepared the people for the physical journey they were about to undertake.

Generation after generation remembered and celebrated God’s great mercy toward them and their deliverance from slavery.  These generations did not understand that the first Passover was only a foreshadowing of a greater Passover that would be celebrated until the end of time.

On Holy Thursday night, after the ritual Passover Meal was partaken, the new Passover began.  On Holy Thursday night during the meal, I took wine and bread, consecrated them and brought about the most wondrous Miracle and Gift that God could give to mankind.  I changed ordinary bread and wine into My Body and Blood.  They still looked like bread and wine, but I, God, made Myself Present under the appearance of ordinary bread and wine.  I was leaving the True Food and True Drink that I had promised that would give you Eternal Life.  But this was only part of the Gift, for on Good Friday I became the True Paschal Lamb and I freely laid down My Life so that you could have Eternal Life.

I, Jesus, freed you from the slavery of sin and sin is the greatest slavery of all.  I freed you so you could choose God and Life.  My Body and Blood opened the way to Heaven for you all, and through the institution of the Eucharist, you were given the Perfect Food and Drink to nourish your souls during your earthly pilgrimage so that you could arrive at the end of your days in a state of grace and with true knowledge and love for your God.  This would make you ready to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom and find Peace for all eternity.

The Eternal Father has through Me bridged the abyss that separated you from Him and through the Sacrament of My Body and Blood I make you worthy to approach your Heavenly Father.

My children, read and understand Scripture.  It is the history of God’s Love for mankind and His Mercy toward you all.  Your God, Triune and Holy, loves you.  Use well all that is given to you to bring you safely Home, and, while on your journey, to have peace, joy and the continuous Presence of God with you.

I, Jesus, bless you.


6/19/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS  23:7 

(As the teaching began, Jesus was standing, dressed in a white robe and He had a sword with the tip resting in the ground.)


My children gathered here today, the time of the great shaking is here.  One side of the blade that I hold will cut down all the tentacles of evil that are holding My children prisoner.  Before the end of the allotted days that the Father has set for this cleansing, men and women, and even children, who have been caught in the web of sin will recognize that there is a God and their only hope is in Him.

The greed, perverse sexuality and pride that has allowed the Enemy to entrap you will be cut away through the natural disasters that are befalling you.  The saint and the sinner are both experiencing the same, for it is not God punishing, but the lifting of His Hand.  He is allowing you to reap what you have sowed.

The other edge of the sword I hold is protecting, spiritually and to a degree physically, those whose hearts and wills belong to the Father. 

The evil that has taken possession of so many of the hearts and minds of the Father’s children must be made plain to see.  Responsibility for your actions must be accepted and your behavior changed.  We are talking about the salvation of souls.  ‘What profit a man to inherit the world and lose your soul?’  The soul is the only thing that matters.

Awake, My children!  Do not ask ‘Why is God doing this?’  Ask what you have done or failed to do that you have lost the Father’s protection. 

Repent, repent, repent.  And you, My children who have repented and love your Father in Heaven, be not afraid.  Take courage in the knowledge that you are loved and you are held in the Palm of His Hand.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 07/24/08)


EXODUS 23:17-19a


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses because they are still applicable.  I ask from you, each of you, that you give Me your first-fruits.  This means that you give to Me what is the most important in your life.  I am to receive your love; you are to love Me more than you love yourself, other people and material things.  You are to give to Me the fruits of the gifts that I give to you, which means that you use your gifts to give Me glory, and the way you give Me glory is to use them for the benefit of yourself and others.  The benefit is to do good unselfishly.

You are to give Me your time.  In your day, prayer should be first and then you go about your work.  At the end of the day, prayer should close the activities of your day.  In the morning, offer Me your whole day and ask My blessing and protection.  At the end of the day, give thanks for all the benefits given, for every grace and blessing.

Many believe they fulfill the command to offer their first-fruits to Me to mean giving money to the Church or charitable organizations.  Most often even that is what you have left over after you have paid your bills and spent money on yourself, or your family, for things that give you pleasure.  If you give money, it should not be left over; it should be money that is set aside that is given first while trusting that I will help you to meet all your needs.

But money is the least I want from you.  I want your heart.  I want to be part of your workday.  I want you to appreciate that all you are, and all you have, and all that you can do, comes from Me.  If you understand this and live accordingly, your whole life will change.  You will have peace of mind, for you will know that you are doing your best to love and please your God, and that you are serving your brothers and sisters the best you can and for all the right reasons.  You will have joy, for you will see clearly how good your God is to you, to all creation.  You will know how best to accomplish all that you set out to do, for the Light of God will guide you.

My children, most of the time life is difficult because you have your priorities mixed up.  Life becomes simple when you put God first and you do not feel guilty over your actions.

I ask you this week to think about your priorities.  Ask yourself ‘Is God first?’ in your heart, in your day, or do you try to quiet your conscience by doing the minimum in prayer, in your daily work, in your charity towards others?

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/24/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 07/17/08, 08/07/08)


EXODUS 23:17,24


My children gathered here today, I give you these two verses to teach you something of the utmost importance.

Through Baptism God comes through grace to dwell within you, so in a sense, you are always standing before God.  You may not be in a particular place, but in spirit and truth you are always before the Lord.  God indwelling within you has placed the Holy of Holies within your soul and there, Triune and Holy, He resides.  He will not allow any false gods to reside within this Sacred place.  You either worship the Triune God and keep sacred the place He dwells within, or you worship Satan, and God will not abide where Evil reigns.  It is up to each of you to demolish any false gods that you may have placed within the Sacred place where God alone wants to dwell.  These false gods are anything, or anyone, who comes before God and His Will.  All sins against the Commandments are as so many little false gods that desecrate the Temple of God, your Soul.  When greed, lust, covetousness, lying, stealing and disobedience become part of your actions, or dominate your thoughts, they become the gods of evil that draw you away from God.  They kill grace within you and instead of holiness, peace and joy, you experience evil, confusion, hatred and obsessions of every kind.

You must regularly check the Holy Place of God through examination of conscience and sweep clean any evil that has taken up residence by going to Confession often.  If you do not daily examine your conscience to see where you have failed to love and obey God, and to go to Confession frequently, it becomes easier and easier to dismiss sin and, eventually, to become spiritually blind.  Then Satan strikes and you have no defense.  With God present within you and grace sustaining you, the Evil one cannot penetrate, deceive, or ruin your soul.

When I said in Scripture that you would worship in spirit and truth, this is what I meant; that God would not only be found in the Temple, or in churches, but that He would be found in your hearts and souls, loved and worshipped with your every thought, word and action.  And through this love and obedience, you would be united one with God, here on this earth and for all eternity in Heaven.

My children gathered here, I wish for you to progress quickly in holiness, and the way to do this is to make the examination of conscience a part of your daily prayer.  Evaluate yourself honestly.  Ask pardon for your failures and omissions, and give thanks for the times you succeed with God’s help.  And go often to Confession for the forgiveness of your sins, for help to eliminate your faults and to obtain the graces awaiting you, so that you may grow in love and knowledge of God and to be able to serve Him faithfully.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/31/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 32:17-20


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses as a reminder that people do not change without constant supervision and teaching.

Moses left the people for a holy purpose.  He was called by God to fast, pray and then receive the Commandments.  He went up the mountain believing that Aaron and the elders of the tribes would be able to guide the people and keep order.  When Moses did not return quickly, the people fell back into their pagan ways, and those that Moses had entrusted the people to were not strong and vigilant.  They did not take strong action against the first signs of the people turning away from God.  Aaron tried to placate and guide them with gentleness and giving in to the first signs, thinking they would go no farther.  He awaited Moses’ return so that Moses would solve all the problems.  He awaited the return of Moses so that he (Aaron) did not have to assume authority and responsibility.  Aaron, and many of the other leaders, feared the reactions of the few instigators and, by sitting by, he allowed the vast majority, who were looking for leadership, to fall into grave sin.  The people knew what was being asked of them, so they were not blameless, but if Aaron and the elders had done their job, the majority would have stayed faithful.

Today the world, which has been evangelized, is once more falling into paganism.  Those who call themselves Christians are once again falling into the sins of the Israelites.

I, Jesus Christ, came into the world to lead the people out of the bondage of sin.  I defeated Satan and set you free.  I taught you all you needed to know to love your Heavenly Father, to know His Ways and to reach the Promised Land – Heaven.  I entrusted through Peter and the Apostles the continuation of the care of My people.  Through them this care would go on for all generations until the end of the world.  In every generation there have been great leaders and lax leaders, but for the most part, the faith of the people has been constant.

But now, My children, those who have been given the responsibility to protect, teach and guide My people are failing to do so.  Not all, but most, have compromised with Satan and the world.  There are magnificent churches, but in most instances, the people that go there are fed a diet of compromises and sermons that do not mention sin, or your obligation to put God before all other things.

While humanism is being preached, My people are making golden calves.  They honor and revere money, possessions and their own intellects.  They no longer believe that they must listen to, and follow, the teaching of the present Peter.  They believe they know more and can pick and choose.

Who is standing up and telling them they are wrong?  Who takes responsibility for the souls that are being led to perdition?  All must take responsibility and act.

Cardinals, bishops and priests must remain loyal to Peter and teach those under them to be faithful.  They must love and care for the souls I have placed in their hands. 

And those among the laity who follow Me and follow the path to Heaven, you, too, have the responsibility of witnessing.  Witness with your lives and gentle instruction.  Be not afraid to speak the truth to those who ask to know the truth.  Speak up when the truth is being twisted.  Do not hide the gifts of the Spirit.  The Church is not just the hierarchy; all baptized persons are the Church.

I, Jesus, ask you present, and all those who read these messages, to take My Words to heart and act on them.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/7/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus  (see also 07/24/08)


EXODUS 23:24-26


My children gathered today, I have chosen these verses to reaffirm the truth of these sacred words.

Because your generation worships materialism, rationalism and Satanism, you are all plagued with wars, sickness, plagues for which there are no cures.  You place your faith and your trust in Science – man-made science – and you find yourself with one new plague after another.  Satanism is socially acceptable, but not prayer in public schools or public functions.  Always Satanism requires a holocaust of blood and suffering, and your ‘enlightened’ generation has given it to him through contraception, abortion, genocide and wars big and small over this planet.  You have decreed that life and death is in your hands and you are permitting experimentation to increase the span of life, not for all, not for the unborn, or the handicapped who are also being covertly used for experimentation.

You were promised by God, the only Lord of Life and Death, that if you obeyed Him, loved Him and worshipped only Him, He would bless you with all the necessities for life.  He would remove sickness from among you; that He would give you a full span of life and that your children would be blessed with life and good health.  But like the Israelites, you choose to believe Satan and to follow your own course, depending upon yourselves.  God cannot lie or deceive, but Him you choose not to believe.  Satan, who is the father of lies, you choose to believe because you get what you want, or so you think, but Satan will turn on you.  He hates you because God loves you.  He will lead you to spiritual and physical destruction.  The proof of My Words is visible all around you.  Each day more and more die from starvation, plagues, wars and open genocide.  Your hearts are hard and your neck is stiff.  You will not accept the truth before your very eyes.  You listen to everyone but your Heavenly Father.

God can do all things and He is faithful to His Words.  The end to all your suffering will only come by returning to your Heavenly Father and believing in His Words, trusting in the One Who is Trustworthy.  There is no grey area; it is either/or.  You must demolish Satan’s hold on your hearts, minds and the world around you by repenting and returning with humble, loving hearts to the Will of the Father.

Meditate on My Words, both in Scripture and in this lesson.  Where does your Faith, trust and love fall short?

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/21/08 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus  (see also 08/28/08)


EXODUS 27:13-21


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses because they still have meaning today.

The Lord, Father of Heaven and earth, was most explicit in how He wanted the Tent of Worship to be constructed.  Down to the last detail He gave instructions.  ‘Why?’ you may ask.  Because He wanted the people to understand that this Dwelling was sacred because God made Himself present there in a way that was visible.  The Ark of the Covenant would rest in the Holy of Holies whenever the Israelites made camp.  Into the Holy of Holies Moses would go to consult with God Almighty, and in His Mercy, God would respond and guide His people.  Never, since Adam and Eve left Eden, did God dwell with His creatures as with the Israelites.

Today, once again, God dwells with even greater intimacy with His children through the Holy Eucharist.  Not only can you, the people, come into My Presence by being before the Tabernacle, but you can receive Me, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

I, Jesus, Second Person of the Triune God, am present, and where I am, so is the Father and the Holy Spirit.  We are One, Triune and Holy.

The Israelites were not permitted such closeness and intimacy with God, yet they believed and reverenced the Presence of God in the Holy of Holies.  You, who are granted so much more, do not often offer even a minimum of respect when you come into My Presence.  Some take no notice at all; some offer not even a prayer, yet, when it is time to receive Me in the Sacred Host, all will approach and receive Me.  For many, this sacred moment has no greater meaning than any other action of their lives.  They have no concept of what they are doing and no true belief in this Miracle of miracles.  I asked once, ‘Would there be anyone left of Faith when I returned?’  The answer seems to be – very, very few.

If the Israelites were terrified to even touch the Ark because of its holiness, how can you approach Me with indifference, disbelief and with souls covered with sin?  Few go to the priest to confess their sins, yet when they go to Mass, they go to Communion.

My priests, spend more time in the confessional and teach your people the necessity of this Sacrament.  You know what a blasphemy it is to receive Me in the state of mortal sin.  You must teach the people, for so many have lost all sense of sin.

And for you who truly believe and try to receive Me with reverence, adoration and love, I ask you to continue to go to Confession frequently for the good of your souls, but, also, as an example to others, and I ask you to make frequent acts of Faith, Hope and Love in reparation for those who receive Me with cold and indifferent hearts and souls black with sin.

For this, the Father will reward you a hundredfold.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/28/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus  (see also 08/21/08)


EXODUS 27:21


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of this verse and give it meaning in your life.  Your souls are like the lamps and grace is the oil that fills the lamps.

In the New Time, which began with My Resurrection, the Father in Heaven is to be worshipped in a more profound way than ever before.  Before My Death and Resurrection, Sanctifying Grace was not given through any of the rites of Old Israel.  Under the old covenant, the Commandments were to be obeyed and the rites of worship were proscribed.  Men understood what God wanted, but they worshipped more by fulfilling the Law as given than in spirit.  By this I mean to obey the Commandments out of love and to make your heart a temple where adoration, love and true worship is constant.

In the Gospels you read how the Jews and the Samaritans fight over where true worship should be given.  I told them the day would come when neither the Temple, nor any other place, would be the choice of God, but that God wanted first to be worshipped and loved in your hearts, thoughts and actions.

To do this in the way pleasing to God, your soul must be filled with grace.  Through grace you would come to a true understanding of Who God is and how to love Him and serve Him.  A soul filled with grace is more alive than all created living things put together.  A soul without grace is more dead than a decaying corpse.

The Theologians will say a soul cannot die once it is created, and that is true as far as its existence is concerned, but if the soul is not united by grace to the Triune God, it is an abhorrence.  It exists, but does not live, for Life is found only where God is.  Man cannot comprehend what a soul without grace is, and no man can comprehend what a great loss occurs when, through its own fault, a soul ends in hell, separated for all Eternity from Light, Health and Everlasting Joy.

I come this day to plead with you to renew and to build upon the graces that you need now and for Everlasting Life.  Do this through frequent confession of your sins and faults, and by receiving Me in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is up to you to tend to your soul.  If you would take as good care of it as you do your mortal life and your possessions, no one would be in hell.

Heed My Words and know great peace and joy.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/11/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 27:12


My children gathered here today, you may well ask ‘Why is the Lord giving this verse; what does it have to do with us?’  This verse deals with the Court of Dwelling and I have referred to this verse before.

In Scripture, numbers have meanings.  Fifty is used several times.  It signifies jubilation.  It signifies completion, fullness and balance.  You will read where the Father asks that every fiftieth year would be a jubilee year.  It would be a time when those who had sold themselves into slavery would be freed.  Those who had sold land out of necessity could obtain it back.  Even in your generation, the fiftieth is a golden anniversary, signifying its importance; a time of celebration giving thanks for blessings received.

Ten is a foundation number and, again, what has that to do with you?  The Father has given you Ten Commandments, and with these Commandments you have a solid foundation on which to build your spiritual life, and a solid foundation upon which to build your daily lives.  They are ten pillars which are your protection.  They give you moral strength and guidance to right judgment.  If you live by these Commandments and obey them out of love, you will come to live each day in the spirit of the year of jubilation.

The year of jubilation has to do with love of neighbor, redressing wrongs, giving hope to the downtrodden and giving balance to the whole community.  The Father asked for the celebration of the jubilation year because He knew unless He mandated it, men would not act with justice; that greed would lead to theft of other’s property and suppression of freedom for those who fell into debt.  The Commandments would be lived by the letter of the Law, but not the spirit.  Of course, the Israelites never really celebrated the jubilee year, for greed for power, money and control over others caused them to dismiss what God asked for.  You who are My followers are called to live the Commandments faithfully and with the spirit of love that was intended. 

When I came, I made every year, every day, a call to live what was asked in that jubilation year.  You are called to enslave no one physically, spiritually or emotionally.  All are to live free to fulfill their lives and to know, love and serve God.  You are called to see that no man or woman lives in poverty.  You are called to bring justice to all.  And you are called to share what you have, not only for the good of your community or nation, but for the good of all your brothers and sisters everywhere. 

To follow what I have taught is hard, but there is no other way to justice and lasting peace between brothers and sisters on this earth, and there is no other path that leads to Heaven.  The Kingdom of Heaven must first be formed in your hearts and in your minds and through your actions before you can expect to live there for all Eternity when you pass to the Father.

Remember My Words and follow My example.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/18/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 33:20-23


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses to help you understand the holiness of God, the power of God and how God interacts with those who are called into His Presence and then speak His Words to you.

No man, while on this earth, sees God as He is, for the holiness and power of God, His Majesty, would so overwhelm the physical senses that the person would not be able to live.  On Mount Sinai, when Moses was called to an intimate relationship with God, he was told that the Almighty would protect him and shield him so that he might live to return to the people and give them the Lord’s Words and act as go-between between God and the Israelites. 

Even unto this hour there are those chosen to act as go-betweens between God and His people.  These who are chosen do not see God Face-to-face, but are drawn into a spiritual relationship which allows the Thrice Holy God to communicate His Thoughts and desires to His children.  The Father chooses who He wants for His own reasons, and those chosen are free to accept, or reject, what the Father desires from them.  It is a great weight and responsibility to speak what God gives, and throughout history, for the most part, those chosen have a very hard road to travel.

It has been the history of man to reject those sent because the children of God do not want to hear what God has to say.  His Ways stand opposed to the glitter and temptations of the world.  It takes courage, discipline and perseverance to turn your back on evil and the world, to live holy lives, to be obedient and humble children before God.  The prophet is almost always met with hatred, envy and ridicule, and what hurts most is that often the hatred and envy comes from those who should be most open to God and supportive of those sent by God.

The mystical relationship between God and man has been going on since the creation of Adam and Eve, but it is no better received today than at the beginning.

Test every spirit, but do not be hard of heart and stiff of neck.  Listen to the Holy Spirit through those chosen by the Father to give His guidance and to remind you all of who you are, why you were created and where you are destined to go.

My children gathered here, your hearts are open; keep them open.  Help others to be open to God and not to close out all movement of the Spirit because of fear, intolerance or jealousy.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/2/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 37:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give these verses to you to remind you of the sacredness of all things that have to do with God.

The Ark, the table and the accessories were either covered with gold, or made from gold.  Gold signifies purification.  Gold is held in highest esteem by men and, therefore, thought worthy to be used in sacred ceremonies.

Through the history of the Church gold has been used for the chalices, patens, candlesticks and other sacred objects.

Scripture also says that God tries those He loves like gold in fire.  When gold is purified in fire, all base metals are removed.  When God tries those souls who love Him, He helps them to remove all that stands in the way of perfection.

Normally a soul is purified through the daily trials and sufferings that are a part of life.  If a soul seeks God, these trials are stepping stones that allows the soul to climb higher and higher on the path to perfection.  Rarely does God permit trials outside of the normal occurrences in life. 

Some souls are tried beyond the norm when they seek their God with their whole heart, their whole mind and their whole will, and the Triune God has a special mission for that soul.  If you truly love your God and seek to be with Him for all eternity because of His Goodness, you will learn to use all in your day, the trials, sufferings and, also, the daily joys and blessings, to help you to grow closer to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Only those who have been purified and have used their days wisely immediately enter Heaven upon their physical death.  If you want Heaven immediately, then make of yourself a worthy vessel by being patient and flexible as the Father molds and shapes you. 

Do not ask ‘Why, God, do You allow this?’, but thank the Father and ask Him how to learn and grow through all He permits for your good.

Be attentive to My Words and listen to Wisdom.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/23/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus

EXODUS 20:12-26


My children gathered here today, I have chosen these verses to remind this generation that the Father has set forth laws and regulations which are binding to the Last Day.  No man can change them or interpret them for his own benefit.  What was written on Sinai is to be followed until the end of time.

In every generation since Moses stood before the people there have been those who have flagrantly broken these Commandments and regulations.  Many, many more have secretly broken them, but never as today has the greater portion of the people openly dismissed these Commandments, and God Himself, as being irrelevant.  This is not only a great blasphemy, but it is a course that, if continued, will lead to your own self-destruction.  Not since Noah has the greater portion of humanity lived such sinful lives.  Not even in the time of Noah did the people of the earth believe that they did not need their gods.  They may not have known and worshipped the One True God, Thrice Holy, but they did believe that there was a deity, or deities, greater than themselves.

In this generation man secretly worships himself.  He may go to Church on Sunday, or to the mosque or synagogue, but in his heart he believes only in himself and what he can obtain for himself by any means necessary.  People praise each other for their astuteness and cunning in making money off of wars and stealing from the poor and the defenseless.  People choose divorce when they become bored with their spouse.  They dishonor and ignore their parents.  Lying has become socially acceptable and needed to be good at profiting from business deals.  You not only covet your neighbor’s goods, your insatiable greed for new and better things materially lead you into debt and loss of your good name and, eventually, many are led to despair.  Gold and silver are your gods.  They have replaced the Heavenly Father as the desire of your heart.

The true altar of worship should be within you.  On this altar your God wishes a holocaust of your love, remorse and repentance for your sins and an offering of virtues.  The offering of your will done with joy is what is most pleasing.  When you come to worship with a soul filled with grace, you are properly clad.  If you come unrepentant and stained with sin, then you are indecently uncovered.

My children gathered here, I know how hard you try to love your God and obey Him and I bless you for this.  I ask you to help those who have abandoned God’s Law and do not even acknowledge Him.  Help them with your prayers, your sacrifices and by witnessing with love that God is real and that they will only be happy when they return to their Father in Heaven and live by His Law.

I bless those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/20/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 30:12-13


Child of God, I come this day to close out this course of teaching.  I have chosen these verses because, once again, the number of true Israelites is being counted.  This time it is My Angels who are doing the counting.  Those whose names that will be written down will bear My Sign.  They will have imprinted on their foreheads the Sign of the Cross and they will have paid to the Lord an offering of their lives, their hearts, their wills to the Triune Holiness.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, We will have begun to finish the last few weeks of this second year prophesied.  We will begin, January first, the beginning of the third year.  One year for each Person of the Holy Trinity Who you have abandoned, blasphemed and sinned against in so many ways.  When I say ‘you’, I am speaking collectively, for all those above the age of reason have sinned in one way or another, and it is the sins of the peoples of the whole earth that has so offended the Triune Unity.

Those who have been marked by My Angels are the ones who, through repentance and love for their God, have chosen to follow Me on the true path to the House of the Father.  There are those who do not know Me who are also marked with My Sign because they have sought the Will of the Father with all their hearts, using their limited knowledge the best they could.

My children, this coming year will see many changes.   I come to you this final time in this way to encourage all those who are Mine to be patient and at peace.  All prophecy must be fulfilled and the Father’s Plan carried out to the end.  There are many difficult days ahead and it will seem as if God has abandoned you, but it is not so.  The Father never abandons His Own.

Many will say you are close to the end of the world, but I tell you only the Father knows the day and the hour.  Do not follow false prophets or seek Me here or there, but seek Me in your hearts and you will find Me present.  I will guide you and protect you.  There is still much that the Father plans for His children that is good, and this dark time will pass and Satan and his demons and those who worship the Beast will be defeated by the army of God.

Rejoice, My children, for God is with you and the victory is His.  The Father has proclaimed it, the Son has shed His Blood to obtain it and the Holy Spirit has been teaching you and guiding you, so all is assured.

I, Jesus, bless you.