On the afternoon of August 10, 2006, and at the request of Jesus, Lory sat down with the pilgrims present and gave the following explanation of the Blessed Mother’s message received on the above date at Yahweh Shalom.


“Mother said, ‘My children, the day of all days is upon you; not the end of the world, nor the end of humanity, but the day of the Holy Spirit.’  This phrase ‘day of all days’ comes from Isaiah.  If you will remember from Chapter 13, that’s where our song ‘The Holy Mountain’ came from, it talks about the day of the Lord in that verse.  Chapter 24, the headline is ‘The Apocalypse of Isaiah,’ talks about the devastation of the world.  So we’re not talking about the end of the world; we’re talking about something that God is going to do in the world in order to bring everybody into alignment with His Will.  It is a good thing.  Our Blessed Mother spoke of childbirth, ‘Just like in childbirth, there are painful days ahead.’  In Isaiah 24, and I’ll read just a little bit of it to you, ‘The earth mourns and fades, the world lanquishes and fades, both Heaven and earth languish, the earth is polluted because of its inhabitants who have transgressed laws, violated statutes, and broken the ancient covenant (The Ten Commandments).  Therefore, a curse devours the earth and its inhabitants pay for their guilt; therefore they who dwell on the earth turn pale and few men are left.’  Mother says in the message, ‘In the days to come, and which are now upon you, it will seem as if all hope has disappeared from the earth, but it is not so.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  The time of the Holy Spirit, His reign upon the earth, is here.’  She also said in the message ‘ My children, you are so blind to what is unfolding in nature and by your own hand.’  Isaiah speaks of this.


I told you in one of the earlier teachings that I did on Isaiah that all Scripture speaks to the day.  It was written for the people of that day and it speaks of today, because this is the Living Word of God -- nothing is past tense in it.  This is the story of our relationship with God.  It is the story of the spiritual growth of man toward our Creator.  What pertained in the time of Isaiah pertains to this day, and it will pertain until the end of the world.  It is the Living Word of God.  There is nothing past tense in this book (The Bible).  So you must read it that way:  how does it apply to me, to the world I live in today, and how will it apply not only in the past but in the future?  When you begin to read Scripture that way it begins to make sense to you, otherwise you’re reading something about the history of someone who is long gone and dead and you can’t figure out what this has to do with you.  But it has everything to do with you.  That which they were facing in their day we are facing in ours, but, as the Lord says, we have multiplied it because of our sins. 


We are now in the time of Grace.  They broke the covenant and it was sinful, but they were still not in the time of Grace yet.  The Lord chastised them, took them into the Babylonian captivity twice to straighten them up, to bring them back to Him, to make Him again their Lord, but we are in the time of Grace.  We are supposed to know better, we’re supposed to have learned the lessons, but, as we can see by our world, we did not learn them well.  We’re repeating the same mistakes over again.  The big mistake is that we are pushing God away from us, and the farther we push Him the greater the catastrophe to ourselves because we are spiritual beings. 

We are beings with immortal souls.  We cannot live without the Lord.  We have no existence, no joy, no happiness and peace without the Lord.  This is what the Lord is saying to us in Isaiah.  Through Isaiah he is telling Israel: if you do not return to me, this is what you can expect -- ‘the earth will burst asunder, the earth will be shaken apart, the earth will be convulsed, the earth will reel like a drunkard, and it will sway like a hut.’  Its rebellion will weigh it down until it falls, never to rise again.  He is talking about things that would happen in time, but he is also talking about the state of the souls of the people.  Mother is talking the same way.  She’s talking about things that will unfold in time and they are important, but we get hung up on the physical things, and the physical things come about because we do not understand the spiritual lesson that She’s trying to tell us. 


She talks about ‘the Time of the Great Exodus.’  We know what the first Exodus was; that’s when God took the Hebrew people out of Egypt and returned them to the Promised Land.  It was not an easy time.  It was a hard journey from the Red Sea until they finally made it to the Promised Land.  They went through the desert, they had many things to learn, many people died, but in that process God made them His people.  He gave them the Ten Commandments, He taught them to live by His light, and, when He thought they were ready, He took them to the Jordan.  What happened?  A few went over, they saw that everything was exactly what the Lord said it was, but they saw that they could not just run in and take it, so they became fearful, went back and put fear into the other people, and they refused to go.  God said, ‘Fine! Have it your way.  You won’t trust Me, you won’t cross into this land -- go back into the desert for forty more years.’  Out of that generation, Joshua is the only one who had crossed over who was going to actually be able to enter into the Promised Land; all the adults were going to die in that time period.


Our Mother is telling us we are now at the Time of the Great Exodus, which is a more powerful exodus.  This time of the Spirit is a great religious time.  It’s a time when we are going to begin to understand fully what it means to be a child of God, Who our Father in Heaven is.  Jesus taught us.  He taught us The Our Father.  We say The Our Father, most of us, every day several times a day, and we don’t understand that prayer at all.  He is our Father Who provides all things,

Who gives us all protection.  There is nothing that we can do outside of God.  If God took His Hands off the universe, off the world, off of us, we would cease to exist.  This is Truth.  And when we are praying The Our Father we are acknowledging Him as the Creator, as the Father, as the Protector, as the Provider, but when we live our daily lives we don’t live that way; it’s you, I can do, I want to do.  And Mother is saying we are going to get out of this ‘me’ generation, and we’re going to begin to learn who we are.  But just like a woman in childbirth, you can’t wait for the child to be born.  How joyful you are, but once your dead center in the middle of childbirth, every woman here will tell you that if you could opt off of the planet, you’d go!  But you hang on because you know that you have to go through this to get the joy. 


The Lord has tried over the last 150 years to shake us – the earthquake, He sent Mother, He sent Saints, He came Himself time after time to try to renew us, to wake us up, to show us that we are made in His image and likeness, that we are more than flesh and blood.  We are not here to exist in this world for the sake of the world, we’re here to learn to go to the Father.  Our happiness is on the day that we can go to the Father.  We have built in such a fear of death, and it should be a time of great rejoicing, because we become whole in God.  We were created to be with Him.  And Mother says, and if you read the messages, that you can begin living this way on earth.  But the way you begin to live this way is living by the Commandments, truly obeying the Commandments, to do as Jesus says – Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind, all thy will, all thy strength, and your neighbor as yourself.  If we did that just that, this would be heaven in a sense.  God would dwell fully in us, we would have peace, we would have joy.  He did not create us for destruction, He did not create us for pain, He did not want to see us not attain Him.  He gave us a beautiful, beautiful world to live in, and He gave us brothers and sisters to love.  But how many times have we said ourselves and heard other people say, ‘I’m so lonely, I don’t know anybody, nobody loves me, nobody understands me.  And the truth is we don’t reach out to one another as brothers and sisters, we don’t think of each other as family members.  We’re just people who meet at a place, at a time, and then gone again.  We don’t see how we inter-connect with each other and how that connection is to God.  And in this time coming – in the time of the Holy Spirit – this is what Mother says the Holy Spirit is going to help us to understand and to make pertinent in our life.


When She says that you are the hope of the world, you are the witnesses.  Those who come here, those who go to the other apparition sites, those who have been to the apparition sites, those who have joined a prayer group, these are the ones that are like little lights in the darkness.  We pray, we try to reach beyond ourselves, we experience failures, but the Lord doesn’t count the failures.  What He really looks for is the times that you pick yourself up and try again.  And that’s what Our Mother said, that you have been called here, some to other places, in order to become the hope of the world, the light of the world, to witness to God’s love.  And we have to understand these aren’t words - you have made a commitment, and God holds us to our commitments.  We say, ‘We want You.  We want life eternal, not just to have a place to play the harp for the rest of eternity, we want a real relationship with You.  We want to be a part of the Eternal Love, the

Eternal Mercy.’  And the Father says, ‘Yes.  That’s what I created you for,’ but to have this, you must come to your full potential.  You can’t enter Heaven if you don’t understand love.  You can’t enter Heaven if you don’t understand mercy.  If you have no faith and trust in God, how can you have a relationship?  So the Lord has been teaching you here, Mother has been teaching you here, how to have that love, to have that trust, how to walk with the Lord.  And then what did She say, ‘Don’t go hide it under your bushel basket.’  What did She say last week, ‘Be a light that’s put out for everyone to see.’  That’s your job.  That’s what every Christian is called to.  We’re not called to build grandiose cathedrals; we’re not called to spend endless hours in just routine prayer; we are called to witness.  To witness is to evangelize.  A prophet is a witness; you are all prophets.  You are all called to evangelize.  You are all witnesses.  If a Christian does not do that, then he is actually on the other side.  The Lord said, ‘You cannot sit on the fence.  You are either for Me or against Me.’  That’s what Mother is talking about here.


I really recommend that you read Isaiah at some point.  Read Mother’s last three months messages because it’s very important.  In those three months, looking back to what Mother said, She told us how to pray with the heart.  She went from saying ‘Please pray for the conversion of the world and the opening of hearts to Jesus’ to ‘Bring hope to the world.’  The decisions that mankind is making are being made now.  Abba says, ‘Child, and so it has begun.  Rejoice and persevere to the end.’  (Until we get into the new time.)  The things that are happening now, unfolding on the earth, what will unfold in the months, or maybe years ahead - I don’t know how long this is going to take - are all in God’s Hands.  His plan is for our good.  And we have to tell people that because it will look dark.  For the people in Lebanon, their world has come to an end.  When the hurricane hit in the south, their world came to an end - how dark.  But when people come together and you offer help and hope, not only your prayers, but any way that you can help, you’re witnessing to the Lord, you’re bringing the Lord to them, you’re giving hope and it keeps them from despairing.  That’s what Mother means by this.


It is a great time we’re in.  I had one of the Saints tell me, I believe it was St. Therese of the Little Flower, that the Saints in Heaven envy the time that we’re living in.  They wish they had lived in this time.  Because this is what we’ve waited for - for the time when man would truly come to understand his relationship with God, our relationship with our Father, with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus, and be able to use it fully.  We are so much more than what we understand we are, but we are only more because of God.  And so that’s what He wanted me to explain today.”