Beginning with the July 19, 2007 Thursday Prayer Gathering, the Lord begins a new thing.  He will no longer select a previous message from the Blessed Mother and teach on that, but He will give a Scripture passage and teach on that.


7/10/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EZEKIEL 10:7-8,18-23


My children gathered here today, I have chosen these verses as a warning to all who believe that God will tolerate their behavior and remain with them in all of His Power and Glory because He has made a covenant with them.

The Chosen People believed that, because God had made a covenant with them, protected them and showed great signs and wonders to them and the rest of the world, they could do as they pleased and God would remain with them.  They expected God to be faithful to them while, time after time, they refused to be faithful to Him.  The treasure of the Ark of the Covenant was lost to them because of their disobedience and pride.

My children, God did not abandon them, but never was it the same again when the visible sign of God’s Presence with them was taken from them.  It is a warning to this generation that, although a covenant has been made and God is faithful, the covenant must be upheld on your end.  God will be with His Church until the Last Day here on earth, but to have His protection, His signs and wonders of predilection, you must keep His Commandments and be faithful to My Teachings.  You must humble yourselves and trust that what I taught while here on earth is still the one and only path to salvation and to true peace and happiness on earth.  Too many, in their pride, believe they can twist My Teachings and the Commandments to fit your new, modern world.  Your abandoning truth is creating a hell on earth.  Your pride is pushing the Father’s Hand away from you and leaving you vulnerable to destruction, both spiritually and physically.

I asked ‘Would I find anyone of Faith left when I return?’  I ask you now: Will I find anyone of Faith or are you like the ones in Scripture that call ‘Lord, Lord’, but I do not know you?  Stop and repent.  Return to the teachings of Scripture and stop changing My Words and trying to explain away their meaning in order to do what you want.

Keep God as your Friend and love Him and obey all that has been given to you.

I, Jesus, bless you.