Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing Ė a deeper study of Scripture.The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:  Order is by date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.  Some passages and teachings overlap so please review thoroughly.)


7/12/07The message chosen for today by the Lord was 10/20/05.An introduction to Scripture teachings by Jesus also follows.


It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.Today I ask that you be at peace, that you live this day in joy, for all that has been promised is unfolding.

To the world and to My enemies all seems lost, but We* are just beginning.Today at noon your Holy Mother and I will come.Your Mother will give Her teaching and I will bless those present along with petitions and articles.Remember to have Fr. (Francis) bless them.Keep the same routine as at Holly Oaks.Ask Fr. Francis for his permission to do this.Do what Fr. Francis tells you exactly as he tells you and I will bless and protect all here.

I bless every effort made to gather souls with Me this day.

I bless you.


*Jesus and Our Holy Mother.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


My children gathered, I have called you here this day to begin a new thing.Child is more surprised than you.

Todayís message was given the day after the other Spiritual Directors decided to close Holly Oaks.This was not My intent, but I allowed all things to walk out.When your Holy Mother was not permitted to appear at the usual place, it was decided by the Father that what had been prophesied to one of the sisters would now come to be.

Your Mother, Mary Most Holy, had told all the sisters that where child goes, She would go, and so began these precious Thursdays.

Many have wondered how those so close could be separated.The reasons are many, but I have promised, it will be, that all hearts will be united and all hearts and wills will conform to Mine.

Today the new thing We begin, with Fatherís (Francis) permission, is a deeper study of Scripture.Over the last few months, at the retreats, much Scripture has been covered, but not all can make arrangements to come more than once a week, so with Fatherís permission, I will teach each week a passage from Scripture, and help you apply it to your daily lives.

I AM will teach you because Scripture was given to you to teach you to know, to love and how to serve your God and your fellow man.

Often the Old Testament is dismissed as not being important, but every Word of God is important and was meant for all generations.The lives of those of the past, and the history of nations, teach lessons that are just as valid today as then.The spoken Words of God are Living.All prophecy has lessons for every generation, so today, with Fatherís permission, I will start with the story of Joseph.

(At this point, Fr. Francis was asked for, and gave, his permission.Jesus thanked him.)

Joseph was one of twelve; twelve who would become a foundation, through their descendents, for the nation of Israel which would be created to be a holy nation with God as its ruler.But eleven were jealous of the one, for he had been given gifts from God, and because of his nature, he was loved by the father to the discontent of the others.They were treated well.They were loved and shared in the fatherís wealth, but pride, envy, jealousy grew in their hearts, so they set about to get rid of the one that pricked at their pride.Not all brothers were guilty equally, but all sinned, and so they got rid of him.But God loved Joseph and used him for a greater good.He allowed Joseph to be sold, to suffer, so that many in the future could be saved in a time of great adversity.

As you read this morning*, eventually God moved Joseph to a position of authority that would save not only the lives of the Egyptians and surrounding nations, but would save the lives of the eleven brothers.Joseph, who had been so badly used, did not hate.He saw Godís Hand in all that had happened to him.He saw Godís Power and Godís Mercy, and gave thanks to God for permitting him, Joseph, to serve the Lord and help so many.He forgave the brothers and rejoiced in seeing them again.As the story goes on, the twelve brothers will settle in Egypt and grow most numerous until they are enslaved because the Egyptians grew to fear them because of their numbers, and God would draw them and form them until they are led out of Egypt; no longer just twelve tribes, but a beginning of a mighty nation dedicated to God.

How does this apply to you?

God often allows what seems unfair.He sometimes permits the innocent to suffer so that a greater good can come about.God does not instigate the trials and sufferings, for God never condones sin, but He will use one who loves Him and trusts in Him to help many.God is fair.He rewards now and, especially, for all eternity those who remain at peace and trust in His Will and in His Goodness.If Joseph had not loved God and abandoned to His Will, you, too, would be different, for your heritage is part of his story.

I, Jesus, come from the tribe of Juda, one of those brothers.Your faith is based on the teachings that God gave to the tribes that became the nation of Israel.

I, Jesus, Man, was a part of that nation; so were the first twelve Apostles, so was the great Paul, and from him comes most of the New Testament.

Do you begin to see how important Scripture is to you?

I, Jesus, bless you.


*Reading for todayís Mass: Genesis 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5.



3/13/08Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


GENESIS 22:12-18


My children gathered here, I give to you this passage in Scripture to meditate on.

Often when a soul loves God and perseveres in seeking and obeying the Will of the Father, God tries this soul; He refines it like gold through trials and tribulations.These trials and tribulations are given so that the soul may be purified and strengthened and reach deeper union with God.

The spiritually blind often say ĎWhat good does it do to obey God and love Him, for those that do seem at times to have more difficulties than those who seek their self-interests?í What the spiritually blind do not see is that God is blessing that soul, making a thing of beauty which has strength, and at the end of the trial, joy and peace is given to it, which no man can take away.This soul more clearly mirrors the reflection of the Father and the Father delights in this child of His.Through these trials, the soul accumulates and perfects Virtues that are treasure for now and for eternity.

The Father pours forth blessings on a soul that is perfected in Him and, for generations, others will receive blessings and bless the one who has found favor with God, because spiritual blessings and graces are not limited by time; they are outside of time and matter and, therefore, are fruitful for generations to come.The world understands nothing, but one perfected in spirit shares in the wisdom and knowledge of God and understands the value of all that happens to him and blesses God now and for all eternity for Godís goodness to him.

Wisdom, be attentive!These words have great meaning and value to a soul in union with God.A soul has the Virtue of Wisdom when it is attentive in every moment, seeking God, His Will, His Blessing and His Mercy.On the Last Day, these souls will burn brighter than the sun with love, gratitude to God and shine with holiness that will give splendor to Heaven.

My children gathered here, God does not seek your obedience for His sake, but for yours.He does not permit trials just to watch you suffer and to see if you will be true to Him, but to see if you will find true riches that are hidden in crosses that come along during your lifetime.Will you profit and grow?Will you seek to find wealth that is real and that will aid you to be happy forever?

My children, do not run from the cross; do not abandon to fear, but be wise and trust in your Fatherís Love and follow His Way.Heaven will be yours and, even now, you will find true happiness, true peace and the true fulfillment of yourselves that God wants for you.

I, Jesus, bless you.