7/3/07Jacob - Patriarch


Child of God, I come today by the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Child of God, I am known as the Father of many Nations, but like most men, I did not understand at the time all the words of the Lord.As I lived my life day by day, I could not see Godís plan for me unfolding.I was blessed by having twelve sons who would, in time, head twelve tribes which one day would form Israel, the nation.Then time would pass and these tribes would be scattered and form other nations directly and indirectly.All of this was veiled to me as I could not see how all would unfold.

Today the Lord is sending prophet after prophet to warn that a New Time is approaching when the divisions upon the earth will cease and the children of God will be one.Many believe they understand Godís Words; others canít understand that this will be possible by Godís Power.

As you lead your daily lives, you, too, cannot see God working toward the fulfillment of all prophecy, but He patiently and steadily moves forward, for He is Lord of All.

Children of God, believe and trust, for neither Satan or circumstances can delay God.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice and persevere!

I, Jacob, bless you.