Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


6/26/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


JEREMIAH 12:17, 19-23


My children gathered here today, in every generation I send prophets to reinforce the Will of the Father and the words of Scripture.  I send them because man’s mind wanders from truth and, like a child, runs after all that glitters and what will seem to give him prosperity.  There are moments in history when I raise great prophets who are to stand and speak My Words to whole nations and the world at large.  They are not sent to just remind people to stay on the path of God; they are sent to warn of impending danger, spiritually and also at times physically.  They are sent when man has turned his back on God, on Truth, on Virtue, and has fallen into the sin of Lucifer which is Pride, which leads to disobedience and arrogance before God.

The prophet is always condemned and tried to be made silent, for those in disobedience do not want to hear the Words of the Lord and they do not want others to hear, for they will be recognized for what they are, which is self-serving, arrogant and harmful to others.

When whole nations turn away from God, what do you think the consequences will be?  What do you think the consequences will be when the greater part of the population of the world has sold its soul for material goods, power and control over the peoples and over the very resources of the earth? 

This greed and arrogance does not even look to the future.  No one says ‘What will we do tomorrow in order to survive if we take and abuse each other and the resources of this planet now?’

If the Father in Heaven chastised severely a nation during the time of Jeremiah for lesser sins, what do you think He will do to bring correction to the peoples of this planet?  You are even more responsible for your actions, for the Word of the Lord has spread all over this planet.  You proclaim loud and clear that you are so much more intelligent and educated than your ancestors; then, are you not doubly responsible for doing good and following the Commandments of the Lord and living Truth for the benefit of your souls?

Satan has encouraged you, and you have joyfully accepted, to live the lie that truth is a grey area and everyone has the right to live as he pleases.

The time is upon you when the prophet will not be silenced, mainly because prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes.  Listen now and repent.  Change now before the Father’s Hand descends and the very earth reels.

I, Jesus, bless you.