3/13/07Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Child of God, it is I, your sister Teresa.

Child of God, I have been sent by the Will of the Most Holy Trinity to share with you a truth that sustained me during my life: you can only do what God gives you strength to do.

These last days you have struggled with your health and with the work because of the sentiments of man.You have remained on your feet physically and spiritually because you have trusted in the Lord Jesus and have drawn your strength from Him. Physical problems arise, but they are less troublesome than the weight of trying to please others.In the end, the choice always comes down to what pleases man and seems practical to mankind, or following the Lord Who often seems to go in strange directions at odd times.To follow Him is not practical by human reasoning at times, but to follow our God is to know success and joy.

You may not live to see the fulfillment of what He asks of you, but it will be completed in due time as He wants it.Our peace and joy comes from the journey with Him and from the gift of Him with us.Do not become disheartened when people look at you in disbelief.You can do what is asked of you or God would not ask it.

One person, even one small in stature, can change their little part of the world with love and trust in God.Do not take your eyes off of Jesus, not take your hand from His Hand.Walk with confidence in Jesus and rejoice.

Child of God, I bless you.



7/31/07Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Child of God, today I come in response to your prayer for mercy for those who use power and privilege to gain material wealth over the bodies of the poor and defenseless.

Child of God, the Lord has heard the cries and pleadings for help from His children who are being maimed and murdered each day so a few may acquire the treasures of the world.

The Lord has spoken to you of what lies ahead for those who do not repent and stop doing evil.You have spoken up with courage when few would listen and even fewer believe.Now what was prophesied is being unfolded and still hearts are hard, for greed in all its forms is ruling so many, but especially those who believe they hold earthly power and cannot be challenged.

My children who read these messages, look at your own lives and see if change is needed.Hear and respond to the cries of the victims of poverty, social injustice and those being destroyed by war.Pray for Godís mercy, for there is a limit to what He will permit and His Justice is swift when He must correct out of love for all His children.Do not turn your backs and pretend not to see, or say that there is nothing you can do.There is always something you can do, but it takes courage and unselfishness.

Listen to the Words of the Lord and live what Scripture teaches and peace will come and healing will begin.

I, Teresa, bless you.