5/29/07Our Lady of Fatima


Child, I come this day under the title of Our Lady of Fatima.I come this day by the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

My child, I was sent because I am the Mother of all Saints, and today I wish to speak to My children about Saints and holiness.

Saints, be they in Heaven or on Earth, are people just like you.They were born and lived, or are living, lives very much like you.What makes them holy is the intentions of their hearts and their striving to love God and put Him before themselves and their human desires.They can make mistakes, for only God is Perfection, but they truly seek to do Godís Will and love and serve their neighbors.

My children, too often you use the excuse that you are to sinful, or not blessed with great charisms, in order not to strive for holiness.God has called each of you to be saints and only those who are holy are in Heaven.God asked only that you try with all your heart and will to love Him and others; if you do this, Heaven is yours.

I come this day under the title of Our Lady of Fatima because I asked, when I came to Fatima, for conversion, repentance and reparation for sins, both personal and for the sins committed by all people.I said then that the Lord our God was greatly offended, and to avoid punishment, conversion and reparation was needed.So few responded to My warning and you see around you the results.

I come today to say it is not too late to stay Godís Hand upon the peoples of the Earth.Pray, repent, convert and make daily reparation by offering with peace and joy all that is in your day.Make little sacrifices for the conversion of others.Offer your trials; love those who do not love you.Bring peace into situations instead of anger and biting words.Put others first and most of all live pure lives, for God is most offended by immodesty and flagrant abuse of others sexually.

Children, you do not have much time left to change the course you have set.God is patient, but in Scripture it says Ďdo not put God to the testí.Listen to My Words and this time respond.

I and all of Heaven are praying for you.

I bless you.