8/21/07Prophet Samuel


Child of God, I come today at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today the Lord, thrice Holy, is sending prophet after prophet to call His children back to Him.The earth resounds with the calls of the prophets as they remind people that God exists and will not allow His authority to be challenged.

Today God is warning His children that if they persist in hardness of heart and in their sins, they will reap the whirlwind.Godís Words are not idle words, but a warning of what will be if repentance and change does not occur.

As in my day, many will not heed.They believe God will not do as He says and they go about doing their own will to their everlasting grief.

Today heed the words of the prophets, my children who read these messages, and change the course that mankind has set for itself.It will lead only to pain and suffering, for without Godís protection, catastrophe is awaiting you all.

Child of God, keep speaking out and keep warning your brothers and sisters.Help them to understand Godís love for them and help them to return to Him Who is all Good.

I, Samuel, bless you.