Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.


(Note:  Order is by date given, which is not necessarily scripture order.  Some passages and teachings overlap so please review thoroughly.)



10/25/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 12/27/07)


ROMANS 3:12-20


My children gathered here, I wish to speak of these verses and how they apply today.  These verses Paul quotes from the Old Testament and what was true then is true now.

The God of All held accountable the Israelites for not obeying the Commandments.  After the covenant was made with them, they swore to have no other God but the One, True God and to obey His Commandments.  This covenant was broken over and over again, but God remained faithful, even if His children did not.

Today you live under the New Covenant; a covenant made between the Lord, thy God, and each of you at Baptism.  I, Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, came not only to redeem you, but to teach you how to live to fulfill this covenant.   You, too, promised at Baptism to have no other God than the Thrice Holy God.  You promised to renounce all sin and to live by the Commandments of God.  I, Jesus, taught you to love the Father above all things.  I showed you how to live chaste, honest and acceptable lives before God.  I taught you to turn the other cheek when offended and to pray for your enemies.  I taught you that if you loved and trusted in the Father, no man, or nation, could defeat you.  I taught you to persevere in goodness so that the Kingdom would be within you, and one day you would find your reward in Heaven.  I showed you that what the Father commanded was possible to live.  Others who followed Me throughout the centuries witnessed, also, that every man, woman and child could live according to the Father’s Will, but in every generation, there are always those who do not want to obey the Father, and to excuse their sinfulness, they say it is not possible to be holy and to love God as He should be loved.  It is a lie and has been proven to be a lie.  It is an excuse for willfulness and rebellion.

My children gathered here and those reading these messages, these are strong words and I, Jesus, know how weak you can be, and I know how the world and Satan can tempt you, but I have given you all that you need to live holy lives.  All man can fail from time to time and sin, but I have given you the Sacraments to strengthen you, and through the Sacrament of Penance, to be united with God once again. 

If you will to be loving children of God and abandon to Me and trust in God’s forgiveness, you can persevere and overcome all obstacles.  It is the heart of the person that I judge, so be confident, humble and loving children and you will obtain holiness and Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/8/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:9-12 (see also 11/29/07, 02/07/08 and 04/03/08)


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you about the meaning of these verses.  The Christian is one who is baptized and a follower of My Teachings.  To recognize a true Christian, look for love.  Many call themselves Christians, many are baptized, but that does not make them true Christians.

God is love and I, Jesus, God-Man, came to confirm you in love.  My Life was a teaching on how to love God and your neighbor.  I told you to love the Father above all things.  I told you that if you did not love your neighbor, you could not truly love God, for it is the Will of the Father that all those who belong to Him in Spirit and Truth must love as He loves, which is unconditionally.  The Father asks that you treat all people as you want to be treated, that you encourage one another to grow in holiness, and that you provide for one another, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

These words of Scripture have been repeated once again at every apparition site by your Holy Mother throughout the centuries, but most recently your Holy Mother has come to at least one place in every nation to remind God’s children what it requires to reach Heaven.  At every place, by the command of the Father, the Virgin Mary has asked for prayer, for perseverance, not only in prayer, but living the Commandments.  She has pleaded for peace between neighbors and nations.  Your Holy Mother pleaded for love and forgiveness in families.  She has come from Heaven crying tears of blood as She has pleaded for the end of violence against the unborn, against family members and against the conflict that nations are provoking.

If the words of Scripture and the pleas of your Heavenly Mother are not heard and acted upon, the sufferings of all people will be great.  Over and over you have been warned that the consequences of your actions, and the refusal to open your hearts to love and forgiveness, will lead to a catastrophic event that will force you to change.  If this event happens, it will be by your own hand, for you will not have listened, repented and changed.

Once again I, Jesus, ask you to listen to My Words and the Words of your Holy Mother.  We ask you to pray for the conversion of hearts, for the opening of all hearts to Me.  Repent and love.  Put others before yourselves.  Make peace with God and with your neighbor.  There is little time left. 

For those who have heard and acted, I give you My thanks and the protection of My Sacred Heart.  Do not lose courage and persevere in prayer, for your prayers have mitigated many of the natural catastrophes that have happened over these last few years.  Prayer said with love can change everything.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/29/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 01/03/08 and 02/28/08)


ROMANS 12:12-19 (see also 11/08/07, 01/03/08, 02/07/08 and 02/28/08)


My children gathered here, I wish to speak to you about what it means to be My Follower.  My Ways are not the ways of the world.  To reach greatness, My Followers must follow a way opposed to the thinking of the worldly.  You must humble yourself before God and man.  My Followers treat equally the great and the small of the world.  They seek to see Me in each person and treat each person with the same respect and dignity.  They must treat each person as if I was standing before them.  My Followers seek peace in all situations.  They do not seek revenge for harm done to them, for they know that they, too, are sinners and only God can give out true justice. 

My Followers are not weak.  It takes great strength, both spiritually and morally, to live as I ask.  Christianity is not for the weak, the self-centered or the worldly.  What man believes is strength and power is nothing but ash that blows away with the first gust of wind.  What My Followers possess can stand against whirlwinds and earthquakes, for they do not rely on the things of the earth, but the things of God.  Virtue is greater than gold.  Grace is stronger than any man-made thing and a heart open to God is a fortress that cannot be breached.

It is said in Scripture (Isaiah) that the world is My footstool.  I, Jesus, tell you that My Followers sit beside Me and Heaven and earth is theirs.  The cowardly need not apply to join My army filled with love, compassion, humility and perseverance in all trials.  I gather the meek and the humble, for they are far stronger than the rich and the powerful by worldly standards.

My children gathered here and all those who read these messages, stop and meditate.  Do you truly belong to Me, or a follower in name only?  Do you wear My breastplate of love and carry the shield of humility, or are you arrogant and self-seeking? 

Today is the day of choice.  You cannot stand with your feet in the world and still proclaim to others that you belong to Me and are My Follower.  I will tell you that I do not know you.  If you want Me and all I have to offer, then choose Me and all I demand of My Followers.  Decide today and act accordingly.  Decide today if you want to belong to the army of Heaven, or encamp with those in darkness who are being led by Satan far from God and Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/6/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:12-14 (see also 03/27/08)


My children gathered here today, these verses apply to your times as never before. 

Lewdness, promiscuity and impurity in all of its forms has been in every age, but never was it acceptable throughout most of society.  Your generation truly lives in spiritual darkness, for society has accepted as normal what in all other generations was known to be evil.  Living together without marriage is sinful.  Producing children willingly outside of a stable marriage is sinful.  Having sexual relations outside of marriage is sinful. Accepting all forms of perversion as a life-style choice is sinful.  Whenever has a people needed to be told these things because they were so ignorant of God’s Laws and the natural laws?

My children, so many are so far from God and basic Truth that it amazes Heaven and even surprises Hell.  This disregard of God’s Commandments, and what reason tells you is true, comes from willfulness, selfishness and pride.  Many believe that they know more than God.  Many choose the cry of Satan: ‘I will not serve!’  And many have made themselves their own little god, answerable only to themselves.

Pray for Light to shine in this darkness.  Pray that grace may penetrate hearts hardened to the calls of God.  Pray that the Father does not have to chastise this generation in order to save it from itself and from an eternity in hell.  All of the deadly sins are being embraced and holiness is being ridiculed and, by some, called insanity.  How disconnected from reality you have all become.  There is only one Reality* and no one can change this Reality by willing things to change.

My children gathered here and those reading these messages, take a stand and witness to the Light and to Truth.  Do not allow yourselves to be shouted down.  Have mercy on yourselves and this generation by standing and repeating that God lives and that He must be loved and obeyed for your sakes, for the sake of the whole world.

I, Jesus, bless you.




12/13/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 14:12


My children gathered here today, this is the point to which your life is tending.  When you breathe your last, you come to stand before Me. 

Every soul comes before Me, for the Father has given into My Hands the right to judge.  Some fear this moment with good cause, for they did not want God or His Ways during their lifetime.  Some did not have time for Him, for they were busy seeking their own self-interests and placing their desires above His Will.  Some, in their pride, believe they know more than God and, to justify their actions, declare that He does not exist. 

When these souls stand before Me, they experience God in His Infinite Love, in His Infinite Mercy, in His Infinite Goodness, and in His abundant Justice.  These souls cannot stand the Light that penetrates their souls and shows them what they have become, what they were offered and what they rejected.  They willingly send themselves into the Abyss (Hell), for they understand and accept that this is their Just Place.  They wanted the Darkness.  For all eternity they will remember Who they could have been united with in joy and peace, and this is the greatest part of their pain and suffering in Hell – that they did this to themselves.

Other souls come before Me having been lukewarm all their lives, not rejecting God, but doing only the minimum necessary to avoid Hell.  These souls did not have a passion for Good or Evil.  They were content to live only to a certain point; they never loved heroically God or Man.  They kept the Commandments, but there was no love that raised their acts to true virtue.  Before the Eternal Fire of Love, they see how complacent they were; how nothing was done with their whole heart, their whole will, or their whole strength.  They realize, with My help, that they do not deserve Hell, but neither are they ready to enter into union with their all-Loving God.  Their souls are not ready to abide in God, to enter into the Ecstatic Vision, so these souls willingly enter into a state of purification known as Purgatory.  During their time of purification, they will learn to love and burn with the desire to attain union with God.  These souls are at peace, for they know it is just that they are made perfect so as to enter Heaven.  There is also a sense of joy, for they know they are saved and it is just a matter of time, in a sense, until full union is reached.

For those few souls who have understood the Scriptures and meditated on God during their life, and have chosen Him before all things, they come before Me with joy and anticipation.  These souls have lived the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.  They have been merciful to all others and shared what they have possessed in knowledge and material wealth with their brothers and sisters.  They have persevered through all trials, remaining faithful to God and living holy lives.  These souls are strong in virtue because they have practiced virtue.  They have persevered because they sought, and found, their strength in God.  They accepted the ridicule of the world, the attacks of Satan, and did not count the cost as long as they could love God and have Him for their Friend.  These souls do not fear God, for they understand the Heart of God and trust in His Mercy.

My children gathered here, and those who read these messages, in what category do you fall?  Today I ask you to take this time of Advent to focus on your spiritual life.

Most of you, almost all of you, do not fall into the first category, or you would not be here or reading these messages.  If you search your souls and find that most often you are complacent, then ask Me to help you, and during these weeks of introspection, start on the path of love and commitment to God.  If you are already striving with all your heart, mind, will and strength to love the Triune God, then I say ‘Bless you and continue on this path.’  All that you need to reach your goal will be given to you in abundance, for the desire of the Father’s Heart is to have all His children with Him for all Eternity, and that you come to Him running into His Arms when you draw your last breath.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/21/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:5-7


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you of authority and the respect due to authority.

My children, too many of you believe you can pick and choose what you will do or not do when it comes to legitimate laws.

My children, God grants authority to men who hold public office.  They should recognize their obligation to God and man.  They enter office taking an Oath and they are bound by that Oath, and they will answer to God for that Oath.  If they fulfill that Oath, it is to their spiritual benefit as well as to their physical benefit.  If they break that Oath for personal gain, or power over men, they will answer when they stand before God, and the judgment will be severe.  Because they have such great responsibility, they must be respected in the office they hold.  What legitimate laws are passed must be obeyed, be they deal with great things or small things.  They must be obeyed whether you personally agree or not.  I am speaking of legitimate laws.

Illegitimate laws are another matter.  These may be laws that are contrary to Natural and God-given laws; the Ten Commandments.  Anything legislated that is against Natural Law, or the Commands of God, have no authority over you or others.  Man’s conscience may not be infringed by anyone.  No law takes precedent over the Will of God. 

Many have laid down their lives through the centuries in order to stay faithful to God and to what they know is morally right.  Each person must take a stand for what is Just, what is morally right, and what has been commanded by God.  These three things are always in agreement, for God is Lord of all.  He has put understanding in the hearts of men for what is morally right, and justice is only done when there is freedom to follow God and to seek the good of all.

Today, as never before, has a blizzard of laws been written which confuse morality and immorality, justice and injustice, and the rights of God over man.

My children gathered here today, and those who read these messages, there is no opposition between God and Just, man-made laws.  The conflict only arises when men put their own self-interests above God’s rights and the rights of the individual to live in peace with God and neighbor.

It is the duty of all to take an interest in what laws are being passed, and voice dissent when they are not good and work for justice for all.  When they are good laws, you have the obligation to obey for the good of all.  Seek Justice and Peace for all mankind.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/27/07  - Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 10/25/07)


ROMANS 3:12-20


My children gathered here today, you may think this is an odd choice during this holy Season when all are rejoicing and celebrating, but it is not.

I came not only to redeem man, but to teach him how to live.  Just to observe the Law is not enough to come into full union with God while you are here on this earth.  If you live only to avoid God’s Wrath, you will not stay faithful to the Law.  Fear, or the promise of some distant reward, is not enough to make you a Just person.  Eventually you will go your own way in order to obtain earthly reward.

Love alone gives you strength, not only to be faithful to the Commandments and persevere in justice to the end of your days, but Love gives you insight and understanding of the Wisdom, Justice and Truth contained in the Commandments.  Love opens the heart, the mind, and gives strength to the will.  Love enables you to overcome all obstacles to reach the One Who is all-Good.  Love reaches out to Love and a bond stronger than time and eternity is formed.  It connects forever your heart to the Heart of God; your mind and will becomes one with the Mind and Will of the Father.  Unity is reached here* when Love is the driving force behind your thoughts, words and actions.  You are purified and restored through this Love that abides in you.

On the day I was born, Love breathed upon His creation.  On the day I was born, I, Eternal Love, began to lead you to the Arms of your Father by showing you how to live virtuously, how to live by Spirit and Truth, and how to be able to surrender yourself, your life, your will in order to obtain true unity with the Triune God.

This time of year is not about a sweet little Baby in a manger, but about a God Who so loved His children that He sent His Son, God, into the world to bring you out of sin, to heal you and to give you true peace, joy and your eternal inheritance.  Thank the Father for His Infinite Love and His Infinite Mercy.

I, Jesus, bless you.

*During your lifetime on earth.



1/3/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:17-19 (see also 11/29/07 and 02/28/08)


My children gathered here today, these words are the core of Christianity, and yet, they are seldom, if ever, followed.

God is Love; He is All.  The Father has commanded His children to love one another as they love themselves.  What this means is treat others as you want to be treated.  When you hurt someone, you want to be forgiven.  You want there to be healing so that you and the person who was hurt can move forward to build a better life.

Wars happen because there is no forgiveness.  A leader of a country, or a person of great power, may want to make war for personal gain, or for the gain of his nation or group, but it takes people to make a war, and so the leader of the nation or group begin to incite the people by recalling past offenses and building fear and hatred against those the leader wants to attack.

If people truly forgave one another, and treated one another as they should, they would not listen to the voices of violence and hatred.  People would say: ‘This was in the past, we have been living in peace.  We want to raise our families in peace and security, and I know my neighbor wants the same, so let us see if there is any truth in what is being told to us, and let us speak neighbor-to-neighbor to find truth and establish peace.’  If this were done, there would be no wars.  Instead of being carried away by lies packaged with emotionalism and fear, people would stand firm and find those like-minded and build bridges instead of coffins.

My children, even if a whole nation – every single person – was intent on evil, God is your only protection and He will protect those who seek to live in peace and justice toward all.

How many times in Scripture did God defeat the enemy for His people who sought Him and His protection?  Whole armies were destroyed overnight without so much as an arrow being fired, but you say ‘That doesn’t happen today.’

My children, if it does not happen, it is because no nation is living by the Laws of God.  Think about this.  You determine your own destiny.  Each nation determines its own destiny.  No man, no group, no nation, no treaty signed by all will give you peace and justice for all.  Only God can give this peace and justice, but He must have your hearts and your obedience.

Today the shouts for war, revenge and blood are heard all over the planet.  Turn to God with trust, with your hearts, and you will see the greatest miracle that man has ever hoped for; a planet where peace reigns and love abounds.  I have told you how to get it and now it is time to decide.  Do you really want peace and all the terror, fear, killing and injustice stopped, or do you really want war?  I, the Lord, tell you the choice is yours.  I will give you peace if you will seek peace, or I will bring you to peace, but the entire world will pay a great price for it. 

The Father has declared ‘Enough!’  You have crossed a line and you can return across that line freely and easily, or you will be brought back across it for the sake of future generations.

I, Jesus, bless you.



2/7/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:12 (see also 11/08/07 and 11/29/07)


My children gathered here, and those who read these messages, this line expresses the heart of a true Christian.

A true Christian, a true Believer, trusts with all their heart, mind and will in his God.  No matter the apparent circumstances, no matter how dark or impossible a situation may look, a true Believer knows in their heart and to the depths of their very being that God can do all things, and will do whatever is necessary to bring about good for those who trust in Him.  Therefore, the true Believer is at peace and a spiritual joy is present; that which no one can take from him, because he is confident in God.  A true Believer does more than endure in affliction; he uses it to his spiritual benefit and to the benefit of others because he knows that God is faithful and will deliver him.  A true Believer perseveres in prayer, which means he does not stop praying, communicating, with God.  A true Believer knows that prayer is a conduit by way of lifting his thoughts of love, adoration, thanksgiving and petition to the Father, and what flows back is God’s love, protection, mercy, forgiveness and help as needed.

My children gathered here, always think of prayer in these terms.  Prayers are not just words, but a power that is vibrant and alive in the spiritual sense.  When you understand this, you do not come timidly, hoping to be heard, but expectantly, joyfully, knowing that you are heard, understood and responded to.

My children gathered here, and those reading these messages, I have opened to you a powerful gift; a gift that will help you proceed joyfully and confidently all the days of your life.  I have given you the gift of understanding what prayer is.

I, Jesus, bless you.



2/21/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 15:12-13


My children gathered here today, I have given you these two verses on which to meditate because they deal with the Virtue of Hope.

Hope is that Virtue in which you trust that God will be faithful to His Word.  In the theological sense, hope equals trust that is based on knowing without a shadow of a doubt.  Isaiah is affirming that the Messiah will come from the line of Jesse, which all Israel believed, but he is also telling them that the Messiah is not coming only for Israel, but for all people.  This not all the Jews wanted to believe.  Some tried to interpret the words to mean that He would rule over the Gentiles as a conqueror, but they would not share in the blessings He would bring.  Isaiah is speaking for God, telling them and the Gentiles that the Messiah would come for all people and all would benefit.  This was a promise made through Isaiah from God to His people Israel and to all mankind.

Children gathered here today, this promise was trustworthy then and is trustworthy now.  Today I come again through My prophets to remind you that I died for all men and that I seek the salvation of all men; not just Catholics or Christians, but all men.

I asked My Apostles and disciples to take the news of My coming to restore mankind to God and that in believing and living My Teachings, peace and joy would come to all mankind, to all those who would place their trust in Me.

Today, as in previous generations, instead of bringing love and a knowledge of Me to others by living faithfully what I ask of you, people use belief in God, belief in Me, Jesus, as a weapon.  In the name of God and under the banner of being My follower, brother kills brother physically and drives them away from God because of hatred, greed and pride.  Where is unconditional love?  Where is true love for God and obedience to His Commandments?  Believe and trust in what God has promised to all His children.  The day will come when, through the power of the Holy Spirit, all words of Scripture will be fulfilled, but how soon peace and joy is there for all men depends on you now living fully a true life in God.

I call all My children, Christian and non-Christian, to open their hearts and lay down their weapons.  Let the time of peace be upon the earth.  It is yours, peace in your lifetime between God and man, and between brothers, even your most distant brother, if you will hear God’s Voice calling you to live according to His Will.

I, Jesus, bless you.



2/28/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:17 (see also 11/29/07 and 01/03/08)


My children gathered here today, I give you this verse because it is extremely important.  Today you live in a culture of death.  There is the obvious; people killing people for revenge, money, territory, material resources, and the killing of the unborn and the elderly in order to preserve a way of life that you consider worthwhile.  These are easy to see and recognize for what they are: murder physically.

There is another kind of killing that most of you are totally blind to; it is the killing of souls.  Some of you may say you cannot kill the soul, it is immortal, and in that sense you are correct, but the Soul was created for Life.  It is given to every person so that one day body and soul will be united in Heaven to the glory of God and your own good.  But the soul, in a sense, dies spiritually when grace is not present.  It is without Supernatural Life, which brings it to the fullness for which it is created.  Man, through his own will, robs the soul of Supernatural Life when he commits grievous sin and, to a lesser degree, through venial sin.  If a person dies in the state of mortal sin, the soul appears before Me in judgment with no Supernatural Life within it.  There is no reflection of God within it Who is Light and is Perfect.  The soul that is without Light cannot stand to be in the presence of Perfect Light and, so, throws itself into Hell.  As I said, a person can freely choose to do this to the soul.

There is another way man is led to Spiritual Death.  It begins through the instigation of those around him.  He may be taught the ways of Evil from his earliest years, if parents do not follow the ways of God and obey the Commandments.  They teach their children not to obey the Commandments and not seek God, or through circumstances where a person is brutalized through war, torture and man’s inhumanity to man, he may rebel against God and do evil out of desperation and vengeance.  This is what I wish to speak of today.

My children gathered here today and those who read these messages, the world is aflame with injustice, tyranny and sufferings beyond your imagination caused by those who have set a course to obtain, and hold on to, power and wealth at all cost.  It has driven large portions of societies to genocide and horrific attacks at the very sanity of man.  Those in great pain, physically, spiritually, emotionally, are striking back, doing evil in order to survive and take revenge.  Too long those not directly affected have stood by thinking themselves safe.  They commensurate with those suffering and even aid where they can with physical and material needs, but the voice of all humanity should have cried out against this, perpetuating suffering caused by a few.

I told you to pray, to make sacrifices and to stand up and witness for justice for all.  So few have done it and now you are on the brink of this evil spreading all over the planet.  You who thought you were safe will find it knocking at your door.  It will come for some through war, for some through natural disasters, and for some through social upheavals.  The only way to stop it is for all humanity, every man, woman and child, to cry ‘Enough!’  Then turning to God Who alone can give you true peace and justice, the world will change and a renewal spiritually will flow upon the earth.  This spiritual renewal will lead to the very healing of the planet itself.

My children, you cannot conceive at what lays before you.  For over a hundred years, God has sent the Queen of Heaven, and hundreds of prophets, to warn of these days and to give you the way to prevent them, but neither those in the world, nor in the Church, took seriously these warnings.  I gave you Popes who were holy and warned the world, and the Church, but so few listened and even fewer acted.

Now, My children, with this word of hope, with this promise of hope, the Father will protect you from universal genocide and His plan of salvation will go forward and the era of peace will come between God and man.  To mitigate the sufferings, love one another, respect one another, and return evil with good, for good always defeats evil.  It is the lie of Satan and the world that evil is powerful and can overcome good.

I have given you everything to mitigate these days of darkness.  Will you now listen and help yourselves by loving instead of hating, by bringing peace instead of war to your brothers and sisters in other nations?  Will you seek Justice for all, regardless of race, color or creed, for God sees no difference between you?  You are all His children.  To those that much is given, much is expected.

I, Jesus, bless you.



3/27/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:12-14 (see also 12/06/07)


My children gathered here today, I give to you this day the guide for your life.

My children gathered here today, you are living, in a spiritual sense, in the time of great darkness.  You have arrived at this time by living opposed to the Commandments.  Today, living promiscuous lives has become a natural thing.  Your culture begins teaching your children that the Virtue of Chastity is obsolete, and even harmful to their mental well-being, from the earliest years.  Sex education begins in kindergarten, and even before that they are taught through television and books that deviate sexual behavior is not only acceptable, but must be allowed so that all may be looked upon as equal.  On the one hand, you make stronger and stronger laws to protect children while you daily expose them, through the media, to the very thing you want to protect them from.  You are so surprised that so many adults are committing sexual crimes while you parade sex as something to be sought after and is a personal right.

Today drunkenness, lying, cheating, gambling, stealing are glorified on television and the movies.  Marriage is a joke.  Fidelity is ridiculed.  All the vices are in your programs, and instead of being scandalized, you applaud them as works of art.

I will bring an end to these days of darkness.  The Dawn is arising, but each of you must choose to follow Me, your Lord, and to reject the desires of the flesh and all the Deadly Sins.  Lip service is not enough.  You cannot go to church on Sunday and pray that the evils of this world disappear and then leave the church and go to movies, watch TV programs and go to places where these very sins are committed. 

You are either My follower, or you follow Satan.  It is that simple.

Today, on this Easter Sunday, I ask you to live in My Light and reject the Darkness.

I, Jesus, bless you.



4/3/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:1-10 (see also 11/08/07)


My children gathered here, I have chosen this passage because I wish to instruct how the members of My Church are to act toward one another.

For the Church to act as one in harmony and perfection, each member must act according to the Will of the Father.  His Will is that you are made into My image and likeness. 

Just as I sacrificed Myself for you, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself for one another.  This means setting aside your will for the good of all.  It means loving each other unconditionally.  It means serving one another.  It means using the gifts God has given you with humility, patience, love and perseverance.  Each member of the Church must be allowed to use their particular gifts; not lording it over anyone, but in mutual sharing for the benefit of all.

You are brothers and sisters.  You are members of God’s family and your first concern must be to love one another according to the Father’s Will and working for the benefit of each other to the glory of God.  Do not seek honor and praise, but seek to grow in humility, love and in all the virtues.  If you do this, you will have peace, joy and Heaven on earth.  You will have the joy of the first Christians who drew others to themselves and to God because their way of life gave hope and meaning to those around them.

Today, more often than not, the Church is looked at as an organization that people join like any other club.  It is not an institution that does good works; it is a spiritual Body that I have created to form men in holiness, to teach them to know, love and serve their God, and by so doing, to know happiness here on earth and forever in Heaven.

My children gathered here, you belong to a living organism that is meant to live in holiness and is meant to reach out to spread the Good News.  You are, by your lives, united to Me to overthrow the kingdom of Satan in the hearts of men by your loving example of fidelity to God and your love for all people.

I exhort you to live your Baptismal promises and to live My Teachings in Scripture.  I promise you that I will bless you and every effort you make to live according to My Way.

I, Jesus, bless you.



4/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 7:12-25


My children gathered here today, these verses seem difficult to understand.  What Paul is saying is that the heart and mind may want to do good, to live a virtuous life and do all that God commands, but human nature, because of Original Sin, wants what is easy, comfortable and what looks advantageous at the time.  So Paul describes it as a war between the effects of Original Sin and the will that wants to do good and to be good.  Paul says, and correctly so, that victory comes through Me, your Jesus.  I have conquered sin for you by restoring Grace to you.  Grace enables you to overcome the effects of Original Sin and the lure of the flesh and the world.

My children, you must persevere in grace because grace builds strength within you and heals the wounds that previous sin, both Original Sin and personal sin, has given.  To do this you must pray and receive the Sacraments often.

I have given you the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.  These two Sacraments renew and build grace within you.  They, also, help teach you how to make these graces alive within you and how to let them flow outward in order to help others.

Many believe they do not need any Sacrament beyond Baptism and Marriage.  These children of Mine have lost a vital truth; that all of the Sacraments were established to help you live fully here and to obtain Heaven.  Some say prayer is enough.  Prayer is always good, but to win the victory in the fullest sense, you need more and that is why I gave you the Sacraments. 

For those who profess to believe in all the Sacraments, I ask you; why do most of you not take advantage of what I have given you for your own good?  Do you believe you know better than I do what you need?  Is it fear or pride that holds you back?  If it is fear, be not afraid.  I am a merciful God and those who represent Me try to help you when you come repentant and sorrowful.  If it is pride, I ask you for your own sake to set your pride aside and realize all men are sinners and all men need help.  You do not refuse the help of a doctor when you are physically ill; why do you refuse the help of your Jesus through those appointed by Me to serve and help you?

I desire, with all My Heart, for every one of you to spend eternity with Me.  I love you infinitely.  I have laid down My Life for you.  Can you not respond to Me and accept My help?

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/1/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 15:17-21


Today I come to speak to those gathered. 

This place I, your Jesus, have set aside.  This place is where I reveal Myself once again to the children of God.  Each week either I, or your Holy Mother, give to you words through this child to help you to know your Thrice Holy God.  I take the words of Scripture and I give to you the meaning of the words and I teach you how to apply them just as I did in the synagogues while I was upon the earth.  I help the Sacred Words to have meaning and understanding.  I show you that with God His ways are always the same, His desires remain always the same; and that is that you know Him, love Him and that you follow the safe path to your home in Heaven.

Today, as in My time, so many say ‘I see’, but they and those of your generation do not see.  True spirituality has never been taught to them and so they are deaf and blind and have no understanding.  I come each week, or send your Holy Mother, to this place for you.  How many really take advantage of it?  I hear so often My children say ‘If only Jesus was with us now, I would go anywhere, pay any price, to hear Him’.  But I hear each week many of you say ‘I want to go and hear the Lord’s message, but I must do this or that, it is too hot or cold, next week I’ll go.’

My children, the people of My time said the same thing, gave the same excuses, and one day it was too late; I was gone from the earth.  My time upon the earth was over.  The time will come when the convenient time to learn will be over, not only here, but in all the places where your Holy Mother and I appear.  Take advantage of what you have and this time given to you.  Push the world away and come to learn. 

The message given is important, but also, the sharing of each one’s experience of living and growing in Me is important, for it witnesses to Truth and you learn from each other.  You gain support and courage from each other which you will all need in the days ahead.  The world cannot help you, and will not help you, in times of distress.  Only those united in Me are able to help one another.  The Holy Spirit unites you all and makes you one in Me.

Wisdom, be attentive!  Hear and respond.  Do not wait and be among those who cry in grief and say ‘If only I had known and understood, I would have made use of the Lord’s Blessings’.

I, Jesus, bless you.