9/8/04St. Bernadette


It is I Bernadette.

Child, I am being sent to you this day as a gift of the Father.

You have understood the significance of Our Holy Motherís appearance on this mountain.You have borne the greatest weight of all that has occurred and so I come to help you.

Child, so many will come asking to know you, to touch you and to beg your help.They want so much to believe that God is with them, and you are a witness to His presence.

The hardest thing I had to endure was the sight of so much misery in the world.I could only comfort them with words and share the beauty of my experience with Our Holy Mother.It is really all they expected, knowing God alone can heal.

Today you begin your ministry with priests.This is not something I had to do.For the most part, I spoke only to them of Our Holy Mother, but we did not house them or have them stay for long periods of time.Soon I was in the convent and sheltered.You, on the other hand, are exposed to more public attention and will be so exposed until the end of your work here.You will deal openly with peoples (heard Ďprincesí at the same time) of all ranks.

I come today to share what I learned, and that was to always be myself.Never allow others to tell you what to say or do if they have no direct authority over you.Simplicity is a powerful weapon against Satan and the world.

You have grown much over these last weeks.You recognized that you have not always been yourself because of the burdens others have imposed.Now you have determined not to allow the attitudes of others to influence you anymore; that is good.Be patient but firm.The others will not understand at first, but leave that to God.Help them to step into their roles by example.

Today you stayed at home knowing the amount of work to be done and your own limitations.This is what the Lord desires.See to your work and allow God to take care of the rest.

Child, much will unfold now quickly.I know you have heard this before and you could see little happening.Much has happened outside of your vision and understanding; now things within your home, ministry, and daily life will change.You are ready; may God be praised.

This day you will remember forever.Be at peace and I will continue to pray for you.

I bless you.



3/20/07St. Bernadette Soubrious and Sr. Lucia Dos Santos


Child of God, I Bernadette, along with our sister Lucia, come this day by the Will of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, we come to thank you for persevering in your walk with our Jesus and our Most Blessed Mother Mary.Just as we before you had the privilege of seeing and hearing the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, you, too, have been given this grace.

Today I wish to speak to those who read these messages.When Heaven condescends to open itself through apparitions it is for a most important reason.Heaven through Our Ladyís appearances is trying to awaken Faith in those whose love and belief in God has grown cold.

At Massabielle and at Fatima, the Most Blessed Virgin asked for repentance, prayer and greater love of God.Also here on this mountain Our Lady has asked and is asking for the same because so few listened and responded to Her request.

The world must change and move toward God or a terrible price will be paid by all.Hear Heavenís plea and see the Tears of Our Holy Mother and take seriously Her Words.Do not wait to see if this place or that is approved, but begin today to do what is asked.From the beginning of the Church these things have been ruled as vital, so hurry toward Our God with rosary in hand and prayer on your lips.

Child of God, we* bless you.


*St. Bernadette and Lucia of Fatima came together, but St. Bernadette alone spoke.



5/6/08St. Bernadette Soubirous


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come today to speak to you and all who read these messages about persevering in what you know to be true and is the Will of God.

Today so many sell themselves and the course God has set them on for human praise and to feel comfortable.It is human nature not to be happy about being different from others, to be seen as going against common opinion, but today as never before a true Believer must be prepared to stand against the common wisdom of society.

Only God is Wisdom and only His Will is true, always correct, always good.Do not go against what you know God has given you to do so as to be accepted by your peers, for they will abandon you, betray you, if they believe their good lies elsewhere.Only God is faithful to the end.

I know it is hard to be ridiculed, even by your own family.I know it is hard to leave everything to follow Godís Will.And I know how much it means to a soul to have support in time of trial.My life changed from one moment to the next when I saw Our Most Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, in the grotto.It was the most wondrous moment of my earthly life, but to fulfill what was being asked of me, I had to surrender everything and choose God and His Will.

The reward is great in Heaven, beyond anything you can imagine, but God does not promise us happiness on earth, only in Heaven if we are faithful.Be faithful, have courage and choose God.

I, Bernadette, bless you.



6/10/08St. Bernadette Soubirous


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak to you about trust in God and our Holy Mother Mary.

Child of God, you, along with all those who love God and obey Him, find yourselves standing apart from those who have chosen the things of the world.You see clearly that the world and Satan cannot make you happy now or for all Eternity.

Most people give little or no thought to where they will spend Eternity; they think only of today and what will give them pleasure and make them secure by worldly standards.They do not dwell on the truth that what they treasure will pass away; that they cannot control time and events.

Those who follow God and His Commandments understand all of this, yet it is difficult at times to always stand apart and be ridiculed and thought a fool. It takes courage and strength and these come from God.Trust in Jesus must be the ground we stand on, or no one can stand.Rely on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, to obtain for yourselves all the graces needed to see you through each day.Do this and Heaven will be yours and you will find peace, joy and the courage to embrace each day on earth.

I, Bernadette, bless you.