6/24/08St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak about the importance of fathers as head of families.It is most important that there be both a father and mother present in the home.Children learn from both parents.

The father is responsible not only for providing for the family, but he is also the one who stands in for the Heavenly Father.God has given to men the responsibility and authority to govern his family.The father will answer to God if he does not provide an example of virtuous living and loving obedience to the Commandments of God.

Children learn by what they see and hear.It is not enough to say they must not steal, lie, cheat nor do immoral things, they must see the father living by the Commandments, and they must see and hear their father pray if they are to be true Christians.Teaching morals without teaching them to know, love and serve God will not suffice either for their salvation, or the fatherís.

The family is a gift from God to help each member here on earth and to reach Heaven.A family is a man and woman joined before God.They become one in Godís Eyes, and as husband and wife, they work together in love for the mutual good and holiness of each other.God blesses this union with children and it is the responsibility of both father and mother to provide spiritually, physically and emotionally for their children.Each spouse will answer to God, not only for their own souls, but for each otherís and the souls of their children.

Children of God, this is a most serious matter.Your generation, out of self-love and the abandonment of the Commandments and natural law, has lost the understanding of what marriage and family are.You cannot legislate your will over Godís Will and make Him conform to your desires.He is All and you will answer to Him one day for your actions.

Hear my plea and see the destruction and unhappiness your abandonment of Godís Will is creating.Repent and return to the path of true happiness now and forever.

I, Joseph, bless you.