2/12/08  St. Agnes*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak this day about faithfulness to God through all trials. 

It is easy to say ‘I believe in God’; it is quite another thing to die for that belief.  Words cost nothing; it is the daily struggle to live according to God’s Will that costs.  It costs nothing to openly proclaim you are a Christian and you are accepted as part of a group that faces no consequences for being Christian.  What cost will you pay to be Christian when you are persecuted for your beliefs and are cut off from those who could support you and comfort you?

Children of God, many are paying with their lives for their Faith.  Many today pay a high price to live openly and witness to Truth.  They may not be killed, but they are passed over for promotions because they are not ‘team players’.  Some are excluded socially because their faithfulness to the Commandments puts into the light of God the immorality of co-workers or family members.  Even in Church groups, the true faithful follower of Jesus is made fun of and excluded because they make others aware of how they live outside of God’s Will.

Children of God, pray for the grace to grow spiritually and to persevere to the end in following Jesus.  Support one another and be not afraid to witness for God.  He will be your strength and protection.  He will deliver you and be your reward.

I, Agnes, bless you.


*St. Agnes came dressed in a pink robe and a pink mantle trimmed in gold.  She had blond hair and was young in appearance.  She held a little white lamb.  St. Agnes died a martyr in 304.