1/9/07 10:00 A M  St. Agnes of Poitiers


Child of God, it is I, your sister Agnes*.

Child of God, I have come this day by the Will of the Father, our Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I come to share with you a secret long forgotten by the world and this secret is that life does not need to be complicated.

I lived in the Sixth Century and life was simple, but more fulfilling.  There was time for work, time for prayer and time for rest.  I withdrew from the world to enter the convent, not to find time to pray, but to be able to lead a life totally dedicated to God.

My life touched the lives of several who would be recognized by the Church as Saints.  I, also, know many who are Saints, but were never declared officially as such.   Our lives were spent in serving our Lord and His children in simplicity and perseverance.

Today the children of God must learn anew how to serve in simplicity and how to persevere through all trials.  Remove from your lives all that does not bring you closer to God.  Abandon all the frivolous things the world has to offer and seek what has value for your souls.  Never give up seeking to serve the Lord and your neighbor.  Only in this way will true happiness be yours.  Put all your trust in God and give Him your heart and will.

Child of God, I am pleased to share my heart with you and I pray for you.

I bless you.