12/11/07St. Alexander*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.I come today to request that all remain faithful to the Truths of the Church.

Today, as in my day, there are those who teach what is untrue for their own reasons.Some do so because they donít want to live as God asks.Some do so because, in their pride, they believe they know more than those in authority and so they go their own way.And there are those who have decided that man can use reason to understand everything, including God.What does not seem reasonable or possible in the natural order canít be true by their thinking.They believe that what Jesus taught, His miracles, His Death and Resurrection must be fables.These minds are so darkened that they believe there is a limit to Godís Power.

My children gathered here today and those who read these messages, hold firm to Truth.Do not listen to those who are wise in their own estimation, but are so ignorant about God Himself.Trust in the Words of Jesus and the teachings handed down from the Apostles and early Church Fathers.Truth never changes; God never changes.Your happiness here and in Heaven is found in Scripture and the Teachings of the Church.

I, Alexander, bless you.


*(c.250-328)Bishop of Alexandria.An opponent of Arianism, he excommunicated Arius when Alexander couldnít bring him back to orthodoxy.