1/30/0710:30 A MAlexandria da Costa


Child of God, it is I, Alexandria.

Today I have come by the Will of the Most Blessed Trinity to speak of the value of offering daily trials and sufferings to God.

This Generation has lost sight of the need to offer for the conversion of souls.There is great need now for true conversion, for many profess to believe in God and follow His Way, but few truly do.The world would not be experiencing such darkness if mankind truly lived according to Godís Laws. Also, for a soul to reach the perfection God desires in order to reach Heaven, purification and spiritual growth is needed.

We learn to be humble and submissive to Godís Will through or daily trials and sufferings.We learn how much we need our God and we see through His daily help how much He loves us and responds to our needs.

My life was lived in pain and suffering for souls; this was my vocation in life.God seldom asks for souls to live this way, but some do offer their lives so that hearts and souls may be opened to God.If no one is willing to offer and be at peace with what God permits in their lives, many souls would be lost that are saved by this act of charity.You need not look for sufferings, just accept life as it comes with peace, joy and trust in the Lord.If you do this, your soul will blossom with love and all other virtues.

Child of God, I bless you.