3/11/08St. Andrew, Apostle


Child of God, I come today at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of perseverance when those around you are led astray from Truth.Today as never before people are being led away from God and His Commandments by those who are in positions of authority and are held in respect.

This generation takes at face value what those in power tell them.It is easier to believe the lies than to search for the truth and defend it.Self-styled experts in all fields come up with the most outrageous statements that fly against the Teachings of Jesus, against the Commandments and even common sense, but like so many foolish children, the people embrace these pronouncements with great awe and enthusiasm and then are astounded when they are found false and hurtful, if not deadly.

Where is your Faith?Where is your common sense?

Children of God, I know hard Truths are difficult to accept, especially when they run contrary to what we want, but you will not find peace, joy and lasting happiness in deceiving yourself.Wake up and listen to Jesus Who loves you each beyond your understanding.Stay faithful to Scripture and to the teachings of the Church.Jesus is the Head of His Church and He will not fail to guide her.Pray for hearts and eyes to open to Truth and pray that the smoke of Satan and the World will be banished everywhere.Have courage and witness to Godís love and presence with His children.And pray that those who deceive will realize what they are doing and repent.

I, Andrew, bless you.