3/6/07  St. Ann


Child of God, it is I, Ann, the mother of Mary.

Child of God, I come at the bidding of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I have the singular privilege of being the mother of Mary, Most Holy, and the grandmother of our Savior and God, Jesus.  The Lord, Most High, granted me this privilege because I trusted in Him and because I was most grateful for the gift of my child Mary.

I promised the Lord that if He granted me a child, I would dedicate this child to Him, and when my Mary was just three years old, I kept my promise to our God and placed Her in the Temple so She could grow in knowledge and love for our God.  I did not know when I conceived Mary that She would be the instrument that God would use to come into the world to bring Redemption and Salvation.

Heaven always rewards Faith and love, but this privilege granted to my child has given joy, peace and salvation to us all.

Child of God, tell all who read these messages, and all who will hear, that faith, love and trust in God can move, and will move, Heaven and Earth.  In these days of so little Faith and love, be a beacon of light for others to follow and trust in the promises of God.  He never fails to keep His Word.

Child of God, I bless you.


NOTE: When St. Ann finished speaking, Jesus said ‘Child, you have met my grandmother and seen her humility.  Continue to follow her path.’



11/13/07  St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Child of God, I come today at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to give you comfort and to give comfort to all who are under going trials.  It is often difficult in life to understand why God acts in certain ways and requires things to unfold when it seems the most difficult.

I conceived my Mary late in life after years of praying for a child.  I persevered in prayer for I knew God can do all things and I offered to Our God to consecrate to Him the child from birth if He would grant my heart’s desire.  As time passed, I never stopped praying, but I was content with His Will, whatever it might be. 

O how happy I was when I realized I was with child.  I was grateful to God for His love and mercy toward me and my spouse.  When Mary was born, Joachim and I fulfilled my vow to consecrate our child to God.  Our lives were filled with such joy having our Mary with us, but soon God had to be honored and at three years of age, we took our child to the Temple to grow up knowing and serving God.  Our hearts were torn as we left Mary there, but we were at peace because we fulfilled our vow and our hearts were grateful for the privilege of being parents.

I knew Mary’s destiny, for God told me when Mary was born.  This was a great joy and comfort to me, but what mother does not miss their child, especially one so young, when they are away from you? 

God often asks for what we believe is hard, yet God, Who is all-Good and all-Knowing, does only what brings about the greatest good.  From our sacrifice came great good for all mankind.  From Mary’s fiat came sorrow, but also everlasting joy as Our Savior opened Heaven to us all.

So be at peace always and abandon yourself to God with joy and hope.  Only goodness and mercy will be yours from God if you love and trust Him.

I, Anne, bless you.



1/8/08  St. Anne, mother of Mary, Queen of Heaven


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come today to give you comfort as I gave comfort to my child, Mary.  Often the days seem filled with trials, some physical, some emotional and sometimes spiritual, but each day is a gift from God and we must rejoice in His Goodness and praise Him.

Our Father in Heaven sees to our every need.  He gives us help and strength and the courage to do His Will, no matter what is being asked of us.  So often we forget that we do not walk alone and if you do not open your spiritual eyes, you may miss His presence and not see what is being offered to you.  Pray often for the gift to see Him in the moments of your day.

I ask all those who read these messages to pray to truly see and to hear God.  You will see Him if you pray and remain at peace.  You will hear Him in your heart giving you guidance and comfort.

I pray that His children open their hearts, eyes, ears and minds to the Eternal Father.

I, Anne, bless you.