1/2/08St. Anne of Bartholomew*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak to you of love for Jesus.Many believe that loving God with all oneís heart is only possible in a convent or monastery, but this is not true, and both the great Teresa, foundress of our way of life, and I are examples of what it means to love God and live for Him.

Yes, our Order is a cloistered Order, but both Teresa and I spent a great deal of our time traveling and dealing with the great and little of the world in order to serve God with total love and obedience.We both longed for hours of solitude behind closed walls, but instead God sent us into the world to gather women of love and prayer; to deal with workers to build or repair convents.We had to solicit funds to build and food, both physical and spiritual, for the Sisters.I traveled through Europe to establish houses of prayer and it was difficult to travel in my time.All was done out of love for God.

My children who read these messages, you, too, can love God with all your hearts as you go about your duties in life.It is the desire of the heart and the intent with which you do everything that counts.Your heart is a temple in which you offer prayers, love and adoration.Your physical duties can be offerings given to God when they are done for His glory.So never say I donít have time to pray or work for God because I donít live in a convent; God is where your heart is and if your heart strives for God, you are living a dedicated life.

I, Anne, bless you.


*St. Anne (1549-1626).She was companion and secretary of Teresa of Avila.She helped establish the Carmelite Reform in France.Anne was Prioress at Pontoise and Tours.She founded a convent in Antwerp.She was known for her holiness, prophecies and miracles.