5/22/07St. Anthony of Padua


Child of God, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Today I wish to speak of the paganism and the heresy that has invaded both the world and the Church.Many centuries ago I preached to stop heresy that was dividing the Church and causing the loss of many souls.Paganism in Europe was almost obliterated and Christianity flowered throughout Europe, but in many countries groups formed that attacked the very core of Christianity.Many went forth to preach truth and correct error, and many souls were saved.

Today, not only error has spread throughout what was Christian nations, but paganism has returned.So many who think they are so advanced live in such darkness.Where is the light that once filled menís minds and souls?Pagan thought and sometimes worship are embraced as something new and wonderful, while Faith, Hope and Love, and the true Doctrine of Jesus Christ is portrayed as myth and lunacy.

Civilization has stepped backwards and few have eyes to see the truth.Justice, peace, respect for human life and a sure path to Eternal Salvation is what the Doctrine of Faith brought into the world.Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no other way will bring fulfillment for mankind.Man has, and is, exchanging all this in the name of rationalism and science.Without God, man is lost.

Children of God, return to the Truth.

Children of God, take a stand against modern paganism and proclaim that Jesus is the Way.

Children of God, live by the Commandments and save yourself from destruction and great misery.

All are called to the Kingdom, but to arrive there you must keep the Faith and live the Commandments.

I, Anthony, plead with you to examine yourselves and see if you are truly Christian or do you worship the things of the world?

Child of God, I bless you.

7/25/07St. Anthony of Padua


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity

Child of God, today you served the Lord by allowing the Lord to use you as an instrument through who He can make Himself known.This is the calling of all Christians, to be Godís instrument in the world so others may come to know Him and serve Him.Blessed are they who serve with love, faithfulness and perseverance.

Child of God, I, also, worked to bring God to those who did not know Him and to those who did not want Him.It takes patience and persistence to win hearts over and help them to be open to grace.

I ask all those who read these messages to work with love and patience to draw others to God.Witness first by leading holy and joyful lives.God will do the rest.

Children of God, today more than ever love must conquer hearts grown cold and full of disbelief.Persevere in living the Gospel and Heaven is yours, and you will help to change the world.

I, Anthony, bless you.



8/7/07St. Anthony of Padua


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak to you and those who read these messages about perseverance in proclaiming Truth when all seems against you.

Child of God, when I was upon the Earth, I preached the Word of God to hearts that had grown cold and to hearts hardened by apostasy.I faced indifference and sometimes anger from rebellious souls.There were times I had to stand alone and trust only in God in order to fulfill what I knew was Godís Will for me.

Today it is the same.Apostasy and apathy abounds and where are the witnesses to Truth?Where are those who will preach in the streets calling souls to return to God and to love for each other?

God has called each of you reading these words to be His witnesses; to preach in the streets by your words, actions and love for one another.Have courage and put your trust in God.Speak truth and do not compromise with evil.Love your brothers and sisters in Christ as Christ loves you.And most of all, be proud to suffer for your Faith.

One day the trials of your earthly existence will end; stand before your Lord with hands full of deeds of love and faithfulness.

I, Anthony, bless you.


10/2/07St. Anthony of Padua


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, it is my duty and pleasure to help you and others understand that Satan and the world will never accept you or give you peace.Satan will give you no peace because you take souls from him by your love for God and your obedience to His Will.

The world will not accept you and some will shun you because you make them uncomfortable by reminding them that they have left the path of God for creature comforts and out of pride.

Child of God, those who condemn and insult those who are faithful to God are the ones who most need your prayers, for they have lost their way and some do not even recognize this fact.†† They are blinded by their own opinions and self-will.

In my day, I was turned away again and again because I would not conform to manís will, but strove always to conform to the Will of God.

For those who follow the Lord Jesus, it will always be so, for true followers of the Lord are an affliction to the worldly.Rejoice when you are persecuted.Rejoice when you are ridiculed and abandoned.You are being conformed more and more to the Lord Jesus Who was persecuted, ridiculed and abandoned.Can the servant expect to be treated better than the Master?Humbly pick up your cross and persevere.Your reward will be in Heaven and will be for all Eternity.

Child of God and all those who read these words, be faithful and joyful.Pray for those who oppose you, and hold tight to Our Jesus Who will not abandon you or disappoint you.

I, Anthony, bless you.