8/14/07  St. Antony of the Desert*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today so few seek true spirituality.

Child of God, never has there been such a proliferation of religions and so few who truly believe in an All-powerful God Who deserves worship and fidelity.  People say they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hinduist, and within these groups are numerous splinter groups.  Few in any of these groups follow faithfully the teachings of what they proclaim to believe.  The problem is that most worship the values of the world and themselves.  This would be denied, but it is true.  All proclaim to believe in God or a powerful Deity, but act as they please so as to accomplish what they desire.  People act as if they owe no love or fidelity to anyone but themselves.

Lip service is not Faith, trusting only in yourselves is not Hope, and loving yourselves above God is not Love.

My children who read these messages, you do not have to go to the desert to form a relationship with God, or to know, love and serve Him; all you need do is to put Him first and live holy lives, follow the Commandments and love your neighbor as yourself.  Today decide for God.  Today love Him and obey Him.  Today stop hurting others and live in peace and hope.

I, Antony, bless you.


*(251-356)  Born in Koman near Memphis, Upper Egypt.  Antony was a hermit most of his life and is considered the founder of Christian monasticism.



8/12/08  St. Antony of the Desert*


Child of God, today I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come for you and for all who seek God through prayer.

Child of God, prayer, be it meditive, oral or unitive, is the key to peace and love of God.  Prayer is the only way to come to the knowledge of God and understanding His Ways.  Only through prayer will you come to understand yourself and the world around you.  And, only through prayer will you find joy.

The people of the world try all other means, even the occult, to find answers about life and death; how to find happiness and success, but none of the worldly ways or the way of Satan will give you answers or give you what you want. 

Those of you who seek God and want to grow in love for Him and, through your love, help others, I tell you to pray, pray, pray.  You do not have to be on your knees all day saying one prayer after another.  The key to praying incessantly is to give your day to God first thing in the morning and then do and say all things for His Glory.  Unite all your thoughts, words and actions to the Heart of Jesus and He will make them all a fit offering to the Father.  Permit the Holy Spirit to lead you by being attentive to His inspirations and, then, you will find yourself united to the Triune God in every moment of the day.

Yes, take time each day for quiet prayer away from noise, people and the activities of the day.  Each day remember to do this, even if for only a very short time.  You will find that you have peace and joy in your heart and the desire to spend more quiet time with your God will grow.  You will find and want to share not only your joy and peace, but, also, how others may find what you have found.

I, Antony, bless you.


*(251-356) Founder of Christian Monasticism.