2/27/07  12:00 P M  St. Augustine of Hippo


Child of God, it is I, Augustine.

Child of God, I come today at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  Today I come to share with you a truth. This truth is that Satan and the enemies of God try to undermine the faith of the people of God.  It was so in my time and it is so in yours.

The same heresies are being spread to create doubt about Who Jesus is and about His life on earth.  If they can place doubt in people’s minds, their Faith will fall.  And if faith in Jesus fails, soon they will doubt the existence of God all together.

Satan has always wanted to separate the children of God from the Eternal Father, and he wants the children of God to despair about their salvation, so Satan must destroy belief in Jesus Who is our Savior and Redeemer.

Foolish men, through pride or other basic motives, are the tools Satan uses.  Rationalism and modernism are his weapons and foolish men accept these and promote their won views for their own reasons.  Deluded by Satan, they think themselves great thinkers and scholars.

Children of God, do not be fooled either by old heresies or new.  Follow the Teachings of the Church and Sacred Scripture, and be at peace.  The victory is own by the Blood of the Lord, Jesus, Son of God.

Child of God, I bless you.



8/20/08  St. Augustine of Hippo


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I rejoice with you over our Triune God’s sense of humor.  Yesterday you were very busy all day long and so the Lord, Jesus, waited until today to bring to you a visit and message from one of your brothers and sisters in Heaven.  Little one realized last night that no message or visit had been given and as he spoke of this, the phone rang and he jokingly said, ‘It must be St. Augustine calling to see if you will be home tomorrow.’  The Father in Heaven, Who hears all and sees all, asked if I would come this morning to please little one.  I am most happy to accommodate.

There is a lesson here that I wish to speak about to all who read these messages.  It is a reminder that all you say, think and do, God knows about.  Nothing is hidden from Him, so when you feel that God is not near you and He is not hearing your prayers, remember this teaching.  Share it with those who say God does not care about each person.

The Father heard and responded to little one to see him smile and to remind you all of His presence with you.

I, Augustine, bless you.