11/27/07St. Bartholomew, Apostle


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to say to all Godís children that, at every age, all are to work for Godís Glory and the good of your neighbor.I wish in particular to speak to the elderly.

I, Bartholomew, was the eldest of the Apostles.I was well past middle age when the Lord called me to follow him.When my friends were turning over their businesses to their sons and beginning to take life easier, the Lord called me to a very active life.I had to travel with our Jesus and the other Apostles up and down Israel preaching and serving others.It was not easy for me, especially physically, but I loved the Lord and I understood that spreading the word of Godís love for us all, and that the Messiah was on the earth to open the way to Heaven, was more important than my fatigue or aches and pains of advancing years.

Jesus taught me that we must be active in loving God and our neighbor until we are called home to the Father.Even the very elderly must live their lives as true witnesses of Godís presence in their lives.As long as the mind is active and alert, we must live holy lives and share our love and what we possess with our neighbor, even if all we have is a cheerful smile and a good word for all those who take care of us.There is never an excuse for not praying, loving and persevering in charity towards others.

My children reading these messages, you belong to God, your Father, and your duty towards Him and your neighbor exists until you draw your last breath on this earth.

Love and witness!

I, Bartholomew, bless you.




1/22/08St. Bartholomew Ė Apostle


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of the need for perseverance.The Virtue of Perseverance enables the soul to hold tight to God and not give up when trials and life in general seem too difficult.

Today everyone wants instant relief from pain, be it physical, spiritual or emotional.Most cannot see the value of suffering.They cannot see that most often what we do not wish to experience is the very thing that builds within us moral strength and courage that sees us through all difficulties.Those who are spiritually astute know that trials and sufferings can be turned into infinite good for ourselves and others.They do not look for trials and sufferings, but when they come, they are used as currency for souls.You cannot take man-made currency to Heaven, but spiritual currency you can.It goes before you as increases in Virtues of Obedience, Love, Trust, Faith, Perseverance, Patience.These Virtues purify your soul and clothe it in grace.God uses your sacrifice, love and obedience to purify and sanctify other souls.

Child of God reading these messages, as God continues to purify the world and gather souls, do not waste the opportunities given to you to persevere in love and to help others to come to God.

Blessed are they who hold fast until the end.

I, Bartholomew, bless you.