1/6/09  St. Benedicta of the Cross


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of faithfulness to God through our trials and sufferings.  It is easy to be faithful when all is going well, and we can even be faithful through small trials and illnesses that are short of duration, but the true test comes when these trials and sufferings are of long duration, even unto death.

So many despair when times and occurrences are totally out of our control.  Then Satan and the world whispers that God does not care about us, or that He doesn’t exist because, if He existed and loved us, He would not permit such suffering.

Children of God, all who read these messages and follow what is given; the truth is most of the greatest sufferings come through lack of love for God and neighbor.  War, famine, disease come because we do not listen and obey God and love and help each other.

It is easy to blame God when dictators and great powers wage war, but who really is responsible for allowing them to obtain and keep their power?  If true love of neighbor was in hearts, no one would stand idly by and let our brother suffer from tyranny.  If our brother is hungry because of injustice, or lack of rain, it is our responsibility to feed him.  God has given enough land, water and food to feed the whole world and no one be short-changed.  It is the greedy and powerful who want material gain who say there is not enough.

There is enough natural resources for everyone, but, again, the few who want power and money say there is not enough and so drive people to despair and revolt, and from the revolt they gain more power and money.  This can only happen if good people listen to their lies and do nothing.

So many of us lost our earthly lives because the good people did little, or nothing, to stop the tyrant, Hitler, because it wasn’t politically expedient, or physically safe, to stand up against him.  So many more have died since then, and are dying today, because the people sit passively by and watch, either because they accept the lies of the world, or because they do not care.

Children of God, God has warned you all that there is an end coming to this kind of sinfulness.  God is and always will protect what is His if man goes too far in his revolt against God and neighbor. 

A new day is dawning, but at what cost.  Pray, love and stand up for what is right and just.


I, Benedicta, bless you.