1/16/07  10:00 A M  St. Claire of Assisi


Child of God, it is I, Claire.

Child of God, I have come by the Will of the Most Blessed Trinity to share with you and all who read my words a truth that people do not want to accept.  It is a truth that my brother in Christ* and myself found, and that is, poverty is the way to Heaven.

My brother Francis taught me by example how to be truly free to serve the Lord.  Francis showed me that by not revering possessions, the spirit is free of many things that bind us to the world.  It is not necessary to sell all you own and give it away and live in poverty, it is only necessary to stop living for the next thing you believe will give you pleasure and status.  Working and living for comfort and pleasure entraps you and separates you from all things spiritual.

Francis and I sought Lady Poverty to be as free as possible to follow the Lord and as an example to others.  In your generation there is universal discontent because nothing is ever enough.  It has led to greed that has, and is, destroying your personal life and the life of your nations.  This greed is drawing many souls to Hell.

Children of God, stop!  Look at yourselves and begin to break this cycle that will lead to your destruction now and for all eternity.  You will have peace of mind and soul if you will heed my words.

Child of God, I bless you.


*St. Francis of Assisi