2/15/02†† King David


This morning I saw King David (St. David) as I was saying my morning prayers.

He looked to be about 5í5Ē tall and was powerfully built.His arms and legs were muscular.His hair was dark brown and so was his beard.He had gray in both hair and beard and seemed to be in his early 40ís.

St. David had on a short tunic, off-white in color with tan stripes going long ways.One stripe was wider and darker than the next.He stood with one foot on a rock and was looking toward the East. I could see his sandals which were laced to the calf.

Later in the morning Jesus and Our Blessed Mother came and Jesus said that I had seen King David and that he is the first of the Saints to come and teach me.Jesus said he (David) would teach me to use power (Godís power) with justice and humility.

Other than his name, St. David did not speak.I believe that Our Lord desired to introduce this first Saint Himself.