1/13/09St. Elizabeth of Hungary


Child of God, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God and all who read these messages, I come to speak of the need for all to care for those less fortunate.

In the days ahead so many who thought they would never be counted among the poor and needy will find themselves counting on the charity of others.My children, never make others feel uncomfortable about receiving help.All of you are needy in one way or another, so no one has the right to feel superior, or to make others feel they have failed in some way.

Share with joy and understanding what you have, not what you can spare.The days are here when all will feel the pinch of want.If you are generous, so much grief can be avoided.Helping one another will prevent tragedies in all areas of society.

Jesus told you to feed the hungry, cloth the naked and give shelter to the homeless.Today as never before you all will have to be your brotherís keeper.

God, Who is Love, provides so no one needs to suffer.Give and what you give will be returned to you.If you do not, you will find yourselves isolated from Godís blessings and this time of trial will be prolonged.

Listen to Jesus and do as He told you and showed you.Love and generosity draws God to you.

I, Elizabeth, bless you.