4/24/07St. Faustina Kowalska


Child of God, I come today by the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Today I come asking you and all who read these messages to offer all their trials, sufferings and tears for souls who are blind spiritually.They do not know their God and they do not believe in His Mercy.

This world is slowly abandoning all belief in the True God, and are making for themselves gods in their own image and likeness.Mercy is all but forgotten as the people of the world fight for their own personal wants and desires.No one cares what the cost is to others or that they drive others to despair and revenge.

Child of God, continue to speak out about the Lordís Love and Mercy.Keep reminding all who come here to Yahweh Shalom, and those who read the messages, that all are brothers and sisters answerable to God the Father for the welfare of each other.

The day of repentance is here and all that the Lord has prophesied is coming about.Mercy will save you; Love will heal.Be stout-hearted and never tire of offering and praying for others.

Child of God, I bless you.