6/3/08St. Frances Cabrini (Mother Cabrini)


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, it pleases me to see the devotion you have to the Holy Family.This devotion brings honor and glory to the Heavenly Father Who gave to the world, through the Holy Family, an example of what every family should be like.Love, respect for one another and God as the center of family life; this is the example given to all.

My children who read these messages, I am most often referred to as Mother Cabrini for two reasons.First, and the one I find most joy in, is because I was able to mother so many orphans, as well as a mother to the sisters that joined me in the work God gave to me.

The second is that it is a title given to the one who heads an Order of Religious or is a head of a convent.This title has gone out of fashion in many Orders and that is a shame, for it is a reminder of how the one chosen should act towards those she has charge of, and it reminds the other sisters of the respect and obedience they owe the one chosen to guide them.

Today, once again, this nation is seeing the break up of families because of divorce, poverty and self-centeredness.Who cares for the children, who are innocent?

My children, put family life before your own desires and ego.Make a happy home for your children and yourselves.Money and success will not make you happy, only love, compassion and respect for each member of the family.Help those who live in true poverty so they, too, can give to their children the basics needed not only for survival, but for peace of mind.You will be Thrice blessed by the Holy Trinity if you heed my words.

I, Mother Cabrini, bless you.


8/5/08St. Frances Cabrini


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today I come to speak of the importance of parents instructing their children about God.Today parents will put themselves into debt to see that their children have a college education.All children have the right to learn all they can, but what good is all this knowledge if it fails to make a good and loving person out of your children?

Knowledge may make you money, but it, of itself, will not bring lasting happiness and fulfillment.To have lasting happiness and to be all you were created to be, you must first have the knowledge of and the love for the One Who created you and endowed you with your gifts and talents.To understand the world around you, you must first understand He Who creates and keeps all things in order.

People have forgotten this basic truth and no longer teach their children true knowledge, Truth or wisdom.You can see the effects of this all around you.Technology has not made life easier; you work as many hours, or more, than your Grandparents.Medicine finds, with Godís help, a cure for one thing, but opens a Pandoraís Box of a host of new plagues because the Commandments are dismissed and Life is threatened by experiments made for money or prestige.

Children of God, please return God to the center of your lives and teach from the cradle where all true knowledge comes from.

I, Frances Cabrini, bless you.