7/18/07St. Francis Solanus*


Child of God, today I come at the behest of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to ask all those who read these messages to be missionaries for the Lord Jesus Christ.Today, more than ever, the world needs to be evangelized.In centuries past, missionaries tried to teach those who had not heard of Jesus and what He had done for all mankind.Missionaries taught about the One True God, Triune and Holy, to those who had not heard about God before.

Now almost all the world has heard of Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity.Almost all peoples have heard of the belief in the One God, Thrice Holy, and yet the world is still pagan.Worse, there are those who claim to be Christian, but live as if there is no God at all.Never has there been such a widespread belief that a Supreme Deity does not exist, or worse, has no relevance to the lives of so many.

Children of God, you must be a light in the world that affirms Godís existence and the need to live according to His Will.

Children of God, all Christians must be missionaries today.All must live what they profess to believe.Hypocrisy must be eliminated from your lives, and all those who profess to believe in a Supreme Being must step forward and live as believers.

Those who hold Truth in fullness must be willing to profess their Faith and love for God as never before, but you cannot do this if your Faith is cold or lukewarm.The world must repent and turn to God, but it cannot, and will not, until those who say they believe act accordingly.

Children of God, much misery will be avoided by all if Faith and Trust in God are rekindled in your hearts.Love God as you should and your neighbor as yourself.

I, Francis, bless you.


*Missionary to Peru (1549-1610).St. Francis came dressed in his Franciscan habit and carrying a large cross as tall as himself.