1/23/07  11:00 A M  St. Francis of Assisi


Child, of God, it is I, Francis.

Child, of God, I have come by the Will of the Most Holy Trinity to share with you, and those who read these words, a gift of hope.

As I stand before you, you see that I hold a lamb in my arms and there is a lion by my side.  I show you these two animals because they represent innocence and strength.

You are living in a time when power and strength are valued and innocence ridiculed.  It has always been so, but your generation no longer values innocence, purity of body and soul at all.

The lion and the lamb seem to be paradoxes, but this is not so, for in purity of body and soul comes true strength, courage and wisdom.  I was able to accomplish much during my life because God was with me.  He worked through me because I understood the value of purity of mind, body and soul and directed all my strength and will toward that end.

My children, hear the words of your Father Francis and return with all your hearts and all your strength to preserving innocence within yourselves and those around you.

Child of God, I bless you.



2/20/07  St. Francis of Assisi


Child of God, it is I, Francis.

Child of God, I come today at the bequest of the Most Holy Trinity.  I come today to thank you for persevering in following the Lord.  In my day, the world was much the same with many paying lip-service to the Lord, but few persevering in keeping His Commandments and loving Him for Who He is.

The Lord does not ask us to do great things, but to love Him and trust Him.  Today it is thought a great accomplishment to need no one, but this is a lie, for everyone needs God and, as people, we need one another.  Anyone who tries to stand alone will find themselves alone and miserable.

Love is the key to reaching Heaven and to having Heaven on earth.  I tried to show by example this great truth and now the Lord is asking all those who read these messages to live this truth and be an example for others.

Child of God, never weary of loving those God brings to you.  Never stop being an example of how God wants us to live and love.

Rejoice and share all that God gives you and Heaven will be yours.

Child of God, I bless you.



6/27/07  St. Francis of Assisi


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Today, child, I ask you and little one and all those who read these messages to respond with love towards all those suffering spiritually and physically.

Most physical ailments fine their root from spiritual problems.  If the children of God lived holy lives, hunger, poverty and excesses of all kinds would be eliminated.  The root of all evil that causes suffering is sin.  Most diseases that are plaguing modern man would be done away with if love of God and neighbor were truly lived.

In my day, poverty and cruelty caused disease and death; today it is the same.  Mankind has not progressed to the benefit of all, but has only progressed in dreadful means to cause mass suffering and death.

Wake up, children of God, and turn your hearts and minds to God.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

I, Francis, pray for you all.

I bless you.


7/11/07  St. Francis of Assisi


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today I wish to speak of seraphic love.  This love is beyond human love, but is possible when a Soul loves God beyond himself and all that the world can offer.

The Seraphim exist purely to love God and adore Him through their love.  All the Angels love God beyond all things, but the other choirs also have other tasks to perform.  The Seraphim were created for the sole purpose of offering love to God Who is Love.  Their whole beings are aflame with love and so they stand nearest to God, in a way of speaking.

My children who read these messages, you too can devote yourselves totally to loving God.  In this world few can spend all their time contemplating God, but all can have the intent of loving Him and adoring Him and serving Him alone without neglecting your other duties.

I am called the Seraphic lover of God because I learned to make all my actions, spiritual and physical, into works of love and adoration.  Intent of heart is the most important thing.  God with His grace makes all things possible.

Children of God, this earth you live on would be Paradise if only a few would live this way.  Love renews and changes everything it touches, so a few would soon change many, and many would then change most.  How different you would find things.  What peace and harmony there would be between men, and men and nature.

Please hear my words and begin today to live and love for God.

I, Francis, bless you.