11/11/08  St. Ignatius Loyola


Child of God, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come this day to speak to you and those who read these messages about the Church Militant.  All Baptized Christians are called into the service of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Those Confirmed are especially prepared to act in the Mystical Body of Christ as defenders of the Faith.  To do this you must first protect and defend the Faith within you.  A good soldier equips himself for battle or service by learning how to use well the weapons assigned to him.  In the case of those called into the service of Christ, you must prepare yourself by strengthening your spiritual muscles.  Prayer, the reception of the Sacraments and the practice of acts of charity strengthens your spiritual muscles.  The practice of virtue and constant dialogue with God are your weapons which keep Satan and the world at bay.

All this you must do daily if you are going to be a defender of the Faith. How can you defend something or someone who you do not know?  How can you defend Truth if Truth is not in you?  To be all God calls you to be, you must prepare daily.

Now, my brothers and sisters, ask yourself if you are prepared.  If not, the army of God is weakened because of you.  All must be true to their calling in the Lord.

Pray and begin today to be a soldier who is ready within and without to stand with God.

I, Ignatius, bless you.