3/18/08St. James Ė Brother of Jude


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come today during Holy Week to share with you and those who read this message the necessity of being always open to the Words of God.

So many throughout the past generations have wondered how we Apostles could have failed to understand the Lordís words about His capture and Death.The reason we did not accept His words was that we loved Him and that we held onto our very human ideas of what the Messiah would do for Israel.We wanted to believe that the people would rally around Jesus and accept Him as the awaited Messiah, and this would protect Him from His enemies.Our hearts were His, but our minds were filled with human dreams of a spiritual Israel that was holy, and an Israel physically free from its occupiers.

My heart and head said Jesus was the Son of God.I knew His Goodness and I witnessed His miracles.I believed His Teachings, yet I was not prepared to accept His Death for us all.Jesus told us that Godís Ways are not ours, but I and the others would not hear what He was saying.

Do not make the same mistake.Hear the Words of the Gospels and believe.Do not let human emotions or rationalization cause you to be blind and deaf to Truth.Trust in God and be at peace with His Will and accept all He permits and you will find spiritual joy and peace now and forever.

I, James, bless you.