4/29/08  St. James, brother of John


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I rejoice with you and with the whole Church during these High Holy Days.  Easter, Ascension and Pentecost are the Feast Days that should be celebrated with joy and hope. 

Today these Feasts are celebrated, by most, almost with no thought to how they pertain to their lives.  These Feast Days should never be treated as something that happened in the past and have no bearing on the present and the future.  These are living Feasts which directly affect you now and at your death, and will affect you again at the Final Judgment.

Jesus Christ, by His Life, Death and Resurrection, made it possible for you to go to Heaven.  His Ascension fore-shadowed the triumph of the Church and its eternal reign in Heaven.  You each who are Baptized are the Church, so you, too, will be raised in triumph, one Body in Christ, to the glory of the Father.

Pentecost continues day by day in the life of the Church as the Holy Spirit lives, breathes life into each member of the Church, and guides each one and the whole Mystical Body.

When you celebrate these Feasts, rejoice and give thanks for what has been done for you and what will continue to be done for you.

I, James, bless you.