3/27/07St. Jean-Marie Vianney


Child of God, it is I, Jean.

Today I come by the Will of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.I have come to bring you comfort, my sister in Christ.

The world has never wanted to admit that Satan and the demons are real, but you and I know they are real and ever active.Satan hides himself from those who are far from God.He does not have to tempt them for they are already on the road to perdition.He encourages the mindless who think only of the world to laugh and scoff at those who try to warn them of the immediate danger of the loss of their souls to Evil.They make fun or make Satan seem as harmless as a scary bedtime story.One day they will cease to laugh and will begin to mourn.

Those who seek after Heaven and love their God Thrice Holy know all to well the reality of Satan.Satan torments the Just, or tries to, but the closer a soul is to God, the less effect Satan can have.

I, myself, was tormented by Satan because I was leading souls to God, especially those souls he had thought were his.He did not understand that it was not I, but God in His mercy that was saving those souls; I was but an instrument used by God.

Child, of God, stand strong and rejoice, for if Satan roars at you, you are fulfilling Godís Will.This is true for every child of God who works and lives for Godís Glory and the good of souls.

Be at peace and persevere.

Child of God, I bless you.