7/8/08St. John Neumann*


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.Today I come to speak to you and all who read these messages about true patriotism.

A true patriot is one who loves his or her country and is willing to stand against anyone or anything that hurts or destroys all that is right and good on which this country was founded; freedom to worship God and follow His Commandments and the sacred right to live free from tyranny, be it oppression from without or oppression from within.

Too many are trying to suppress the rights of others.Some in the name of protecting the nation are suppressing and revoking the rights of the citizens to use their Constitutional rights.Others are trying to ban God from this nation by twisting the Constitution to allow all forms of immorality and to abuse even the natural laws that govern all things.

My children, you have just celebrated the founding of your nation; protect this nation by keeping Godís protection and His Blessings.Protect this great nation by not allowing your rights and the rights of others to be taken away.Only by standing firm for the good of all will you be safe.

I saw this nation formed and loved the hope it gave to all.Donít lose the hope.Pray for this country and help those who cannot help themselves.

I, John, bless you.


*St. John was born in Bohemia.He was ordained in 1836 in New York and became Bishop of Philadelphia in 1852.He died in 1860.His Feast Day is January 5th.